Friday, July 10, 2009

Wes The Good Guy?

Ok I meant to like blog in a bit more detail about this, but this weekend is like crazy packed with activities - just spent the entire morning in IKEA (after a much-craved KFC breakkie <-- so unhealthy but finally sated) with The Husband cos he needs stuff to deck out his new office digs.

Anyway before I digress further...I wanted to share this...

I'm now confused. Is Wes Hayden a good guy who was a victim of vicious reality tv editing?

How'd I get confused?

SPOILER ALERT ! If you haven't watched Ep 8 of Bachelorette (aired Wednesday on mio TV) .....STOP HERE!

I finally watched Ep8, and I was like "Woo hoo, Wes got the boot! Yippe Ky Yay and all this Wonderful!"

Watching that episode, my tolerance level for him went down to zero. The Wes I saw on that episode just confirmed everything I suspected or thought I had figured out.

Trista Rehn, the original Bachelorette, called him 'the filth of the earth' on her blog. Chris Harrison, the host, called him a Dbag on his blog.

He was there for all the wrong reasons. He was sneaky, fake and untrustworthy. Or was he?

I chanced upon Reality Steve's blog/site after chancing upon a mention about his blog by And Reality Steve managed to bag himself an exclusive interview with Wes that ran over an hour.

Here's the link to the page about Wes' interview.
And here's the link to Wes' podcast interview.

I sat and listened in wonderment as a sorta different guy emerged. More on that later.
First, I want you to listen to that interview (yes its long, but certainly worth listening to, it really opens your eyes to how 'reality' tv is 'pieced' together), and tell me what you think...
You make up your own mind.

Is Wes still the man to be crucified. Or is he a victim of editing?

Xoxo, s.

ps. You'd think he would never grant an interview like that considering everyone on reality shows sign crazy multi million dollar non-disclosure contracts (ie if they reveal anything ABC can sue them for MILLIONS!). That made ME wonder...hrm, maybe he was 'nudged' into giving this interview...I'm sure Mike Fleiss (creator of the series) wasn't born yesterday.

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