Friday, July 17, 2009

The Bachelorette Ep 9 Steamy Steamy with Jilly!

Its a super steamy episode of the Bachelorette...

Steamy elements :
Naked Bubble Bath Scene CHECK
Jillian Semi-naked in Bikinis CHECK
Sexy Mankini shots (what the?) CHECK
Seduction scene CHECK
Implied sex scene CHECK
Implied erectile dysfunction CHECK?

Interesting check list? Well before I delve into the more steamy stuff, I want to address the 'steamy mankini'. There has been much discourse all over the internet about Ed's green shorts. Lemme just say, one more is comin' up.

The dates on Maui were incredible - catamaran-ing, helicopter rides and an awesome 'rope walk'! What troubles me is I can't remember if I got to see Kiptyn with his top off....Strange,'d think I'd remember something like that right?

I don't and its probably because I was so traumatised by Ed's self-proclaimed 'mankini' shorts. Green with white trim, they were just too short for today's man, a man in the 1970s yes, not now. Sure its not a speedo (thats automatically gross), but it was fitted and short and ugh, it might as well have been a first cousin!

Its such a big deal, it even has its own FACEBOOK page ... I here and go look!

Ok enough obsessing about the Mankini, I have another observation, is it me or does Jillian like actor lookalikes? Its like she's dating Chandler and a younger version of Everybody Loves Raymond's brother? Please tell me you guessed who looked like whom right?
(Ed = Everybody Love's Raymond's brother, cannot remember his name)
(Reid = Chandler, especially his profile!)

So its overnight dates in Maui. Everyone gets a fantasy suite card, and of course both Jillian and the boys each jump at the opportunity to spend more time together. Whats left for you to decide is whether Miss J went all the way on each of her overnight stays.

The night spent with Kiptyn is a big Question Mark.

The night spent with Reid ends with them being seemingly buck nekkid in a bubble bath having champagne (yes, liquor 'em up producers! tsk!)

The night spent with Ed is the most er, detailed.

Two things just ICKED me here.

Ick #1 - No, not the Mankini, already said we're past that!
Ick #1 is how Jillian let herself be filmed 'slipping into something more comfortable' and then came out wearing what was clearly Sex clothes. Then proceeded to rub oil all over Ed and herself, with close up shots of her bare thighs. I mean, just how close did the cameraman have to be to get those shots? Ick! Kissing in front of the cameras is one thing, but to seriously make out?

Ick #2 - Outing Ed on his 'physical problem' with intimacy on national tv, SO uncool lor! I mean, yea, how could Ed possibly resist Jillian looking like that, but I mean hey, there're camera crews there and possibly hidden cameras (like Temptation Island!), how not to be stressed?

Check out Trista's blog for more details.

So here comes the Rose Ceremony and I think for sure she's gonna say goodbye to Ed. But nope, she drops Reid.

Reid is the one guy I think is super compatible with Jill, his only fault, not admitting it to her earlier. He admits as much in his exit interview in the limo.

I would have thought she would send Kiptyn home before sending Reid, but then again, she's always been smitten by Kiptyn's looks.

So that leaves us with Ed. Something Wes said in a previous interview I read/heard somewhere, was that he had so much trouble trying to make even just a phone call to his dying grandmother while he was on the show, he was surprised Ed got to take 'work' calls and speak to his boss. Thus leading to the theory that Ed's departure was planned and a way to create drama and force a different dynamic between him and Jillian. Which I don't think are entirely unfounded. Quick, gying grandma vs job-threatening boss, who do you patch through? This should really be a no-brainer right?

So that didn't sit well with me and I've been wary of Ed ever since.

After breaking up with Reid, Jillian was in tears, she just sat on a bench and didn't go head back to where she left the other two for what must have seemed a really long time. She just sat there and cried. So poor thing.

The trailer for the season finale alludes to the fact that either Ed or Kiptyn may say some really major things that will impact Jillian's choice (AFTER she'd already made up her mind!).

Yay! another monkey wrench in the works! So exciting! I hope producers then surprise her by bringing Reid back! Woo hoo!

Next week ... Men Tell All episode!
Always a big fave for me! The suits may be on but the claws will most certainly come out! I wanna see how Wes is going to handle being bombarded (sure kena wan) and how Angry Dave and Mummy's Boy Juan are gonna face off!

Acks, its only many more days to Wednesday? :P

Xoxo, s.

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