Saturday, December 12, 2009

Idol Death Threats?! OMFG.

OMG! Deranged fan wants to assassinate S&S at Jurong Point roadshow.Unbelievable right? Never in a million years would I have ever thought an Idol fan would go to such extreme lengths to express their disgruntledness.

This piece of news has been buzzin' for a while since Wednesday when a crazed fan posted a death threat on Sylvia's and Sezairi's Facebook walls. I only found out on Thursday when I met them for keycheck. Apparently even the 8Days journos knew about the crazy 'Chatterbox' post.

With some help from Farhan, I found them on Sylvia's page. The ones on Airi's pages have been removed. Click to enlarge.

Do the Top 2 need to fear for their lives? I certainly hope not.
Security detail at today's Jurong Point roadshow has been beefed up. I hear that in light of this, the Top 2 won't be able to get too up close and personal with the fans today, just for safety's sake.

I'm not sure if producers have reported this to the authorities, but I believe everyone who's seen this post has 'reported' 'Chatterbox' to Facebook on top of slammin' him/her with comments.

Its unbelievable how 'deranged' (yes @JessicaCalixoxo, this is the most appropriate word for a time like this) some 'fans' can be. This fler's one step crazier than stalkerfans who are mostly harmless and just want to stalk you.

When I first heard about it, my heart thumped a bit harder. A sniper should be easy to spot right? And as long as everyone keeps behind barriers, knives and sharp objects are kept at bay.
Gawd. Thinking about it like that. Heart is thumping again. Security better really be beefed up for certain. To everyone who's reading this and is going to Jurong Point today, help keep a look out for suspicious people. Report them crazy deranged people to the authorities immediately k!

On the flipside, more than likely, this person's just all hot air and empty emotional threats. Understandable, his favourite just got dropped from the competition. *Before I go any further I'd just like to say, before you all go and start 'hatin' on Tabby' again, this is by no means her fault k? One 'unstable' fan is NOT a reflection of the artiste. Tabitha felt awful that someone who claims to be her fan was delirious enough to post something so distasteful on S&S's walls, and hopes all will be safe and well for them today.*

So back to the hot air. After reading the posts a few times, it really does seem more like an immediate emotional outburst borne from anger and loss. And hopefully this person has calmed down by now and isn't still on the rampage to eat babies and poodles. The fact that it was totally Anonymous also probably means that this person still wants to 'protect' their identity and themselves in the event they can't carry out their threats. (Wah, been watching too much Criminal Minds, I am definitely NOT a profiler, so will stop here.)
xoxo, s.

ps. Airi & Syl, bullet proof vests?


  1. Oh c'mon people this fan can be Sylvia's or Airi's fan who just want FAME, such a SMART way to promote themselves.

  2. Pls Summerr I am sure you are smarter than this. This is all just a marketing ploy by Sylvia's and Sezairi's fans or even the producers cos the buzz is after the powerhouse is out, lots of people are tuning off from Singapore idol show. So how to get people interested once again .....some drama lah....

  3. To the the commentors above, how sure are you that the threats are fake? Worse, accusing the producers?

    Firstly, safety of the Idol finalists or for ANYONE for that matter, is paramount. If such threats surface, regardless whether they are real or fake, logical individuals will take the precautionary measures to protect themselves.

    Secondly to accuse the producers for doing such things? First was the 'rigging' of votes and now this? Do you guys know that we are a country with laws? The producers, Mediacorp and the relevant authorities can sue you for saying out such stupid and baseless remarks.

    Seriously people, THINK before you spew out nonsense. And for the love of God, stop judging the idols because you DON'T even know them. To the wannabe assasin, I know you love Tabby and yes, she's a great singer. But come on, did you vote enough to keep her in? No? If that's the case you are the one who should be killed. And people please don't equate Tabby to a silly fan. THINK PEOPLE THINK! I'm very sure Tabby feels bad upon knowing this.

    I love all of our Idol finalists though I have to admit that I have my favourites (and they are in the top 2). My point is people, think before you act. Stop judging people when you don't even know them very well. Love, people! Stop hating each other.

    With "fans" like these is the reason why our local music industry can never flourish. Why? Cos all they do is slam and more slamming.

    I strongly suggest that Mediacorp or any relevant authorities report this to the police because in my honest opinion, this has gone out of control.

    On a more happier note, to our top 2, all the best!

  4. Um, like, did anon2 just call me stupid?

  5. this is creepy scary. True or not. People should never act on hate or dislike.. Ill call Spencer Reid and J.J to help you with this . :D

  6. I love Spencer Reid. I have a geek-thing. Seth Cohen, my favourite geek. And Corey Monteith may play a quarterback and have great abs, but his face says geek to me.

  7. hahha , summerr , i think they just called you tht ! =0 but if i were you , i will also react in tht way larh . no time to think , asborb rite ! hahah , was totally freaked out by this incident !

    although im a tabby fan all the way , i aint supporting th deranged tabby fan coz everyone deserves a chance to shine . tabby had shone and singapore say its time for her to leave the competition , but i think she'll be a big hit , hopefully internationally ! :D

    and lastly , congrats to the both finalist , and sylsyl ! do tabby proud !

    and and LAST-EST ! summerr ! enjoy your trip uhhs ! ((:

    BOOMZ !

  8. LOL, thanks for clarifying Nicholas :) I was being sarky. Its ok la, everyone's entitled to their own opinions and conspiracy theories ... am juz reporting it as I see it and well, i'm quite risk-averse la, so will always err on the side of caution. Definitely not a bungee jumper, all my money also under my mattress :) heheh.

  9. that real fan of tabitha was jealous...and posted death therats on the finalist's wall...

  10. This is the scariest thing I have ever come across. I dont even recall any fan of Olinda or Jasmine leaving death threats in the forums or on Friendster group pages during SI 1 and 2 (Facebook wasnt so hot then)... and this "Chatterbox" is gaining attention by saying that she wants to 'assasinate' Sylvia and Sezairi at Jurong Point?? What a spineless coward, wonder if he/she got any gonads or not. Now I know why there isnt any autograph session for any of the SI 3 roadshows... bcos of childish people like "Chatterbox"!!

  11. yeah , what to do , its the freedom of speech ! me too , i always like to be in the safe zone ! hahah , and all your money under your mattress ! HAHAH , where you stay ! i go 'take' some ! XD

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