Thursday, July 9, 2009

Meet the Parents

So last week, it was Meet-The-Parents/Hometown visits week on The Bachelorette.

How'd that go? Perfectly fine except that Wes is still in the mix!

Are you BLIND J??

You're old enough and experienced enough to know that when alarm bells start a-ringing, you have to take a STEP AWAY from BAD BOY!

I cannot believe Jillian granted Wes a 'hometown' date. Maybe she did it so that she could 'bump' into his rumoured-girlfriend Laurel (pic above). Who incidentally, gave an interview to People magazine to 'clear the air' (you can find it on the net but be prepared for spoilers). And get this, Laurel Kagay also happens to be the ex girlfriend of Bachelor-alum Brad Womack! (this sohai decided NOT to marry either finalist on his season of The Bachelor cos he was still hung up over her - HELLO...stoopid much to join the show?)

Anyway WRT Laurel....Can anyone say BACHELOR/ETTE GROUPIE???

Publicity whores! What has happened to Americans? In this day and age of reality tv, they just live to get their 5 minutes of fame (nowadays just 5 seconds of youtube fame also can). Just look at The Pratts (Spencer and Heidi or Speidi! YUCK! They are famous for NOTHING!! At least Paris Hilton was rich and well, she's a Hilton!)
<--Speidi camwhoring as usual!

But I digress...

How DUMB is Wes anyway? Everyone can see his agenda...when his CD does finally debut, people are going to just BURN IT. (oh no, that would mean having to buy it first then burn it, which would benefit him, so scrap that because...)

No one is actually going to buy his music.

...much less good old down home Southern people right? I mean, they're gonna remember him as the guy who broke lil Jilly's heart and cheated on his girlfriend.

Does he seriously think people are gonna go, 'oh hey thats the guy from The Bachelorette and he's got a CD out, lets go listen to that crappy song he sang on the show!'

Ugh...that song he kept singing Jillian shall i put it.....*Y.A.W.N.*

Already way back in Ep1, I thought to myself, you're a musician and thats all you could come up with? His singing also leaves much to be desired...yuck. Shall I go on again about his shifty eyes and awful exaggerated drawl - wtf his family doesn't speak like that, whatcha doin' macha?! Where lah your cacat accent come from?

Trying too hard to be Nashville is what he's doing.

And pretending to be 'into' a girl, what more on national tv is just WRONG.

Even the host, Chris Harrison has called him Dbag (douchebag!) and jerk.
(read this link to Chris' blog only if you're prepared for spoilers)

Sigh, Ms J...(and I don't mean J Alexander runway diva from America's. Next. Top. Model. ...go on, say it like Tyra! You KNOW you want to!)...looking at your pickings, only Jake seems to be the genuine guy worth keeping.

My take...
Chuck Ed <-- I smell something fishy here

Chuck Michael <--- too young, you'll get bored

Maybe Reid <-- he's really into you, but the physical chemistry doesn't seem to be there

Chuck Kiptyn <-- you're both hot for each other, but I seriously don't think Kiptyn is ready to settle down, plus, his mom would be an AWFUL MIL for you...too overbearing. Kiptyn also seems to be Mommy's Boy, steer clear!

ALAMAK CHUCK NOW! Wes <-- oh yuck, see rant above.

Maybe Jesse <-- at least you get free wine any time, AND with a few extra bottles, Jesse would SO look like Chris O'Donnell (thus my 2nd best pick for you after Jake) + he's pretty sweet la.

Xoxo, s.

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