Sunday, July 19, 2009

Singapore Idol Theatre Auditions, Day Four - The Last Mile

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009
Day 4 : Will the real performers please stand up!

Ok, so I know this post is a little late in coming, but I didnt actually get to attend the final theatre auditions session, so I got the next best thing, I watched the footage raw (unedited).

But I don't have any pics from the tv theatre cos I wasn't there. So you'll have to make do with just text and I'll try to keep it short! keyword - try!

They've sung they're way through rounds and rounds of preliminary auditions and beaten thousands of competitors to get this far. In just 3 days, the numbers have more than halved, as the final 40 face the judges one last time to hopefully make it into the Top24 of Singapore Idol 2009.

Today will be the toughest day yet.

1. Gone is the little room they first auditioned in, they now stand in a large hollow auditorium, on a big stage with flood lights glaring in their faces.

2. Gone are the days of singing mic-less and Acapella, they now have to deal with accompaniment (and you don't have friends to back you up when you slip up!)

3. No more group or duet outings. You're totally on your own on this one. No buddy energy to feed off or someone to share the jitters with. OR someone to blame if you f**kup!

4. Top that off with the pressure that this is your one last chance to make it to the next round, where the REAL competition starts (ie public voting!)

Scared not?

Stress not?
(say it the Ah Lian way k, not the Angmoh way, otherwise it doesn't work!)

Am sure if there were any contestants who told producers they weren't worried or stressed, either they don't take the competition seriously (in which case hopefully they don't make it) or are bluffing to save face.


Usually by this final day of the Theatre Auditions, if you hang around the idol contestants enough, you'll hear a lot of whispering, because they're saving their voices for that last burst.

Many are weary and bleary-eyed from lack of rest, and I'm sure they held back on the complaining (with so many seasons of Idol behind us, we ALL know having a sore throat, feeling sick etc are all excuses the judges don't buy).

The Idol competition is not for the weak and whiny.
(Seriously, there were instances in season 1 when Taufik was so sick, but no one could tell. You couldn't tell he was so sick he actually threw up twice right before he had to go on and perform. He walked on stage and beamed a smile like he was on top of the world, and got some of the best comments from the judges to boot!)

Last night, those still in the running were given a list of 10 songs to choose 1 from :
1. If Ain't Got You - Alicia Keys
2. You And I Both - Jason Mraz
3. Heaven - Bryan Adams
4. The Man Who Can't Be Moved - The Script
5. Killing Me Softly - Aretha Franklin version
6. Love Song - Sara Bareilles
7. I'll Be There - Michael Jackson
8. Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis
9. Unwell - Matchbox 20
10. Stop And Stare - One Republic

Top 2 choices were If I Ain't Got You and Killing Me Softly. Watching the tape, I was so impressed. There were some really awesome renditions.

There was one performance of Killing Me Softly, played on the guitar. It was the contestant's own take on the song and for the first time, I saw that person come out of their shell (as a performer). That is WITHOUT A DOUBT, MY favourite performance to date! Imho, this person is definitely a dark horse to be reckoned with if they make it through to the Top24.

In fact, quite a few contestants who weren't as 'stand out' as before seemed to come out of their shell when the guitars were whipped out.

I'm so glad producers changed it up this year and allowed them to play instruments. I love it because it makes them more confident performers, like they seem to feel more at ease and assured. My guitar will shield me from the judges' comments!
(Sometimes people just need a comfort item to give them that little confidence boost. I, for one, am totally comfortable being a bitch if I've got my big Gucci sunglasses on :), but take my sunglasses away and I'm the resident doormat again!)

And somehow, watching an 'artiste' in their element, its magical, especially when they're all emo and caught up in the song/performance. Think Matt Giraud at the piano and Kris Allen on the guitar. Its a part of them, and every time they performed with, they gave better performances.

Random info : Least fave song choices were Unwell and Stop & Stare. Wonder why? Pretty good songs wat!

I heard from producers that it was the most gruelling day for everyone because the hours were long and the way they delivered the results was very emotional. Apparently the judges were totally drained at the end of the night (but happy). Also, apparently almost everyone cried! Get out those tissues people! Another exciting episode to watch! Can't wait!!

I'm guessing they probably delivered the news to each contestant individually, whether they got through or not. Perhaps like this season's American Idol where they had to walk like A MILE from one end of a mansion/building to the other end. Or maybe they did the simpler thing like Season 7 of AI, where contestants just walked across a large (VERY LARGE) room (after taking a crazy long lift ride). Either way, quite scary stuff la, walking in silence with 3 pairs of eyes looking at you expectantly ('is my fly up? should I smile? damn, shouldn't have had that Oreo, now my teeth could be black! Can they see me shaking?' <-- A long walk allows too much time to entertain thoughts like that!)

Hrm, which one.... recession right? MUST be the lift scenario <--- No one will tell me its so SECRET!! (In fact, I have no idea how results are delivered on each of the Theatre Audition days, so PRODUCERS - it better be good when I watch it in August!)

OH one more thing, I hope (sorry, this is evil, but I love it, good for drama mah!) judges did the 'Sing Off' thing.
You know, where they call two contestants in and ask them to sing right there, in front of them, to see who's worthy of that ONE spot. Evil. I know. And usually, they pick two contestants who are friends to up the emo quotient! EVIL-ER! (And then, send one packing - EVIL-EST!!!) (Kids if you are reading this, Mommy's just joking, EVILer and EVILest are NOT real words :))

To those that made it through - CONGRATULATIONS you guys!
You're the Top 24 of Singapore Idol 2009 (give yourselves and each other a pat on the back - well done!

"Enjoy" the next four days of Bootcamp! Hopefully you're all not too zombied from the last four days and can still function like a human being!

Next post - Welcome to the Singapore Idol Bootcamp!

Xoxo, s.


  1. nice post tracy =) especially the part about not showing weakness when you are sick.. ive got a lot to learn from taufik.. keep posting more stuff ya? im checking you blog 24-7.. haha.. see u soon!

  2. hahaha Hady also puke during Finals, yet he came out strong and sing high range "Thru the Fire" by chakka khan. Conclusion is you need puke to bcome SI winner.


  3. wahaha, guess its an IDOL rite of passage. Lets see who joins the pukey hall of fame this season! Oh another rite of passage - every Idol learns to keep a bottle of Nin Jiom Pi Pa Kau in their bags! When we hit spectaculars, i'ma gonna check them bags for this syrup!

  4. thanks for showing my perky butt and my guitar... lol! can't wait to watch it on tv!