Thursday, December 3, 2009

Next Week's Theme : Judges' Choice

Judges' Choice : Surprised?
These 3 certainly were...

Sezairi : Oh. ok.
Sylvia : Huh? Really ah?
Tabitha : What..nooooo.....

Producers and everyone in the know (that would include yours truly and Official Blogger Iz too) worked hard to keep the secret....a secret. The Top 4 were convinced next week's theme was to be 'Jazz'. They even 'spliced' songs and submitted song choices a week ahead, like they always do. Poor things. All that work....pfft!

In the meantime, its Judges' choice for next week's show and according to Uncle Ken, the songs especially chosen for each of the Top 3 were chosen in the hopes that the song would allow audiences to get to know the Top 3 more 'intimately'. I translate that to mean - more emotion please.

Song choices are confidential for now, but here's who chose for whom...check out these pics taken backstage, so 'prize-giving-' or 'cheque-presentation-like'! Each Judge chooses two songs for their Idol contestant.

Tabby's song choices are by Dick Lee.
I like this pic, just add a mortar board on Tabby's head and you have a graduation-perfect pic :) And Dick's the proud lecturer who just crowned her valedictorian! LOL! But that said, they both look good here - nice pic Ash!

Airi's two songs are picked by Flo.
LOL - Looks like a proud mummy giving angpow to her son on first day of CNY!

Airi's expression here is priceless! What song IS that? Flo, are you SURE you want me to sing this?!

Uncle Ken chooses 2 songs for Sylvia.
Can you beat SylSyl's expression? HILARIOUS! And add Uncle Ken's 'almost smile' face next to it! AIYO. I cracked up for about two minutes when I saw this pic!

Thank goodness for Ash's pics. I tried snapping pics with my phone when this was happening but I was shorter than the sound guy, the camera guy, the director lady, the producers, Ash, Iz (these last two are so tall and big they may as well be trees to me!) and basically everyone who surrounded the scene la. So I got me nothin'! Thanks again Ash!

I stayed on for keycheck thereafter to find out what the songs were and suffice it to say, every song that came outta there was totally unexpected. Its going to be a very interesting show next week.

In my opinion, the song choices shouldn't be kept secret, cos I love listening to the original and then imagine how each contestant would reinterpret it. Oh well, not my decision, but I'll keep bugging @siproducer about it - maybe can release one song choice? Please, please, pretty please? I'm sure everyone's dying to know what Uncle Ken picked for Sylvia. LOL. I mean, lookit her face. And Airi's face too! What could elicit that kinda expression right??

Suddenly 1 week seems a super long time. (but then again, juxtapose that against how quickly the last 11 weeks have flown by and well, I shouldn't complain la right?)

xoxo, s.

ps. I would love to see Tabby do a big broadway number, followed by a very simple, unglam, stripped down song, just cos I think we never get to see the girl-next-door side of her - we're always served up the Glamazon. Same goes for Sylvia, a simple, emotive, heartfelt song without all the frills is what I would love to see. As for Airi, I loved watching him dance last night, and a number that includes some moves would be a nice repeat. ;) but thats me. And my initials ain't DFK.


  1. i was like at simpang last nite and some of the idol people happen to be there and i heard tt sylvia is singing angel by sarah mclachlan!!! super excited!!! :-)

  2. rly ar???? eh one of charles exit video can hear tabitha singing in the background. wonder if thats her next song..

  3. Haha Judges cannot say bad song choice this week. XD

  4. AHHHH i would be overseas next week... ): Not likely to have internet access, too. D:
    Oh and did any of you guys see when the idols were listening to the Judge's Choice spectacular detail? They were all like, *lean forward* *cock ears* *eyes widen* LOL!

  5. hehe.. next idol day on my birthday. :D

  6. I think FLO will purposely chose a bad song for sezairi thus destroying his chance to be in the FINAL TWO to make way for the two ladies( just like how the production and judges want it to be )

    Just wait and see, alright.

  7. Let just say the judges will sabotage Sezairi alright just to make their two favorites in the final. I pity sezairi. He works so hard but got sabotage this way.

    Judges choice in TOP3? wth.

  8. lol you guys are rly funny with your weird assumptions. none of the top 3 were my early favs but after awhile i realised that they were indeed GOOD, hence i shifted my votes to them. they are indeed deserving to be in the top3. i guess in the beginning (top24) no one rly bothered to vote but when it gets closer to the finals, more ppl start to vote and hence, booting out those not as good. (most, NOT all which were voted in by public votes)

    if sezairi does badly on tues, you all will say JUDGES SABO. if he does well you all will say judges tried but failed to sabo. you can keep making up theories its nvr ending and its only a tv show. not so corrupted one. just enjoy it.

  9. it was obvious that the judges were being biased . they have already set their mind to the channel where they WANT a female idol . i hope the judges read this : be fair to both genders. your comments last week was all favouring the girls.

  10. YEAH AGREE..
    PITY SEZAIRI. kanna sabotage big time!!!

  11. Yes they have already a winner in mind! Sylvia

  12. Sorry, I disagree with most of you. Michael Buble's song is a very nice one which is very easy to sing. It does not require belting much - which isn't Sezairi's strong point. I think he will have more edge than the girls who are given more challenging and outdated songs to sing.

  13. to jerry, it does not matter to me anymore as whether the judges and producers favour the girls. very early in the competition, i was rooting for any of the boys to win but unfortunately, their weekly performances have disappointed me to the extent that I have totally lost interest in continuing to vote for them. My money will be much better spent somewhere else than trying to outvote the girls and the judges.