Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bachelorette : All things MEN

30 guys fighting for 1 girl. With so many MEN involved, you gotta keep up with the Mancabulary.

I've learned a lot of MANstuff from watching The Bachelorette.

First up, the MANcabulary. Its a collection of MANwords.

MANties - male panties or skivvies or new word for boring old 'underwear'.

MANkini - male version of Bikini. See my post about Ed Swiderski's Mankini in Maui.

MAN-UP - be MAN enough to fess-up (something toe-licking Tanner couldn't do until 2 episodes after he spilled the girlfriend beans on Wes)

Last but not least The MANCode.
The 'Code' by which all men live. Supposedly (supposably? <-- Joey reference!)
Apparently its some unspoken set of rules men go by like not ever sleeping with a friend's girl (ex or current) and not spilling the beans on a friend's indiscretions (eg ratting on Wes having a girlfriend).

If the latter rule is anything to go by, I say STUFF the MANCode, do what your heart feels is right.

What am I ranting on about? I've just watched the Bachelorette : Men Tell All Special. Pretty entertaining stuff, always fun to watch men bitch like women. And lemme tell you they are as bitchy if not more. More info on that episode and my predictions for the finale here.

Plus here's a sneak peek at this week's finale (happening in the US in like 6 hours from now!)


xoxo, s.

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