Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sylvia Ratonel's Idol Journey - The Performances

Sylvia's Idol Journey....
Finally I can post this!
I first started this post almost a week ago, but its taken til now to finish compiling all her vids, one was missing and I had to get it recorded, extracted, converted then uploaded in order to make this listing of vids complete. (In case you're wordering, I'm talking about the Spec 4 vid which is still subpar, but will have to do.)

Below, you'll see Sylvia's transformation throughout the season via her performances from Piano Shows all the way to the last spectacular almost 2 weeks ago. I've also included judges' comments as well as my own. Video borders are pink cos her colour for the Finals is PINK!

Hope you'll enjoy taking this trip down memory lane as much as I did compiling it...

Piano Show #2
'Mercy' by Duffy

Judges' comments :
Ken, in the earlier audition rounds, put his name at stake by proclaiming Sylvia as “Top 10 material”. She certainly did not let Ken down, with her kitty-sexy rendition of Duffy’s “Mercy”. Halfway through the song,Sylvia already had the other two judges and live” audience lapping out of her hand.
Dick Lee : "When you came on I thought, 'Eh the guest artiste came on already ah? That performance was great, you don't need to be in this show."
Florence : 'Top 10 material...its no longer a question."
Ken : "I think the viewers are beginning to understand that I'm never wrong."

summerr says :
Clearly a break-out performance. I liked that her transformation from 'auditions' to this show was quite dramatic - you have to agree, with the bangs, and smoky eye makeup - Sylsyl wowed.

Spec 1 : Chart Toppers
'Fallin'' by Alicia Keys

Judges comments :

Dick – You’re gorgeous! Easily the sexiest singer Singapore has seen.

Flo – The sex kitten has officially been unleashed. Boomz!!

Ken – Your last performance raised the bar and with this performance you have widened the gap.

summerr says :
I have to say, I actually forgot that she sang this song. Watching it back, I vaguely remember it, but I have to say, Sylvia looked gorgeous! Comments from the judges were good, so all's goode :)

Spec 2 : The Year I Was Born
'Sweet Child 'O' Mine' by Guns & Roses

Judges comments :

Dick – As always you look hot, but the performance was lukewarm. This genre is not for you.

Flo – That was not comfortable but it was an energetic performance. You will make it to the next round.

Ken – There was no improvement to build supporters. You need to be good every week, so don’t get complacent.

summerr says :
SylSyl has TWO brothers? Why did I always think she was an only child? She never talks about them. Anyway, I actually enjoyed this performance. No improvement or big wow from the week before, but it was enjoyable and entertaining.

Spec 3 : An Asian Feast
'Sinaran' by Sheila Majid

Judges' comments :

Dick – You chose a beautiful song and sang it beautifully. Week after week you own the stage.

Flo – It was delicious, delectable and delightful.

Ken – This performance was a lot better than last week’s. You don’t have a unique voice but you can stand out from the rest if you have a style of your own.

summerr says :
Back when I first did the review, I remember thinking Sylvia looked like she was concentrating really hard throughout the performance. Watching it again now, so many weeks on, I think she actually did a really good job. She had energy and covered the stage well. Well done girl, especially on a song in a language she didn't even understand!

Spec 4 : A Tribute To Michael Jackson
'The Way You Make Me Feel' by Michael Jackson

Judges' comments :

Dick – You can tackle all genres and you do it well. Tonight you were a little bit ok for me. You’re losing the fire; that was not 100% from you, only 70%.

Flo – Vocally you did not nail it but as a performer you have blossomed. You have become a star. Welcome to the Top 10!

Ken – Out of thousands, you have lived up to expectations. You will be in the Top 4!

summerr says :
Sorry about the poor visual quality of this vid, best I could do since this vid wasn't available on youtube. Anyway, I liked this performance actually, bearing in mind its not an easy song to sing. She certainly looked the part.

Spec 5 : For Someone Special
'When You Believe' Whitney Houston with Mariah Carey

Judges' comments :

Dick – Consistently you pick good songs and deliver them beautifully but you need to sing with more heart and emotions.

Flo – You sang with the confidence of a professional.

Ken – You were too pre-occupied with the lyrics of the song. You need to focus on the emotions.

summerr says :
Definitely would have to agree with the judges. She did seem distracted with roving eyes, but she did her best to put up a confident front.

Spec 6 : Mambo Mania
'I Wanna Dance With Somebody' by Whitney Houston

Judges' comments :

Dick – The others are strong this season. You’re strong too but I don’t think you’re fighting hard enough.

Flo – Too distracting of a performance, however I don’t think you’re in danger this week.

Ken – You gave the best performance of the season when you sang Mercy. Tonight it was the best performance it terms of pitching, but if you want to 'come back' you can't do it with a song like this, it was still too mild.

summerr says :
I have to say, watching it this time, I'm in total disagreement with the judges. I thought she did 'bring it' with this song. I enjoyed her energetic performance. On tv, it wasn't thaaaat 'distracting' thanks to the camera cut aways.

