Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Bachelorette : Men Tell All Special - SURPRISE!

Just noticed, Ed looks damn pui-pui (fat) here! Kiptyn looks like his suit doesnt fit. And Reid, poor Reid, looks the best outta the 3.


Bachelorette Jillian Harris is down to 2 men.
Kiptyn Locke and Ed Swiderski.

Last week she sent home Reid Rosenthal, this guy right here, cos he couldn't say those 3 little words.

The week before she sent home this guy, Wes Hayden, all-round-no-goodnik or victim of bad editing?

Well, we're meant to see all that in this week's Men Tell All special (the traditional 'reunion' episode where all the eliminated men return to 'tell all'). Coincidentally, Wes and Reid are no-shows. What are producers up to now??

Check out what I've found out here.

xoxo, s.

ps. In the meantime, as usual, Wednesday just can't come any sooner!

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