Thursday, July 23, 2009

random post : movies/tvshows I loved

Sudden urge to do a random post....

I just saw a friend post on FB that she's watching When Harry Met Sally. I LOVE that movie. Like MAD love that movie!

That movie sent me this message : That Men And Women Can Be Friends. Platonic ones.

Btw digress ah, I love this scene from the movie - its iconic!

Ok, back to topic, ever since I saw that movie, I've always held on to that belief, the one that men & women can be platonic friends; not the fake an orgasm in a restaurant one! Despite the fact that the movie proves otherwise because the two leads end up getting together (oh boo hoo if I've spoiled the ending for you...i mean whats wrong with you that you haven't watched this movie?? Under the tempurung much? If you answered in a whiny act-cute voice. "but I wasn't born yet"...slap you. and then slap you one more time.)

Other movies and tvshows I looked to, to learn about love/life/etc were..

Reality Bites .....I loved that Winona Ryder's character subsisted on Big Gulp and thought I could too - for a while, all I would have all day was a big 32oz Big Gulp Diet Coke!
Stupid not? So stupid lor, of course I gained weight like siao lor ingesting only sugar every day!

Empire Records.... I really wanted to work in a record store that cool. I ended up working at a pretty cool cybercafe with some really cool people PLUS I got to date one of them - a cute guy who was the uber cool, laid-back, sensitive, long-haired artist type (OMG epiphany! I dated AJ!)
The Liv Tyler line 'There are 24 useable hours in a day" also inspired me to not sleep and just keep doing stuff! I once spent an entire 48hours awake just on art projects painting, collaging, sketching etc. I thought I was Salvadore Dali or something...DELUDED.

Dirty Dancing... Thanks to the movie, I fell in love with the music from the 60s. Thanks to that movie, me and all the girls my age were brainwashed into falling for the bad guy, cos if you watch the movie all bad boys are misunderstood sweethearts deep down who need your saving! (yea right! I got SO burned lor! owtch!) What a lobotomy job! Tsk!
But in the end, it also gave me hope that ugly girls with big noses will eventually find a cute guy who'll fall in love with them - luckily I actually did! The Husband is a total hunk and a GOOD guy too - he takes care of the kids so I get to have breakfast with my girls! Heaven not? Heaven right?

BH90210 ..... A total bible to teens in the 90s. That show told you what to wear and how to be cool on everything important to a teen. I always related most with Brenda. Especially her bad hair days. I followed their fashions - wore the flowery dresses with bicycle shorts under it - hey don't laugh - its back in fashion now! Wore high-top sneakers with crazy lace and leg warmers. And who can forget the Debbie Gibson hat. Wanna hear the kicker? I even inherited my Mom's old 3-series beamer to drive to school :) <-- very Kelli Taylor right? I was SUCH a poser. Back then, no cam-whoring, just posers only.

Some kids in my school actually printed teeshirts with our postal code on it like the BH90210 logo, except it said DH50490 (DH is my suburb and 50490 is the area code!) - we were ALL obsessed with the show!

Ok, so thats my era. I'm not that old right? Or am I? Suddenly I feel ancient.
I need some Tequila-pop.

Crap. I just remembered, a friend of mine said he got laughed at recently when he ordered Tequila Pop. The hostess said, "that was so 10 years ago, we don't serve that anymore!" Then proceeded to laugh herself silly. My friend said if she wasn't so pretty (read:big boobs) (and he wasn't so hamsup) he'd-a-slapped-her-silly.


I'm now wondering what shows The Daughter and The Son are going to look to for life lessons as they grow up (because tv will be an inevitable part of their lives, I mean, c'mon, look at Mommy right? Daddy is not much better!)

Shows like Gossip Girl and the new 90210, although targetted at a young audience, are so raunchy. They're what, 15 or 16 and sleeping around like its not a big deal. At least back on the original 90210, you always had The Walshes as the voice of reason (naggy MidWestern parents with wholesome values). Right now, Rupert Humphrey is the ONLY voice of reason on teen angst, and he can't save them all.

Even Miley Cyrus at 16 can't behave herself and sends semi naked, wet teeshirt pics of herself to Nick Jonas FROM HER MOBILE! You're Miley Cyrus girlfriend, of course people are gonna want to bring you down - no need give them unnecessary ammo. Also, NOT a very 'Disney' thing to do now is it?

I know, when the kids are old enough to switch to non-Disney channels, I'll just burn all the TVs in the house, failing which, we'll move to an Amish community. Every day sing Hallelujah, then go plow the fields.

Oh wait, cannot leh. Then I won't get to watch tv.

Shove the plan. I'll just wing it la. Parenting's all bout wingin' it right? Thats what Lily van der Woodsen said.

xoxo, s.

note to self : Watch more Gilmore Girls and less Gossip Girl for parenting tips. Lorelai Gilmore is a waaaay better mom than Lily van der Woodsen OR Eleanor Waldorf.

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