Spec 7 : My Folks Love This
'Warwick Avenue' by Duffy

Judges' comments :

Dick – It been a very long time since Singapore has seen a beautiful and talented singer. You’re very soulful and you chose the right song.

Flo – You went from zero to hero. I hope Singapore votes for talent tonight and keep you in the competition.

Ken – This is a comment for your supporters: they need to vote aggressively and keep you in the competition.

summerr says :
To me, this was her comeback performance. Its my favourite performance. I also loved her outfit and hair. Plus, I don't know if it was the pain from her stomach cramps or the fact that she'd been sick for the previous 3-4 days with stomach flu, but she looked....'pained' which suited the song perfectly. Loved it all la.

Spec 8 : Killing Me Softly
'Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow' by Amy Winehouse

Judges' comments :

Dick – That performance was so sexy! I am completely blown away. It was a beautiful rendition.

Flo – You pulled it off beautifully. There is no reason why both girls should not make it to the next round.

Ken – I also think it was very sexy! Obviously you are better than the guys and deserve to be in the final 2.

summerr says :
Loved. It. So Sexy! :)

Spec 9 : You Asked For It
'Cry' by Mandy Moore

Judges' comments :

Dick – Very poised, elegant and sensational but I am not feeling the fire from you. I need more!

Flo – Your ability to emote is excellent. It was a heartfelt and powerful delivery.

Ken – I am glad you are able to sell yourself well. You can afford to take risk with your voice. Don’t be boring and play it too safe.

summerr says :
It always cracks me up whenever Sylvia says 'Certainly' to the judges. She's done it a few times throughout the season. I've asked her about it, and she says she always mentally kicks herself after she says it, and tells herself, 'hello you're not in a hotel right now!' <--hilarious!
Anyway, I thought this was a good performance. When Iz and I first heard her sing this in the vending machine room, it was pretty clear this was the song to go with out of all the song suggestions you guys sent in.

Spec 10 : Song For A Cause (In Commemoration of World AIDS Day)
'I'll Be Here' by Sylvia Ratonel

Judges' comments :
Dick – A very elegant, sophisticated performance, what we expect from you.
Flo – It’s a potential radio hit. It’s just sensational.
Ken – You are here on your own merits and deserve to be here in the Top 4 more than anyone else.

summerr says :
I liked this song. But instead of calling it 'I'll Be Here', I thought it shoulda been called 'I'll Hold Your Hand'.

Spec 10 : Song For A Cause
'Make You Feel My Love' by Adele

Judges' comments :
Dick – That was a very Sylvia performance, and I love Sylvia :)
Flo – A mesmerizing performance.
Ken – Best song choice tonight. Simple, not showing off, but sincere.

summerr says :
You know what, I take it back, THIS one (instead of Warwick Avenue) has got to be my favourite performance. The song is good, but its the way SylSyl sings it that made it great for me. I loved her phrasing when she says 'a million years', its so warm and reassuring.

Spec 11 : Step Up And Dance
'I Don't Need A Man' by Pussycat Dolls

Judges' comments :
Dick – It was a decent attempt. You got to give it a lot more!
Flo – Vocally you were not delivering. It was all right.
Ken – Not a song I like to hear you sing.

summerr says :
Not my favourite performance from Sylvia, cos I felt that eventhough she tried not to show it, one can see that she's preoccupied with remembering the choreography.

Spec 11 : Step Up & Dance
'American Boy' by Estelle

Judges' comments :
Dick – You completely re-deemed yourself! You picked a fantastic song.
Flo – I would be very proud to play that on radio.
Ken – Good choice of song. You’re going to be in the final 2.

summerr says :
This song is SOOOO Sylvia :) Aced it, even with the slip-up on the lyrics that no one really noticed *wink* - did you notice it? It was Dick's fave song, and HE enjoyed it :)

Spec 12 : Judges' Choice (both songs chosen by Judge Ken Lim)
'Angel' by Sarah McLachlan

Judges' comments :
Dick – In the entire season 3, this was the first time I was so completely mesmerized.
Flo – That was tender, moving and sincere. And if you don’t mess up in your next song, you will be in the final 2.
Ken – Wasn’t that a clever song choice! You can’t manufacture that kind of honesty.

summerr says :
Mesmerizing is the word. Elegant, riveting and oh so hauntingly beautiful - nicely done SylSyl :)

Spec 12 : Judges' Choice (both songs chosen by Judge Ken Lim)
'Held' by Natalie Grant

Judges' comments :
Dick – You’re very versatile. You can do any kind of genre and still shine.
Flo – I’ll see you at the finals.
Ken – It’s not an easy song to sing and you pulled it off.

summerr says :
I hadn't heard this song before and even after hearing it on Youtube and watching the video, the song left no impression on me other than that it was a fairly nice (although common-sounding) song. When Sylvia sang it, she somehow made it her own. She OWNED it. And it was so believable.

