Wednesday, July 1, 2009


So here's the thing. I want to blog, really waaan... for a coupla reasons...

1. So that I can share life lessons with my kids long after I've forgotten what they are/were because they will forever be etched in cyberspace on some machine residing in India somewhere (or wherever servers reside). Also the cancer gene in my family is blodee annoying and I might just die before they are old enough to really truly understand all the genius I like NEED to impart to them... like NEVER tumble dry your underwired bras if you don't have that laundry bag that helps keep its shape.

2. So that I have somewhere to release my verbal diarrhoea in the middle of the night when I have no one to talk to when my brain seems most alert.

3. So that I can rant and rave to my heart's content about whatever and whoever I want and not have to literally 'face' the consequences (I plan to delete unsavoury comments and comments that don't make me happy). anyway, whatever i rant and rave about won't really touch on super sensitive stuff like religion or terrorism (not at this point in time anyway).

4. So that I can leave my friends and family hints (am assuming they will somehow read this blog sooner or later). For instance, *HINT ALERT* Hon, I'd like to live in KL instead of Singapore *phew glad I got that out of my system for today* and I'd like to get a Bvlgari watch some time this year if we can afford it :)

5. Also, I really enjoyed reading some of the blogs out there, and would like to do something similar, just because I'm really quite unoriginal,.. nah there see, I'm big enough to admit it...

6. To spread the happy when I'm happy and to halve the sorrow when I'm not. Quote Red Thread's Dora Pereira, "A problem shared is a problem halved." *hello of course I know its some famous quote from somewhere but this is where I most recently heard it lah*
By the way, I'm totally hooked on Red Thread which airs Tues, Wed, Thurs, 8pm on Ch5. Storyline just keeps you tuning in for more - so addictive! See a sample of the show below...

So why's the blog called In The Shower when really, there won't be any 'in-the-shower' pics posted here of me or anyone, or any voyeur-style hamsup pics (sorry guys, esp 6161 :)). (maybe once in a while I'll post a hamsup pic just to get traffic muahaha)

I named it thus because I just realised that my most profound (or at least in my mind they are) thoughts often come to me when I'm washing my hair and soaping my pits (did i just share too much, wtf who cares right, reserving the right to rant and rave as I please...)

Somehow the sound of the running water and the alone time in that little cubicle is like a sanctuary from the noisy (read child-filled) day.

Its a form of clarity that I don't get even when the kids are asleep (because when they are, I'm busy FBing, Emailing, Chatting, Photo Uploading, Album Creating, Collage-ing, Watching TV or Napping).

Taking a shower is the one time in the day I get to be alone with my thoughts (and I DO have thoughts k... last time not so much, nowadays a bit more, perhaps its the whole age thing...DAMN! )

So ok la, thats it, the impetus that brought about the birth of this blog.

Lets see how long i can keep this up... bets anyone?


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