Thursday, December 3, 2009

Idol Day on TUESDAY + 2 more vids!

Next week Idol Day is on TUESDAY! Go change all your recording settings so you don't miss recording the LAST Spectacular of the season. That's right folks, next Tuesday's show will be the last one held at Caldecott Hill's TV Theatre. The set at will be torn down and never rebuilt again. The next show after that will be the GRAND FINALS on 27th December at the Singapore.Indoor.Stadium!!!!!!! Woot!!!!!!
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Key Words to help you digest that info...
Last Spectacular
Judges' Choice
Top 3 to Final 2
8th December

Digested? Good.

And now for some vids that Ash recorded with his super hi-tech SLR (so envious).
Here's a clearer vid (higher quality) of Charles' exit performance. I watched it again and I still can't believe all those sounds came from one person with a mic. Uh-may-zingg!

This is a recording of one of the producers' interviews with the then newly-minted Top 3. They're all agreeing that next week's show will be intense. Airi also realises he'll have the male dressing room all to himself :(.... but its all goode.

This last one was shot just before the show started. As you can see, right behind that black curtain to the right side of the stage, its all a crazy mess of people walking about, Idols rehearsing their songs, producers, assistant producers, stage hands, just like EVERYONE la is there. Its always a crazy mess here. Notice Airi sitting in a corner, all quiet? He usually is like that before every show - cos he's getting into his 'zone', but last night, he was extra quiet cos he was feeling awful - like many contestants seasons before, he was sick, and had thrown up (not once but twice) - but was prepared to soldier on and deliver the best performances he could.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the vids, thanks much to Ash for taking the time to film and upload them - musta taken forever (cos he started last night and it only went live maybe at noon today!)

xoxo, s.

ps. Remember! TUESDAY 8pm! (whahah, said it so many times it must be ringing in your ears)

pps. Don't ask why they moved it to Tuesday, just remember to tune in!

ppps. Well, if you MUST know, SEA Games starts on Wednesday the 9th, so clash in schedule, thus Idol moves a day earlier. (which also means a shorter week for producers to get the show and all its innards together!)

p4s. No roadshow this weekend ya....this one I dunno why. But I'm glad the Top 3 will have a short weekend break.


  1. Sezairi is so cutee! haha! & I can't wait to hear what song they are going to sing today! I mean, i agree with you. i would love to hear the original version first. My curiosity is killing me! Hope you get to know what song they'll be singing! & i love your behind-the-scenes videos. Its so cute! It helps us see the 'down-to-earth' side of them! & i think all there of them really deserves their spot in the top 3. Say good luck to them for me! Thanks! :D -Ayuni (:

  2. Dear Ayuni,
    Good news, @siproducer has agreed to release of song choices before tuesday, so will let you all know once I get the greenlight to release, should be soon, like this weekend :) thanks for reading the blog!

  3. cool...i think sezairi will have alot of pressure...1 guy left...maybe that there will be a female idol this year?

  4. Hi, I've followed your blog since the Top13, and I'm really impressed by what you post here. Good posts regarding the Singapore Idol progress!

    Wow, the competition's getting more intense each week. I support all the Top3 contestants now, haha! And it's really amusing how next tuesday is my birthday and they arranged the final Spectacular on that day. Haha! Hope my wish comes true regarding the Singapore Idol winner ;D Also very much excited regarding the song choices, heh.

  5. summerr, did you find out who is the auditor of singapore idol? or they isn't any?

  6. Hey Anon,
    Thanks for checking back with me. I got a reply from producers and have double confirmed that there IS an auditor that keeps everything on the straight and narrow, and rest assured, it is definitely one of the big 4. :)
    ps. Fyi, the Big 4 are Ernst&Young, KPMG, Deloitte & PriceWaterhouseCoopers.