Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Night I Discovered Ted :)

My night went kinda like this...

9.30pm Lights out for the kids, planted myself at the doorframe, whipped out netbook, FB on!
9.37pm "Kids, good night, no more yakking, close your eyes and Orh Orh*!" (sleep in coloquial chinese)

9.43pm "Kids, time to Orh Orh...SHHH!"
9.56pm The Daughter :"I need to wee wee"
Me : "Wee wee in your pampers k?"
D :"Oh yea, I forgot"
9.57pm D : "Ok finish, Mummy."
Me : "Ok, good night sayang."

10.03pm The Son: "I want blanket"
I crawl over and cover him with his blanket and give him a kiss.
Me : "Goodnight baby, muaks"

10.07pm The Son: "Where's Cheh Cheh?"
Me : "Sleeping already, please lie down and go to sleep, close eyes, Orh Orh!"
He flops down on his pillow and shuts his eyes.

10.31pm I cheer silently as I have not heard/seen any movement for the past 20 minutes! Yes! I can go watch Red Thread Finale now! Woo hoo!

10.32pm The Son : "I want blanket!" (his blanket has somehow fallen off the mattress)
Me : "Ok here you go (as I cover him with his blanket), now go Orh Orh!"
S : "Good night Mummy."
Me : "Good night baby."

10.35pm S : "I love you Mummy."
Me : "I love you too baby, Orh Orh now ok?"

11.10pm Finally free!Both babies are asleep - announce on Facebook. ME TIME!

11.11pm Get distracted reading about RSS feeds and then spend an hour reading up about it and installing it on this blog. Yea la, I'm a slow reader, then sumore cannot make it when it comes to tech stuff, so have to read EVEN slower. Then watch tutorials and read comments on which is a good simple reader to use bla di bla....This is serious TIME SUCKAGE!

FINALLY at 12.13am - I run to the master bedroom to check mio TV to see if the latest episode of Bachelorette is ready for viewing.... sigh...NOPE, NOT YET (but its Wednesday already leh!!!!)

Fine, I'll go watch my Red Thread Finale...ONE whole hour I thought gleefully to myself!

Basket, the ending was terrible lor! I watched 39 episodes faithfully for weeks on end and this is how they wrap it up??? Better have a good excuse for me when Season 2 comes back (and I'm assuming it will be coming back to tie up loose ends left by that lamest of lame 'cliffhanger'-wannabe endings).

Don't get me wrong it started off fine, slowly putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Alex Sung explained himself to the Kongs. We're left to figure out who the real baddie is, and just when you think AAAH He's the one, they twist it a bit more....and then.....its like producers decided eh, only got 3 minutes left of leh? ....faster end about...lets have them tiu lau sei! (jump off a building and die)

So, ok sore point, I don't want to talk about Red Thread anymore.

1.04am I go back to mio TV>Video On Demand> US Season Pass> A-C>Bachelorette Season 5
Then hold my breath and say a lil prayer ..."please let it be on liao"
Basket, list shows 8 episodes only! Ep 9, come ON already!

Dejected, I scan through the free stuff....Ahh...Better Off Ted...I've heard such good things about this show.


What can I say....AWESOME!

Its been a while since I've had such a good laugh. (Oh 30Rock, how I love thee...but let me not digress).

Ted is played by Jay Harrington. The guy who played two very hot doctors on two very hot shows - can't remember? He was the too-good-to-be-true Dr Ron on Desperate Housewives that Susan couldn't dump Mike for (see pic), and he was the doc-from-a-rival-practice that Addison couldn't turn down in Private Practice!

Now he's Ted, Head of R&D at Veridian Dynamics. The company that makes anything and everything to make YOUR LIFE, BETTER.

Their slogan....Veridian Dynamics. Life.Better. :) describes Veridian Dynamics (VD <--LOL) as an 'ethically challenged scientific company' and therein lies endless humourous storylines. (Impregnating Men, Turning fabric into meat, and I'm sure the list goes on as the season does)

I've fallen in love with Ted, he's kinda down-to-earth, a single dad coping with moral issues every day at work. A very different role compared to the hunk-a-beef he used to play.

I just love this show for its wicked cool humour and the liberties it takes with just about anything. Less typing, more showing -
see videos below.

I've only watched the first episode. And already I'm sold.

Portia de Rossi is in her element in this show. That woman has played all sorts of weird characters from a nympho in Sirens (back when she had curves) to a neurotic unemotional lawyer in Ally McBeal (when she lost her curves) to a duplicitious, scheming, freeloader in Arrested Development (when she finally came out gay and found someone who didn't mind that she didn't have boobs cos she had her own).

As Veronica, Ted's boss, Portia is just hilarious - she's a no-ethics, stiff-as-a-board, no-EQ, soul-less female Nazi! Haha, I just realised she's even Nazi blonde! And realising that, I remember what Nell's appeal was on Ally McBeal, it was her long hair. She'd let go her bun and men would swoon at the slow-mo cascading golden locks! Remember not? Then she ended up dating the short guy who had a remote control flusher? LOL, I miss the days of Ally McBeal.

Portia has some of the best lines...."We want to weaponise pumpkins." <--- what kind of company does that? Veridian Dynamics can, and will.

There's another loveable character - Linda played by Andrea Anders (another blonde but where Portia is vavavoom, she's cute). Linda is Ted's jumpy, slightly rebellious, quirky, non-conformist (read sceptical) employee who does product testing. She's also the heart and common sense of the show, and looks to be Ted's potential love interest. Most people will remember her as the quirky neighbour/love interest on F.R.I.E.N.D.S. canceled spin-off Joey.

We also discover Linda likes to steal little tetrapacked cups of coffee creamers. By the handbag load.

I like that kind of dysfunction in a person. Plus, she's always getting caught handling personal matters while at the office, by her bosses. Looks like she's quite suay wan.

I liked the show because the concept is different. I'm so thrilled to be watching another comedy (I mean seriously, there's nothing else of calibre out there apart from 30 Rock) that is smart and sassy and different. Ok, I also like How I Met Your Mother, but the season's over....September do hurry up!

2.43am. Wednesday. Just checked. Still no bachelorette ep 9. *yawn* Time for bed.

Xoxo, s.

ps. I've just finished this blog entry and its now 4.01am! arrgh need to sleeeepp NOW! Publish!

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