Sunday, July 12, 2009

This Ones For Tanner and 3 more days to Bachelorette Wednesday!!!

Ladies, can you say HUNK?

Tanner P. is 'foot' guy on this season's Bachelorette. In case you have no idea who this hunk-a-beef is.

Every chance he got, he'd sneak glances at Jillian's feet (all totally caught on camera), and always gave interviews about how much he loved feet and feet were always the deal breakers for him when it came to women. I understand how they can be important, but to go on and on and on about them....

But...can anyone say EW!

Lookit him checking out the other bachelors' feet!!

He finally got to rub J's feet (ew! ew!) on two occasions and I swear, he looked like he was seriously getting offJustify Full on it. Even bigger EW!

Hello, I seriously DON'T need to see your 'aroused' face on tv. Aiyo, I say it again...YUCK. Seriously, I could NOT concentrate on what he and Jillian were talking about cos the camera kept panning to his hands rubbing her feet and it was just so distracting!

He was booted out last week, after the train date in the Rocky Moutains and he went off in a is he like NOT GAY? He is so diva! (ok, I may have just offended a lot of people here who are either gay or diva or both...sorry...but you should see this guy!)

Well whatever it is, thank gawd he's gone....

As it stands, we're down to just 3 awesome guys now, and I can't wait to watch their Hawaii dates this Wednesday!

Hurry up Wednesday - where are you already???

Xoxo, s.

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  1. a nice thought just came to me: a man with that fettish wouldn't mind painting your toe nails and massaging your feet. that's not all bad...haha. at the very least, you'd save on pedicures. :D