Monday, December 7, 2009

Short week on Idol

Its Monday and tomorrow is Idol Day already!
What a short week this has been. It feels like we've just recovered from 'losing' Charlie and adjusting ourselves to the whole concept of Top 3 and gawd, before you know it, even that's out the window, the buzz-phrase from tomorrow 10.30pm onwards will be 'Final 2'.

So what have your Idols been up to this 'short week' since last Wednesday night? With no roadshow or music video to shoot, you may have had the misconception that our Top 3 were resting on their laurels.... not so.

Thursday was a much-deserved rest day. But come Friday, its back to 'work'. A full day profile shoot followed by individual 'chat' sessions with Judge (Uncle) Ken Lim at his office made for a super long day. (and lemmetellyou, I've had the pleasure of working with Uncle Ken, and I've had work 'chats' with him before, and peeps, next to the word 'loh-sor' in the Singlish Dictionary, you'll see Uncle Ken's face there (probably next to mine hehe). Don't get me wrong, imo, he's very wise and worldly (yes he is!) and I totally adore him and have the utmost respect for him (yes I do, as I do Flo and Dick) - but the man has a way of lecturing you that needs you to commit at least an hour of your life in that white room he calls an office. AT LEAST an hour... I've never been in there for less.)

Saturday was vocal training. Sunday was choreography, more 'chats' and MORE vocal training (this week's songs are tough - as of yesterday's 2nd vocal training session, your Top 3 were still trying to figure out how to sing those individually challenging songs the Judges have dug up!) .

Izked and I managed to catch up with the Idols for a short yak and some makan at Chilli's on Saturday evening. :) It was awesome to just 'hang' for a while in between all the Idol business. The Chilli's people were awesome enough to show 'em some lurve and even gave us a special VIP bill! Awesome not? Its so nice to meet people who follow the show, and so here's a big thank you to the Chilli's managers and our two fab servers for the superb service - glasses always filled and tummies overflowing!

I didn't take too many pics cos, well, I wanted it to just be some 'laidback' time to hang with the Top 3 without constantly thinking about blog content ya'know? I left the picture-taking to Iz who's camera was flashing non-stop LOL! Keep a look out for his take on our 'idle-pig-out-session'!

Suffice it to say, it was quality Idol time for me at least. Its so surreal that the journey's almost over! While we ate and laughed and ate and laughed, I was mentally sealing the moments in my head cos it can't get much better than this! Poor Airi was in migraine central initially but he came round later and felt much better and it was all good.

Me and Iz picked up the tab - cos we love 'em right Iz? For me, it was just a small 'thank you' to the Top 3 for sharing with me their journey thus far. They've been so forthcoming (all the Idols have been) from Day One. Thank you for not minding my rushed interviews, constant twitpiccing, video-ing, long-windedness and my often MIA-ness (due to my other 'commitments') and always welcoming me with big smiles and open arms.

All you guys, have made this 'job' so easy and so fun! I can't imagine what it would be like if the whole bunch had turned out to be prima donnas!! DIE!

Tonight, the Top 3 will be attending a private screening of the upcoming movie Planet 51 - who says there aren't perks to bein' an Idol, this is what, the like 4th or 5th movie premiere they've been to?

After tomorrow night, the Top 2 can look forward to a full day covershoot with 8Days on Thursday, key-taking for the Finals on Friday and two roadshows this weekend (check the left sidebar). Idol business never idles for long (sorry, HAD to get that pun in here somewhere!)

xoxo, s.


  1. hey summerr thank you so much for your current updates and stuff. and i want to ask if you have the trailer vids for tmrs spectacular cos im like leaving the tv on tuned in to channel 5 just to wait for the trailer to come up lol

  2. :) funny you should ask that..its in the next post...hope you've seen it by now. Both trailers plus the recap interstitial of last week's show.