Sunday, July 12, 2009

Calling all Red Thread-ers!!

I knew it!

I'm not crazy - there ARE other Red Thread-ers out there besides me and some of my other tv-crazy friends. I met some new friends at tea today and found out that they too are hooked on Red Thread.

Red Thread is a 40-ep local 1/2 hr english drama that airs on Channel 5 at 830pm, Tuesdays to Thursdays. It is pretty well-written. The storyline is compelling and clever and definitely not as overdone as Masters of The Sea. In fact, its quite contemporary.

Production quality is not too bad and the characters are pretty well developed.

Although I tend to give allowances for some of the cast's acting abilities, I DO very much enjoy Adrian Pang's British accent. Some of the other actors have diction problems, but hey, if its to be local, I guess it has to ring true to how most Singaporeans speak and there are quite a few with diction problems.

For those of you wsho look down their nose at local productions, I'm here to say Shame On You for being so elitist! And POOH! Cos you're SO missin' out.

My vote for best actress goes to Junji Delfino who plays Dora Pereira. I LOVE her Eurasian accent and she is such a natural! And guess what, she's Malaysian (muahahha, as is Patrick Teoh who plays Kong Wah). Junji is also a veteran jazz singer! Check out this vid of her I found on youtube - the woman can SING!!

How'd she land this gig as a naggy taxi-driving Mum??
Well, good casting choice producers!!

As for my favourite character on the show, it has got to be Rajplayed by Siva P. His comic timing and expressions are spot on. Love it when he does his whole 'Boy Friday' thing. And his various 'disguises' also quite funny!

Anyway, if you wanna give the show a try (and I would really encourage you to, I mean, what have you got to lose? Its only 25mins long without the commercials, sometimes less, BTW I was hooked from Episode 1, so be prepared hehehe), go to this guy's blog (CLICK HERE!).

Apparently every episode is uploaded like minutes after its aired on 5. I don't read chinese, but he's listed the episode by number so you can check it out.

If you can get over your 'anti-local-show' mindset and not be too critical about everything and just let go and watch the show at face value, I really think you'll enjoy it....

And then get seriously hooked like me....

Can't wait for the big finale coming up next week! WOO HOO!

Xoxo, s.

ps. I like Tracy Tan's come hers is so much nicer than poor Celest Chong's? The latter's one is all pale pink and white and nothing else ...*yawn* (someone change her handbag also please?)

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