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Latest Fair Ride - Nate Archibald

note :
In case you're wondering what the following entry is about - go and HIP yourself up a notch and get clued in about one of the best shows on TV. (for Singaporeans, it airs on mio TV <-- this is where I indulge in it *sigh*)


Give it ONE episode.

I guarantee you WILL BE HOOKED.

(ok lah if you reaaally don't like (i don't see how this could happen)...come back and tell me lorr...and i'll most likely say," go crawl back under your tempurung you KATAK!")

THE TROUBLE with NATE is.....
(absolutely gorgeous Chace Crawford who plays Nate (as you didn't already know) .., lookit those smouldering eyes...SIGH....wait!!)

Is it just me or is Nate Archibald starting to look like a stop gap measure/filler/token super handsome dude on the show?

He plays the merry-go-round...
From Blair to Serena (drunken one-night-stand) to Blair to Vanessa to Jenny to The Duchess (ew) to Vanessa to Blair again. He's like the convenient hook-up for people who either don't have a boyfriend (Jenny/Vanessa) or just broke up with their boyfriend (Serena/Blair - after Bluck goes bust) or when the producers need to sex up the show (all of the above).

L-R : Nate + Blair, Nate + Jenny, Nate + The Duchess (Catherine), Nate + Serena (awesome promo poster btw!)

He plays the Victim..
Every imagineable undesireable circumstance has been thrown at Nate. He's my Bad Luck Boy. Daddy's business goes bust, crazy dad tries to sell him out, caught doing girlfriend's bestfriend, has a drinking problem, own bestfriend betrays him, gets caught in 'family' obligations, screws someone's mom, is bankrupt etc etc. The list goes on. He's like a crash-test dummy.

But he's still Nate Archibald, oh so righteous, oh so sweet and oh so HUNKY!
(am i right not? Girls, wipe that drool!)

Which is why he's perfect for another character who seems to be there just to fills the gaps - Vanessa. V's like a multipurpose victim plug. Just plug in the desired 'purpose' and she's good to go.

Nate + Vanessa = Nanessa

Use #1 - Emo dumping ground (nicer phrase - shoulder to cry on, agony aunt)
For : Almost every character from Rufus to Dan to Jenny to Chuck and even Blair.

Use #2 - Disposable love interest
For : Dan (almost!), Chuck (sigh, I reaaally wished this one had worked out! Just to see if Chuck would turn into a treehugger vegetarian for her) and of course Nate.

Use #3 - The catalyst
For : everyone. Poor V has been the one to let the cat out of the bag on so many occasions and the spanar in almost everyone's 'works' from Blair's scheming, Serena's past skeletons, Jenny's secret double life, Rufus' plans, etc. And as if on cue, she's also the one who doles out the seemingly good advice that is instrumental in making things go BUST! How convenient hey?

I'm hoping in the future episodes, V gets a better storyline. Jessica Szohr is gorgeous and I love watching her, but I'm so tired of seeing her character being 'used' and 'disposed' of time and time again.

Btw peeps, in case you didn't know, Jessica is dating Ed Westwick irl (in real life). Here are some pics taken on Ed's 22nd birthday (June 27th, 2009) Happy Birthday Ed!
Source : GG Insider

If you're not watching GG, you have GOT to start - I swear, you won't regret it. If not for the content, at least for the eye candy - give it just ONE episode....YOU. WILL. BE. HOOKED.

Xoxo, s.

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