Saturday, December 12, 2009

Song List for the Singapore Idol Grand Finals

Have Mercy, this is Virtual Insanity! That's a Crazy shade of Yellow. Musta been Touched By An Angel. LOL. Have you figured out all the songs yet?

Sorry, sleep deprivation makes me extra corny.

Ok, here is the song list for the Grand Finals Performance Show. Sylvia won the coin-toss, but we have no idea what the song order is for the night, so this is listed in no particular order.

Sylvia's songs :
1. Best song from the season - Mercy by Duffy

2. Any choice of song - Yellow by Coldplay
Sylvia's version is gonna be like a mash up of the Coldplay version and the Tanya Chua version, and of course she will be making it her own :) I heard her sing it during keycheck, her way, and its wow lemmetellyou!

3. Idol Winner's Single

Sezairi's Songs :
1. Best song of the season : Virtual Insanity by Jamiroquai

2. Any choice of song : Crazy by Aerosmith
Airi will be doing his own version of this song, giving it a more bluesy feel rather than pure rock. Its a great song choice, and from what I've heard, the new arrangement sounds promising.

3. Idol Winner's single.

'Something different from 'I Dream' and 'You Give Me Wings'.
And now, on to the Winner's Single. It's called "Touched By An Angel" and its written by Idol Judge Ken Lim. We all know he's a producer and songwriter. The judges are all away right now on a short break before the Finals, but I managed to get this quote from Uncle Ken via text - he had just flown off to Europe the night before and had penned the lyrics to this song just before the flight. The song is about "the (idol) journey and the realisation of your dreams unfolding".

When I told him there was an old tv show by the same name, he said he "wasn't aware, just wanted something different from 'I Dream' and 'You Give Me Wings'."

Both Sylvia and Sezairi seem to like it. Sylvia says its "inspirational" and Airi thought it was an "awesome" song and is "very reflective of the journey". I told Uncle Ken as much, and his very humble reply was simply "Hope it works....". Aww. Guess all songwriters hope their audience will like their song. :)

Ok, thats all for the performance show. I have no idea what the opening number is yet, I saw some scribbles on the preliminary rundown that had a Bad Romance-Boom Boom Pow etc medley (that would be cool!!).

I shall be back with group songs and a rundown of the show as soon as I hear :) Whoa, 8pm now, gotta run - time to feed the kiddos, then pack for KL! Will be outta town for a week and back for the weekend roadshows, but not to worry, will still blog!

xoxo, s.


  1. O.o Sylvia's best performance is Mercy?
    She couldn't top that throughout the entire season? Wow. [Impression of Sylvia just went down.]
    And she's doing Yellow? Sounds like a bad idea. :X

    And why do the Winner's singles always have such [lame] names? =.="

  2. to anon above,

    Sylvia's BEST performance was ANGEL performed on the LAST SPECTACULAR. Do you expect her to perform that during the finals AGAIN! There's not much time gap between them. If viewers were to watch her perform Angel again during the finals it would be nothing new.

    I disagree, Yellow might sound boring but it suits Sylvia singing tone. She can excel in it and I'm sure she will bring out a better rendition that's more appealing. She always have the ability to do that to a boring song (Cry, Held etc)

  3. Is Sezairi insane??? Please tell me he isn't going to scream everything out like tt Aerosmith guy! This week's Adam Lambert song was bad enough...

  4. Omg For the final showdown Sylvia chose Mercy and Yellow, why such boring songs? Well definitely the guest stars are gonna outshine them, that's for sure. Sylvia all the best won't be voting for you. Sezairi ftw!

  5. Charice is coming to SI on the 27th right? She's the guest? It would be great to have her at the final showdown!

  6. LOL to the first anon, it's not that sylvi didn't improve, but that Mercy was her BREAKTHROUGH performance.

  7. Who wrote the lyrics for I dream and You give me wings?

  8. I dream was written by Michael Fallon/Mark Niedzwiedz.

    You Give Me Wings by Tawgs Salter/Yak Bondy.

    American songwriters I guess. Sg Idol could have been given these songs by their American Idol counterparts.

    However, I dream was not an original composition for the SI winner-Taufik. It was discovered sometime later that Leann Rimes sang this song at the World Sports Award in 2001 way before the Sg Idol finale. Taufik didnt know abt this. I guess he was cheated of an original song.

    This year winner's single is by our very own resident judge Ken. Following the footsteps of Kara Dioguardi?? Well, as long as Sylvia and Sezairi doesnt have to climb mountains and weather hurricanes like Kris Allen, I think its gonna be fine. I hope.

  9. correction:

    As long as Sylvia and Sezairi DONT have to sing.... (grammar terrible lah)

  10. to me, mercy is the most memorable and her best performance! but i still love other performances like "will you still love me tomorrow", "warwick avenue", and "american boy". sezairi gonna sing 'crazy' and obviously its gonna be his own version. maybe with the guitar? cant wait to hear it. and of course, sylvia picked a popular band boy song! and the lyrics are beautiful. if you follow her on facebook, its dedicated to her fans :)






  13. im not sure if yellow is a good song choice for the finals though.

  14. The songs might be "boring" to some. But I believe our top 2 will give their best and you know, make the songs phenomenal! I have faith in them and you should too because one of them is going to be our next Singapore Idol :)

  15. Just vote for the person you think is worthy of being the next S'pore Idol lahh . But depends on their Grand Finale performances . All the best & good luck to our Top 2 (:

  16. Coldplay's Yellow, if not sing with another arrangement and style, will be boring. It so popular that people knew the song itself. Nothing fresh.

    I know it's too late to suggest but Sylvia should've picked songs like Faith Hill's Breathe or Madonna's You Must Love Me.

    Anyways, I'm confident that Sylvia will come up with her own version of Yellow! Goodluck! And You'll be the next IDOL! :)

  17. To the anon 3 posts up, are you kidding me? Cut the girl some slack will you? If you want to pick on a blogger why don't you pick on the official one? He hasnt updated anything since before Tabitha was out! Thats just ridiculous considering the fact that he has been following the Top 2 every day before and since last Tuesday!
    And you ARE being rude, show some respect yo! And some appreciation for all the amazing good work she has done so far from day one of this blog!

  18. I agree, the idea of having a Singapore Idol blogger is FANTASTIC, but with a boring blogger like izked, they might as well not have one. Time for a change!