Friday, July 17, 2009


Singapore Idol 2009 :
From plastic chairs on Caldecott Hill to plush digs at SSssshh!!
(secret location, cannot tell)

---- we interrupt scheduled reading for this important announcement ----
update 17/7/09, 11.30pm : Sorry, a boo boo occurred. I just got a call from the powers that be (how'd they get my number, which one-a-yous outed me?) and said please do not reveal Bootcamp location. Thus some adjustments have been made to this entry. For those of you who read it before said adjustments, please shhhh!

For those of you who are reading it now for the first time, aiya, small thing oni can still enjoy the pics and the post, and then find out later on the show where it was all shot. Not like you want to stalk the idols right?? So low class lor to stalk!

ok....moving on..... (was blogging bout Bachelorette then suddenly kena CALLED - hello my kids sleeping laaaa. My office closes at 8.45pm k! Chewah, like got awfis..ok sorry yes please do read on below)

---------end of bulletin-------

Its an empty foyer outside the Tv Theatre @ Caldecott Hill as each day at the Theatre Auditions, idol hopefuls get the boot.

What was once a busy bustling atmosphere with the almost constant sounds of singing,.... now something of a ghost town just 3 days in.

The once packed to brim luggage area is now left with only a few pieces of luggage.

Each day, the contestants, who have been spending their nights at a lavish secret location (tucked away somewhere on the sunny island of Singapore), have to pack up all their belongings and assume it may be their last day on the Idol Path.

(So mar faan right? but all the better for drama right? Doncha just love those shots of dejected forlorn silhouettes retreating into the sunset, head hanging down, wondering how come his hopes got dashed so prematurely? tsk, we all do, go on admit it!)

Some contestants I spoke to said the this year's accommodations were awesome, like living in a suite! A repeat contestant (she joined last year, but didn't make it this far previously) said this year's digs are topnotch, waaay better than last year's <-- good job MediaCorp! next season - MANSION next door to the studio (hey what you save on transport to/fro for so many people can go to the mansion's rent?)

These pics were taken at 6something am!

Don't you even DARE come near me at anything before 8am, yeesh. But then again, I'm not competing my pants off to be the next Singapore Idol nor am I on a reality show to do that.

Eh boys, your room messy much?

Lucky nothing incriminating peeking out from anywhere!

Check out the yummylicious spread they get! How not to have a hearty start to the day right? I'm hungry...its 3.40am right now, and suddenly I want to eat fried rice. Dammit!

After breakkie, its ONE LAST rehearsal before heading out to Caldecott.

Check out this pic with the Gazebo. No they are not dating (at least I haven't heard any goss that they are).

Isn't the setting just right though, for a dating show? Producers, Bachelorette Singapore?

Another Idol 'couple' practicing their duet (lil bit of bromance goin on here maybe?)

This pic just takes the cake, taken at 8.51am, Singapore Idol contestants CHILLIN' OUT by the pool! Hello, slacking much? Wah kena scolding by judges already still don't wanna haul ass ah? Oh wait, I know, sometimes need to relax and rest those precious vocal chords right? Right right....

Whoopeee, Roll Call, everyone and their trolley bags out....its time to hit the grind...ALL ABOARD! Bus leaves for Caldecott Hill in 5 minutes!

Next Idol post - Bootcamp details!

Xoxo, s.

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