Monday, December 28, 2009

Sylvia Ratonel - Your First Female Idol Grand Finalist

Kudos to Sylvia Anne Ratonel!

While they crowned Sezairi Sezali Singapore Idol, Sylvia Anne Ratonel did not walk away any less a winner. SylSyl is the first ever female contestant to make it this far, and put up an amazing fight she did, right up til the very end. Personally, although they are so different in their competitive strategies, they both worked so very hard to put on a spectacular show. Votes aside, last night's show was a tooth & nail affair between two talented singers who totally upped their games.

Sylvia, like Sezairi, gave each performance everything she had and hit the mark on Mercy, Yellow and Touched By An Angel. As Flo said, she was 'performing like a winner'. Sylvia has grown so much on this Idol journey, and it has been such a privilege to have been able to witness her transformation.

I have no doubt that someone will sign Sylvia on soon, somewhere. She has the chops to make it big, and with her 'instant fame' alreadu in her bag, whoever wants her better strike while the Sylvia's hawt. Here's Sylvia right after the 'gruelling' post show press conference, smiling and being random as usual, but generally happy.

To my dearest Sylvia, you are one of the most talented natural born singers I have ever met. You just have to really dig deep and believe in yourself girl, just like the way everyone around you does. I'm sure you'll make us proud given the opportunity and I believe, opportunities are going to come-a-knocking soon!

I'm so damn proud of you la girl, I watched back the performance show earlier today and your Touched By An Angel actually made me tear! Anyway, you know where to look to if you need to find strength and confidence, I hope you'll keep it with you always to remind you that you are a star.

xoxo, s.

ps. Catch Sylvia on Celebrate 2010 this New Year's Eve, LIVE from Marina Bay Floating Stage, on Channel 5.


  1. hai..this is what happens when the media tries to over pimp someone up. always backfires. really really really gutted for sylvia.:( over the past few weeks she was way more consistent and imo she outsang him almost every week. but on the one night that mattered sezairi upped his game. not that sylvia didnt do well, just that he improved so much so fast. the best man that night won sezairi you deserved it

  2. Agreed. Love you, Sylvia! You're so cute! :)
    You're a winner to all of us already. Hugs!

  3. Sylvia,,,ur performance was great.. no matter wat,, u are still my idol... :)

  4. Hi.Very Sad she wasnt the spore idol.everyones hope for a female idol was dashed.but i really must say that sylvia did all she can.improving day by day.btw,do u have the video of her singing touched by an angel?mind uploading it?i couldnt find in on youtube.season 3 s'pore idol zoomed just like dat.haizz..miss watching em' singing oready.GOSH!
    Love you Sylvia andall the idols.Watching thei randomness on youtube make my day.
    Everyone is a winer in their own way. <3<3

  5. I love you Syl! Hope you will be able to release your own album soon! :D

  6. Sylvia all the way!!

  7. Hi Sylvia,

    you have done extremely well in the finals. To us, you are already the WINNER, no matter what. You have alot of supporters and fans supporting you. Continue to pursue your music career please. We believe you will make a name for yourself.

    Sylvia, you are a great performer with fantastic stage presence and very competent vocals and musical abilities. That's why we think you should have won the competition. There ARE many many viewer like me who think so. Like Ken said, your star qualities will allow you to compete commercially, compared to the other contestants.

    Don't worry too much. Sylvia fans will continue to support your music. Most importantly, you are already performing like a professional singer, musician and performer! Keep up the good work!

  8. If you were to watch the re-telecast carefully, Sezairi is a better singer. She is what you can anticipate and deliver the same type of vocals week in week out. Her second song kills her and her last song was almost out of tune but yet the judges gaveher good remards as who are they to judge a song whom have never been sang by anyone????

    Agreed that the judges spoiled the whole game which they should not say " prefer Tabitah" (as Tabitah is actually a bad singer) and also that the song "Touch by an Angel"was written with her in mind.

    I am glad a Singaporean win and the judge should never predict and want a female idol through the season

  9. Hey you gotta be fair dude. If you were to watch and LISTEN to the re-telecast carefully, you realise that Sylvia's second song was screwed up because she was obviously losing her voice after her "Mercy".

  10. Sylvia Anne RatonelDecember 29, 2009 at 1:01 PM

    summerr, i'm begging u 2 let me post tis!! to de 2 anonymous above, stop critising sylvia!!!!!!! n she's a SINGAPOREAN!!!!!!!!!!! her parents r filipino n eurasian n dat is sylvia's RACE!!! sylvia is definitely born in SINGAPOREAN, n so she's a SINGAPOREAN!!!!!!!!! u better watch ur mouth!! n i hope dat u, summerr, will do something abt de critism...
    Tnx vrrrry much if u let my comment b seen!! :D

  11. Summerr, PLEASE REPLY!
    Are they really dating?
    Just asking.

  12. Wa lao, to the "Sylvia" imposter above, please lah, even if you are her no. 1 fan, also dont need to impersonate her like that one right.

  13. Wa lao, to the "Sylvia" imposter above, please lah, even if you are her no. 1 fan, also dont need to impersonate her like that one right.

  14. :) yes Sylvia is Singaporean, get it right folks. tsk.

    And NO, Airi and Syl are not dating laaa :)

  15. Sylvia is a singaporean, for goodness sake. You sound like you've been watching Idol so closely and you don't even know this? The race (and gender) issue is A THING OF THE PAST. Stop harping on it already. And Sylvia's take on Yellow is a different take, which may not appeal to everyone. Coldplay's songs are very abstract to start with. Instead of criticizing her, show the dear girl some love already?

    I hope Sylvia will be offered a recording contract. Hopefully at least KEN LIM will offer her one, seeing how he liked her so much. Summer, could you update us on this please?

  16. those ppl who say shes not singaporean cannot differentiate RACE and NATIONALITY. sylvia is the better singer but sezairi sang better for that night. grats sezairi

  17. For sure, the minute I hear ANY good news for SylSyl or Tabby or any of the Top 12, (and Top 24 in fact), I will definitely update. Keep checking the blog.

  18. Her yellow had a class of her own and she grooved it in a different way. I don't agree that she didnt do "Yellow" so well. In fact her voice has always been a baritone (low and rich) and I did not think she "lost her voice". Thats the special quality of her voice, not forgetting the wide octave range, relative to Sezairi's. I thought she did a fantastic job of making "Yellow" her own song, and am so glad she did not copy Tanya Chua's version. It was just her very very own Sylsyl's version that we're all so familiar with. She does have her following and I'm glad for that. Again,not about who's better but it really boils down to votes. I thank Ms Ratonel for making the 3rd Season so memorable. Season 2's icon was Twohill for me and Season 1, of course I will always remember Sylvester (another Syl, who incidentally is the runner up) for his soul-tearing version of Aerosmith's I dont Want To Miss a Thing.

  19. i hope media will do something about the racism thing about sezairi . its really hurtful . yes , of course slyvia is a good singer . it just so had it that sezairi became idol . its his fate (: instead of critisising , can slyvia fans support instead ? its not about race . go to youtube . its racism everywhere ! please stop this . iim sure both sezairi and slyvia wont want this .

    ohh and summerr, could we have updates about previous SI season finalisits like joakim ? ^^

    thanks ! (: