Friday, July 24, 2009

Idol Bootcamp : Choreography Workshop

Let's Dance!

There are two kinds of people in the world : People who have rhythm, and people who don't. There's really no in-between. The only in-betweens are those who have no rhythm but think they do (worst kind of delusion especially if you're about to go on National TV).

If you've signed up for a show like Singapore Idol, you cannot complain if you're the no-rhythm type. You just gotta suck it up and hope that after a while, producers will REQUEST that you be placed at the back for every 'dance' routine (which they will do eventually once your ungainly swaying gets enough attention from everyone from HDB aunty to New Paper reporter) .

Ok, maybe I'm being a tad dramatic. Actually no real need to break out in hives if you can't dance. Like Zaki says - what they do on Singapore Idol is really BLOCKING, not dancing like So You Think You Can Dance. Thats wicked awesome dancing!

Nobody is asking you to be Jolin Tsai or Usher here. Just memorise the steps and your start/end positions and you should be alright. Its all about rotating from one formation to the next in time with the music. Easy right? NOT.

Btw, since I couldn't take pics of the Top24's faces (shhh still secret mah!).... I took pics of their shoes....their 'dancing' shoes (what they wore to this choreo session). Some choices a bit dubious. So I'll pepper the pics all over the post for a less sleep-inducing read! Click on the pics to see full size if you can't read the captions.


Straight away, Zaki splits the boys and girls up. First up, ladieeessss...

Like a shepperd herding sheep, Mr Z herded them through a 'simple' routine that made MY head spin. Once they learned the 'routine' on their spots, it was time to change it up and 'exchange' places.

Wahliao that one made me give up trying to follow the steps! And to think I did ballet for 5 years! (no sniggering. OI Pendehos! I was young and...ish I don't need to explain myself to you young'uns! :P)

Anyway, I thought the girls did pretty well, aced most of the steps. But when I asked Zaki later he just said, 'Ok lah! Eh, so, lunch is Burger King ah?'

Next up, The Zaki (I like this nick, I will call him this from now on), puts the boys through the same wringer. They did pretty well too.

BIG SIGH OF RELIEF from The Zaki. No Slys (can't be Slies right?) or Olis this season! I recall back in season 1, you'd see a really ashen-looking Zaki holding his shaking, be-capped head, wondering how to make the choreo EVEN easier so that Sly would go in the right direction and Oli wouldn't look so stiff. (Oli, Sly, if you are reading this, much love to you guys, :) but you KNOW you couldn't dance right? and that every week you have Zaki big big headache right? :))

So who's The Zaki again? My bad, shoulda said it up top.....Zaki Ahmad is the best choreographer at Mediacorp (he's done so many shows I don't have space to list) and this will be his THIRD Idol outing (he's even outlasted producers k!). I think only he and Gurmit have been with Singapore Idol from Day One!

Apart from being a fab choreographer <-- aiyo this word so hard to type, The Zaki is ridiculously funny! He had me in stitches throughout his almost 3 hour session with the Top24. The stuff he says are said so matter-of-factly, it was all I could do to keep from ROTFL.

"Don't Look Dead."


After the group blocking demo, each Idol took turns to show The Zaki their stage presence by performing for the rest (who sat on the floor). Those in the front row added to the energy by pretending to be groupies :) nice.

Some took to the 'stage' with gusto. Some whispered because they had no more voice thanks to the strain of the Theatre Auditions. Some ingenious ones used their phones to belt out tunes while they lip-synced.

But over each and every one, The Zaki presided. Most common feedback - "never use the whole stage" and "never plan your movements".

Stage Presence 101.
Know your space.
Always PLAN your movements (from start to end of song, know what you're gonna do and where you're gonna go)
Don't advertise your mistakes (almost everyone who messed up either rolled their eyes or stuck out their tongue, when in fact, most audiences would not have noticed the mistake without that telltale action!)

aiya, there are more tips, but are YOU in the top24? No right? And if you were, you would already know cos you paid attention at choreo right? :) Don't be comin' here for a refresher - I ain't your cliff's notes version of Bootcamp :P

"Don't just EMO your face" - The Zaki

He was commenting on how contestants only had one type of expression - emo (as in emotional).
Just what is emo? To me it looked like he was referring to the 'pang sai' face. Also can be called 'kek sai' face.

*pangsai = poo poo
*keksai = pushing out the poo poo

His parting word of advice..... "Remember, your mirror is your best friend." And then adds, "I'm sure you're all reserving - all got secret weapon!"

I'm sure the Top24 will be fine being bestfriends with their mirrors, after all, they ARE part of Generation Camwhore.

As for the latter - it IS possible that they are holding back on some of their talents (vocal/performance) so as not to 'alert' the competition :). What I want to know Mr Z, is who do YOU think is reserving their secret weapons? :)

I must track down The Zaki for an interview :) .....SI Producer! Make it happen *snap*

Next post - underwater vocal training woot!

xoxo, s.

ps. Choreography can be a bitch if you have two left feet. I believe my right has grown significantly similar to my left as the years rolls by.


  1. benenittis, glad you enjoyed it. Aiya spotted a typo. but too lazy to fix ekekekke. :) get well soon dude!

  2. me not his manager dahhh... donno whether you'll have a straight interview or you be asked to "go to daimaru"

  3. LOL!!! go to daimaru! i dun mind. I'll take any interview he's willing to give me hiakakkaka. He is hilarious! This time i must bring a tape recorder so I can post his liners verbatim!

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