Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day Three, Theatre Auditions - Sweet!

TUESDAY, 14th July

TODAY, I decided I would go sit in the control room to get a birds eye view of the 'festivities' below.
Note : DO NOT go up there if a. You are afraid of heights and b. If you believe the place is haunted.

<--pic taken from high high above, had to 'zoom' to get this pic!

I, unfortunately, am both, so I gripped the wall all the way from lift lobby to control room, and silently mumbled, 'sorry i'm just passing thru' like a million times as I did. Don't laugh. That place is SUPER creepy k! *shiver*

Last night, 20 were cut and 60 (well, thereabouts) came back to Caldecott bright and early to tackle Pair day.

Contestants were paired up and asked to compose an original tune which they would perform for the judges in just over 12 hours! <-- Stress not? Original song you know, sumore must write yer own lyrics!

When I found out what they had to do (evil producers!), I wasn't sure what would come of it.... I was prepared to hear thinly veiled re-arrangements of popular songs with simple rhyming lyrics (think Michael Learns To Rock, no offense to them....but your lyrics are really predictable wor!).


These kids totally BLEW. ME. AWAY. They are so talented!
(pretty much the way I was blown away by Daphne Khoo's 'Sorry' back in 2004, a single she recorded on her own, and had gotten airplay on P10 after the demo was quietly passed on to them)

Ok to be fair, not all. There were a few Michael Learns To Rock types and a number of off-key performances <-- obviously group mates who didnt work together. You could tell from some performances that the pair 'hated' each other they were so uncoordinated.

At the other end of the spectrum, there were pairs that worked well together.

At one point (where I got shushed again cos I laughed so loud), Dick said "get a room" cos the pair that performed looked 'so into each other'. LOL. I love Dick's comments. He's so clever.

So overall, after yesterday's DISMAL DAY...they definitely BROUGHT. IT.ON.

Some of these original compositions, made up the night before, are worthy of radio airplay (imho). These 3 really stood out to me : 'She's Invisible', 'Firefly' and 'Complement'.

'She's Invisible' was the first song I saw when I walked in, and I was so impressed, it set the tone for me. Great blend of both voices, with a contemporary melody and the lyrics 'got standard wan' :) The singers had good chemistry. (no, they aren't the ones Dick asked to get a room)

I thoroughly enjoyed Complement because of its sassy lyrics and Alanis/Frente vibe it had.

Gossip alert : the contestants declared this as an original composition, but I heard some buzzin that it was actually a friend's composition....lets see if the performance makes it on tv or not. (to be honest, who cares right? as long as they worked together, I mean, one of the contestants had to learn from scratch anyway, plus they'd have to harmonise etc etc)

By the end of today, only 40 will make it through to tomorrow where they will sing one last time, on their own.

Off to check out the Idol digs....later!

Xoxo, s.


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