Tuesday, December 15, 2009

12 Days To Go....

OMG how time flies....
It's Tuesday, can't believe it was already a week ago that we bade farewell to super-awesome-contender-for-the-Idol-title Tabitha Nauser. I still say Top 3 go to Grand Finals also can waaat? rite?

Oh well, sigh, bygones. Time to focus on the Finals.

Lets get back to Idol business, sorry its been a bit quiet on the blog. Had guests in town from last week, then hitched a ride back to KL without The Husband, so am effectively single-parenting it amidst the dust bunnies, ventolin inhalers, mosquitoes and sweaty pasar malams here. A bit more settled in last night - but got time got sucked into Twitter (dammit, its crazy! before I knew it ...3am! Had been on Twitter/MSN for 5 hours!). But on the upside, I had an amazing chat with @siproducer on MSN and whoa have I got gossip up the wa-zoooo.... which I will spill when I get the okays ;)

Suffice it to say, the show is gonna be blardee amazing.
seriously. i kid you not. excited just thinking about it again!
I can share with you the medley for the opening number - its I Gotta Feeling-Bad Romance-Boom Boom Pow. :) Nice right? Shan't say anymore cos I'll spoil the surprise, except that its gonna be a spectacle with lots going on.

Ok secret-rundown-for-show aside, here are two vids of Airi and Syl trying out their new song choice 'Crazy' and 'Yellow' respectively at last Thursday's keycheck. Airi also presented his own original composition 'Something Personal' at keycheck, but ultimately the choice was 'Crazy' by Aerosmith.

Yesterday (Monday), the Top 2 got to ride the Singapore Flyer. Their profile shoots were shot there last night (more being shot today at their homes, see below) and both were elated to take the ride into the night sky. Here are some pics, courtesy of @siproducer and @izked.

I personally love going on the Flyer, its so peaceful (unless you get a bunch of chatty tourists - I was stuck with a bunch of Korean ones once, aiyo, could not 'ohm' at all, had to shout to my guests about the whole purpose of Marina Barrage)....and the skyline is beautiful. It really is an awesome ride, I recommend everyone go on it at least once. The Top 2, got to ride it for 3 rounds last night :)

Shots taken by @siproducer whilst st SylSyl's place this morning and Airi's place right now :) (Tuesday afternoon).

What else is up this week with the Top 2?
1. Tonight, they'll be walking the red carpet for the premiere of Avatar (looks like a scary movie dude) at 7pm. At least they get to relax right?

2. They are doing their last radio interviews this week, Airi's on tomorrow at 9am and SylSyl's on on Thursday at 9am. Betcha Dan & Young are gonna miss being idol-invaded every week :)

3. SylSyl's TP Homecoming roadshow is happening tomorrow at 3-4pm.

4. Tons of newspaper interviews to do tomorrow too from Berita Harian to Straits Times bla bla bla.

5. Thursday's all about vocal training in various combos with alums, guest artistes and each other. :) - I almost pengsan-ed (fainted) when I saw the schedule for Thursday - was like a menu for combo meals. Airi + x, Sylvia + y, Airi + Sylvia + abc, def+y+x+ Sylvia only. etc etc. Siao!

6. Friday's reserved for the studio recording of the winner's single. Yep guys, this is it, this will be the recording that will be released to the public when one of them wins. So Friday is D-Day - they gotta focus and NAIL THAT SONG in the studio. Uncle Ken should be back by then to supervise (I'm guessing), since the song's his baby.

7. Saturday is the last day for vocal training plus its Roadshow Day. Mae, Malaque, Nurul, Amira and Justin will be joining the Top 2 at The Heeren (newly revamped and revealed) at 630pm.

8. And from Sunday onwards, its choreo sessions (again, think combo meal menu) all the way to actual live rehearsals at SIS (Singapore Indoor Stadium). WOOT!
Oh, and Sunday is also Roadshow Day. Tabby, Charlie, Faizal, Duane and Farhan (ie Awesome Foursome + Farhan 'Tabby's Alleged Ahem' if you believe Matt the Wubby ;)) will be joining S&S.

Sounds like a packed week? Thats cos it is! I shall leave you to digest all that info now.

Tickets Anyone? Wanna go watch the Finals at Indoor? Simple.
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Easy? You betcha!

Other ticket avenues :
1. Official Blogger Iz also running a contest
2. MediaCorp TV's Watch & Win contest (this one gives you $$$ too so you can pretty yourself up!)
3. Tune in to 987FM, Singapore Idol's Official Radio Station (and their website)
4. Bug the Idols (or their fanclub reps) til they budge on their Twitter/Facebook pages (Top 2 AND the 10 finalists)
5. Bug @siproducer on twitter

What you should NOT do is go to Reception at MediaCorp and ask - cos they won't have any.
Or bug the Channel 5 interns for tickets like @norasyraf <-- poor dude!

Ok, thats all from me for today - rushing off to take the kids for a swim before it pours, can you believe my friend's parents' built a salt-water pool for their newborn grandson? Talk about OTT! But hey, I shall not complain, The Kids and I get to chill in it today! Ah its so nice to be back in KL!

xoxo, s.


  1. cant wait for the show ! all the idols back again ! like OMG ! so exciting ! will have to agree with you tht top 3 also can larh ! hey , 1 wont die rite ! hahha ! :D

  2. summerr , can follow me on twitter ?? ((: and can ask tabby to follow me as well ? pretty please ! :D

  3. ehh summerr , do you think its fair when the public vote and chooses its bottom 2/3 den between 2 or 3 contestants , the judges chooses who to be eliminated ??

  4. hey nicholas,
    DM me, so i can find you on twitter. Er as for your last comment above - that would be changing the format dear...
    Hehe, you'd have to talk to the powers that be at Fremantle.
    I don't think its a question of fair or not, its how you wanna structure the show. And in this case, if you have a judges choice on elimination (ala X Factor), then the audience would have to understand that this is how the show works and they won't go crazy saying wahlao waste my money bla bla bla bla you know?
    You DO know that the format you're talking about is X Factor rite? hehe, maybe Ch5 should consider X Factor Sg or Singapore's Got Talent next year.

  5. ohh , yeah , i know the format . agree , should have Singapore's Got Talent ! hahha , den those who couldnt sing will have the chance to show off their talents !

    DM = direct message ?? hahha , i just started twitter , so im a lil goondo ! HAHAHA !

  6. or you can just follow me at nicholaoshu ? hahah , i think you needa click the followers tab to see me ?? LOL .

  7. Hello, Syltra's not going for any of the roadshows? ):

  8. nicholas lucky you did the @summerr thingie otherwise wouldn't have fouund you. Got 600+ followers now..adoi .. how to find you!

    Elizabethhh - looks that way :(, i have seen the schedules and it all says Top 12. Guess she's busy?

  9. HAHAH ! count me lucky eh ! :D thanks for following yeah :D

  10. sezairi is always hot with the guitar! \m/

  11. hey , the combo meals are in the results or the performace show ??

  12. Note to all (including Summerr): do you know that December 20th, the day where the last SI 3 roadshow would be held, happens to be a VERY SPECIAL DAY for one of the guys from the Awesome Foursome? Hint: he looks a bit like Zach Efron :-)