Monday, July 20, 2009

Singapore Idol Bootcamp!

Thursday, 16th July 2009
12.43am : Producers to super elated, newly crowned Singapore Idol 2009's Top 24....

Boys and Girls! Oi, listen here! (I'd like you to imagine a very tired, sian-looking, slightly grumpy producer holding a loudhailer - producers reading this, guess who I'm picturing!)
Congratulations Top 24 for making it this far.
After making you suffer for 4 days straight with sleep deprivation, stressful situations, singing 24/7 and saying goodbye to your friends, tsk, oh boo hoo, ...we are now going to put you through Idol Bootcamp for another 4 days!
Everybody say yeah! Why nobody respond? Stop laughing at the back ah, *kok* you on the head later. Woi. Quiet, I'm not done! Too much! I move your morning wake up call to 530am ah!
*immediate silence*

Your Bootcamp schedule will include the following workshops...

1. Vocal training
2. Performance reviews
3. Dance training/Choreography
4. In-studio/Recording tips
5. More vocal training
6. Yoga sessions
7. Media training (how to talk to media and not look stoopid!)
8. Styling tips
9. Did I already say Vocal training?
10. Speech training - Check your 'LAHs' and 'LEHs' at the door.
11. Confidence/Motivational talk
12. And last but not least, Vocal training - very important, must have a few sessions to teach you all different techniques.

Oh, and we'll start your day, every day, bright and early with an exercise session! Get ready to do them JUMPING JACKS guys and girls! Woi, no moaning or groaning. I move your call time to 5am ah!

Meals courtesy of our lovely sponsor Burger King :)

AND if you need to suck on anything, let it be Strepsils. No Ricola please. We want to be Sponsor-friendly (lesson #1 love your sponsors). Thanks.

I imagine the briefing went something like that :)

Not to worry, now that the 'competition' stage
is over for a while, the contestants will get to enjoy the amazing facilities that are available at the Bootcamp locale (look at the room! newly refurbished sumore!!).

Apparently the pool and tennis courts are open for their use any time. But then again, I doubt they'll have much free time anyway, with all the different sessions organised, plus filming to be done in between (for trailers and for the show), they won't even have time to smell a random fart, much less the roses.

Next post - Zaki, why we love him! (Choreo day! say it with a skip and a clap!)

Xoxo, s.

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