Monday, July 6, 2009


Lovin' these very clever ads for Gossip Girl.
I mean, using OMFG is effing ingenious! It is so target-audience-appropriate! I have to give it to the CW, (and previously the WB <-- my almost ULTIMATE dream job, second only to working at Disney) they are super on target when talking to their target audience!

This is obviously Serena and Nate gettin' it on in that drunken one-night-stand that kicks off Season 1. And what a way to kick off a new show - SEX!

Some more, its Meaningless Sex!

On top of that...they are supposed to be what...16??


Note to self : Do NOT let kids watch this til they're over 21. Start preaching abstinence til marriage tomorrow. A 4-yr old can say Ab-sti-nence right?

OMFG again!

No prizes for guessing who that is sticker her tongue down Bad Bass' throat - you guessed it, its none other than Queen B herself.

This is that famous Limo Rendezvous that sucks Blair in to Bass' deliciously tangled, tormented web.

These next two ads are from Season 2.

I can't decide which season I like better. Cannot decide which season is bitchier.

Look who Nate's cosying up to here.
Pic is from Ep 1 of Season 2.
Thats not Blair or Serena, and it certainly isn't Jenny or Vanessa.

Uh - oh ...look out boys (and girls)....its a Cougar ;) Rowrr!

I also love how they turned a negative comment from the Parents Television Council into a super effective tagline!

Its SO NAUGHTY! I likey this cleverness...whoever came up with it, come I give you a *pat*pat* on the head...SO CLEVER YOU!!

note to self : must check out free preview of The Cougar on mio TV. The topic grosses me out, but it should be worth checking it since its from the Bachelor/ette producers. Right? ....ugh but that 'ick' factor...ICK...

I've saved the best for last. This ad says it all about Chuck.

Its has Bad BAss written all over it. And its DELICIOUS!

Chuck Basstard is VERY BAD FOR YOU....
(or as Queen B calls him - that MotherChucker! LOL!)

Sold on GG yet?

Xoxo, s.

ps. All pics taken from GG Insider. They have tons of info for the Gossip Girl fanatic. Check it out, the link is on my left sidebar. :)


  1. i love GG! i'm so hooked its not funny! and i'm not even their target audience.

    you know you love me!

  2. i KNOW right?! its like the most awesome show right now...its witty and indulgent and so clever.
    And people relate, or at least aspire to relate, which makes it so accessible! I can't say enough good things about the show....

    xoxo, s.