Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day One, Theatre Auditions, Singapore Idol 2009 - and I'm there woot!

SPOTTED : Broken dreams already?

Check out what I saw in the trash at the smoking area outside the Idol auditions today ....

Whoever this number tag belonged to, I guess it was the end of the road for him/her...

Either that or they walked out before the gavel came down cos when I snapped this pic, I don't think the judges had delivered results yet.

Maybe it was one these hopefuls? Ah, to be young and hopeful!

But enough of the doom and gloom....

Today was a happy day :)

First let me say, I am a big fan of the Idol franchise (ok not the entire franchise, just American, Malaysian (go Jaclyn Victor!) and Singapore Idol (I heart Taufik)).

So whats to like about Idol?
I like everything about it, the journey, the singing, the judging, the bitching *cue evil laughter*.

Ok la, point is..I LIKE LA. Can?

So, ok HAPPY DAY FOR ME la di da...walking to TV Theatre where the auditions were ongoing....

Some more I was sat just a few feet away from the judges table (ok, about 10 feet, but close enough k!).

If you've missed my tweets from inside the TV Theatre, let me tell you, I saw some pretty darn good singers (and quite a good number of good looking people too! Got eye candy this season yay!). Also had some LOL moments (and got shushed by the producer who sat with me)! *Oi! Shh! Recording la! Next time you cannot sit so near the front ah!*

Here's proof I was really there! Pic was taken from the er 'controls' place inside TV Theatre.

I got to watch the judges in action. Weeding the good from the bad ain't as straightforward as I thought, even at this stage. A lot of the time, I didnt totally agree with the judge's comments. LIke I tweeted - Harsh much?

But thats the stuff you'll see on tv anyway, so will skip it... so moving on, guess what, I'm so Groupie lor...Uncle Ken stepped away and I went to kaypoh to see the fancy new screen that each judge has in front of them and here's what I saw at his place....his car key attached to an ASTROBOY keychain!

Cute not? Can die right, Ken Lim got ASTROBOY keychain?!

K back to the auditions...
Today was the first day of the round they call the Theatre Auditions. Its called Hollywood Week on American Idol, and anyone who knows Idol, knows that this stage is the most drama mama one, first day is easy, just step forward and sing, 2nd day you get group gigs (remember that drama mama guy Nate Marshall who was in a group with no nonsense black girl Nancy Wilson and blondie Kristen McNamara? Fwah it was drama minggu ini (this week's drama) - see pic to jog memory, sorry so small!), and I think 3rd day is sing for your life day with accompaniment. Group day is always my favourite cos you pretty much see everyone buckle under the pressure of working with strangers and putting your dream in other people's hands.

TODAY, I heard a lot of Michael Jackson tributes (maybe they were trying to be relevent? current?) from Smile (didn't make me smile, it was so slow I *yawned* instead), Give In To Me (interesting MJ song choice), a breathy You Are Not Alone, a pretty good Rock With You and a really awesome I Want You Back (Jackson 5). If I'd stayed longer am sure 'Ben' and 'Billie Jean' woulda appeared somewhere.

Note to contestants : I doubt the judges were swayed by the whole tribute route....
(Oh man, I can just about hear them all defending themselves saying, 'it was for me, i wanted to pay tribute to the King of Pop" bla di bla....who cares? I'm so sure Dick, Flo and Ken don't lor!)

In the last few months ever since the announcement was made that SI would be back for a 3rd season, all I've seen in the papers is that there shouldn't be another season, that there isn't enough talent here to warrant a 3rd season bla di bla....

Well, if today is anything to go by, I think we got talent.

Yep, its true.

Singapore's Got Talent. (hello Govt, howsat for a new campaign title? Scrap Singapore's Ok, now Singapore's Got Talent...)

Oh and before I go, the buzz around B4 today amongst the crew is that THIS year, we may just get a GIRL idol.

I say woot! You GO GIRLS! ABOUT time!!

Xoxo, s.

ps. I also saw an AWESOME beatboxer today - totally BLEW.ME.AWAY. was sitting there with my jaw on the floor. Hope he made it through to tomorrow...(see...I tell you...really wan... got talent this year!)


  1. The beatboxer made it!

  2. Beatboxer was awesome! My first impression was that he looked like Blake Lewis AND shared the same talent! But after looking again, I think he looks like a cross between Blake and JJ Lin! Right?