So, that was Sylvia Anne Ratonel's performances for this season of Singapore Idol. What did you think? Worthy of Top 2?

I certainly think so. Certainly :)
Love ya, SylSyl, all the best this Sunday! May the best talent win :)
xoxo, s.

ps. Next up later tonight (gawd, its Monday morning 7.12am, and I haven't slept!), Sezairi's Idol journey! Good night/morning all!


  1. Thank you for posting totally made my day! :-D

  2. Hey summer!!! Great job on this post!!! I can't even do up my usual long posts with that drive. This must have been tiring.

    I was just thinking, after you're done with sezairi's and the season's over (wow so fast), and you're free and bored and missing IDOL, could you do up one for tabby?? Anyway she's top 3 and she is worthy of a whole post like that where fans like me can watch over and over.

    I'm just asking :) If it's too taxing then it's ok!! Great job again, btw!

    I've followed your blog since the auditions and can you imagine half a year has swooshed by and idol 3 is gonna be crowned so super soon!!! Gd luck to sylsyl and airi!!!!!!

    (Pls reply, summer!! Appreciate it :>)

    -tabby's fan and avid SI viewer

  3. Hi lovely person above!
    thank for you appreciating my hard it took me a week to get the vids together, and a whole night to put the post out - i started blogging at like 1am i think...and i finished at 730am this morning! :)
    Hope Airi's won't take as long.
    Yes, I have been contemplating doing one for Tabby too.

    catcha later! thanks again for sticking w the blog - for 6 months almost!

  4. 7 hours on a post, wow O_O
    Thanks for the reply and yes I come to this blog at least 5 times a week and previously on idol days, a few times a day. hahaha I'm sure many people do that too!!


  5. hi summerr I would like you ask you. for the finale the 'best performance in the season' song that theyre gna sing, who decides which is thier 'best' performance? becos yknow, best performance is relative. is it the contestants pick which performance they feel is thier best or if not who pick one?

    thank you!

  6. This made my day. Sylvia all the way. Thanks.

  7. Hi Anon two above
    'Best song of the season' was chosen by the contestants themselves, probably in consult with vocal coach and producers too. But by and large, it was the contestant's choice.

    In fact, everything is contestant's choice at this stage. including their interpretation/style for singing Touched By An Angel.

    6 more days....

  8. Dear Ms. Summerr,

    I really, really, really want to watch the SI Finals to support my bet Sylsyl and to watch my idol Charice but I don't know where to get tickets. Please please please kindly advise me what to do. I don't want to lose hope but the finals will be in a week's time and I couldn't miss it for anything. I would appreciate if you can help me with this. you can email me at

    Thank you and more power to you!


  9. Hi Fatima
    I'm sorry to say that the contest I was running to give away tickets has now ended. And so has the one that Official Blogger Iz was running.

    I believe that both Sylvia and Sezairi may be conducting some contests of their own to give away their set of tickets - so keep a look out for notices on their facebook fanpages k?

    I think 987FM may still be giving out tickets and also the main MediaCorp website?

    good luck, and hope we get to see at indoor stadium this Sunday!

  10. Hi, any idea killing me softly "will you still love me tomorrow" chosen by who?

  11. Um, I think its on the video? Tabby chose it for her.

  12. Oh yes thanks! :)
    sry I wasn't paying full attention.
    I only started giving my full attention when she started singing. What an awesome song!

  13. hi summerr do you know hw tall is sylvia and who did she sing with in duet round during the auditions?

  14. Hi, I love that you've done the blogposts on their journeys. The best local tv-related blogging I've ever bothered to read.

    Thank you very much!

  15. Hi Anon 2-above, i'll ask Sylvia tomorrow about those two questions. I think she's about 1.68.

    Hi anon above,
    thank so much for your kind words, hope you'll continue to stick with me once the idol journey is done, i plan to review American Idol and other tv shows :)
    I'm essentially a tv addict!

  16. thank you so much for asking!:)

  17. Sylvia's performance are just ,
    beautuful ;]

  18. Whoah, good job summer! On the behalf of Sylvia , i wanna thank you! hahaha. jkjk, ( y am i being so childish? >.< omg ) LOL. all the best Sylvia!!!

  19. Hey Summer,

    Thanks for uploading all those videos of Sylvia! Just wanna ask if you have the videos of Sylvia performing for yesterday's grand finale. Really loved her performance of "Touched by an angel". Appreciate if you could upload her grand final performances here too ! Thanks a lot ! :)

  20. Thanks Summer,for uploading Sylvia's performance :) Glad that you do ! Thank You !:)

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