Friday, July 3, 2009

Will A Good Singaporean Driver please stand up?

Singaporeans need to learn to GIVE WAY...

In case you didn't know, this is a be prepared... (but then again, I've already ohm-ed myself down so maybe it won't be a full-on rant....)

I woke up HAPPY this morning k. After a nice long night's sleep (7 full hours from 10pm til 5am when I woke up and randomly posted pictures up on FB, don't even ask me WHY I did that, I'm stupidly hooked on FB lor that I feel this Obsessive Compulsive need to keep checking it and upload stuff and share stuff...I'm SUCH a SHARER :))

As I was saying, I woke up HAPPY and ready to go Go GO! Got the kids ready even before I had to send The Husband to work. Happily sent The Husband to the office, then on the way back to pick up The Helper (lets call her...Ani), bought some Rochor Tau Huay (tau foo far) and Yiu Tiao (yau charBold kuai) - yes Hon, ERP ended already otherwise I wouldn't have gone in...

Came home, STILL HAPPY, checked out the Polliwog address online, couldn't find it, but no matter, the nice Mommy at Go Go Bambini yesterday gave pretty specific instructions as to where it was.

So we set off... left the driveway and BAM! thats where my internal cursing began...

Traffic was at a standstill, and there is a yellow box right outside our condo entrance, so I signalled and was just about to enter it to get out on the road, when this SUPER LANSI (singaporeans - Ya Ya Papaya) SHINY BMW moved forward from his place behind the yellow box to CLOSE THE FRIGGIN' GAP!!!


The driver, an Indian guy in a starched white shirt and tie with SHIMMERING (yes you heard me right) ... SHIMMERING cufflinks didn't even bother looking my way, either

1. Realised he shouldn't have, and if he looked my way, it would be an admittance of fault and MACHO GUYS IN SHINY BEAMERS don't do that cos it defeats the purpose of driving a BIG SHINY BEAMER that allows you be a Road Bully and compensate for er..SHORTcomings.

2. Blinded by his own SHIMMERING cufflinks

3. Loves himself a lot and smiling triumphantly to himself cos he ONE-Upped a car who had the right of way


Actually, I think...all of the above!


I decided to just let it go, cos I was still in my HAPPY ZONE. So i waited patiently for all the cars to pass me by.

Lucky thing the radio helped dissipate my annoyance - they were playing Bachelor Girl's Buses and Trains (one of my fave tunes) so I was pretty happy with the world and singing along. :)
(maybe thats why Beamer Guy ignored me, he probably saw me bopping up and down and shimmying side to side and decided ..."she can wait la, I need to go to my SUPER IMPORTANT Board Meeting to show off and further make up for my SHORTcomings!"

So, I made my way towards Newton Circus. I wanted to take the 9 o'clock exit, so I needed to keep all the way to the left.

I signaled all the way down Newton Road, slowing down so much that the cars behind me in the right most lane must have thought GEEZ GET ON WITH IT GRANDMA!

BUT NO ONE WOULD GIVE WAY!!!! NOBODY! Not even the assholes who cut right right in front of me!

I mean, whats up with that? WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?

I just want to get OUT of your way and move to a slower lane...why won't you let me? If you let me go, you can go EVEN faster! Why so kiasu? I'm just ONE car.

I decided not to let it bother me, and just went round Newton Circus again and slowly made my way to the outer ring at my exit.

After that, sigh, all the way down Bukit Timah Road towards the ECP, I encountered the same kind of people....

Again, I would signal cos I wanted to move into the slow lane, but no one will give way.

Sigh. I decided to let it go, and just chalk it up to lousy Singaporean drivers. Maybe they all had to pee really bad so could only concentrate on their own needs.

I was rewarded for my patience and tolerance when my daughter asked me at the roundabout :
"Mommy, why are we going around again?"

Me : "Because no one will let me thru so I need to go one more round."
Daughter: "Oh, thats so rude of them Mommy"
Me : "Nevermind, its okay, we can just go one more round, its no problem."
Daughter : "Okay Mommy, you're such a nice driver."



There, life lesson for today done :) Good mummy!

Okay, gotta go, am not participating in their play while i'm on this off i go to climb through all the playscape mazes at polliwogs!


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