Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Zaki's whipping time....choreo sessions!

(thats the sound of a whip cracking in case you didn't get it -_-)

Now that Ann's all done with the Idols and the alums (everyone knows what they're singing, when and with whom), its over to Zaki to whip them into stage shape.

As reported in an earlier post, Sunday onwards, would be choreo-choreo-choreo until they head to the Indoor Stadium for full rehearsals. On Monday, season 2 alums Nurul Maideen, Gayle Nerva, Paul Twohill, Joakim Gomez and Mathilda D'Silva turned up to join this season's Idols.

I arrived just as Airi was heading off (he wasn't needed for today's sessions), and who JUST arrived but a rather late Mr Paul Twohill. His opening shot was 'Zaki's gonna kill me...again, I'm always late wan!' :) Funny guy that Paul. As it turns out, when we arrive at choreo, its not his turn yet, the girls are still doing their 'diva' thang.

Sylvia, Tabby, Nurul, Gayle and Mathilda are doing a 'diva' number with En Vogue's 'Free Your Mind' and its hawt! Check out the vids below...

While the girls were perfecting their hair-ography (its a Glee term for when people use hair flicks and flips while dancing) and 'bend-and-snaps', I found the boys - Farhan, Faizal, Paul and Joakim Gomez in the ping-pong room, doing what else...playing ping pong.

This is actually the first time I'm getting a chance to actually talk any of the Idol Season 2 alums. I saw them at the charity carwash, but didn't really get a chance to introduce myself. We got to chatting, me and the boyz, and I have to say, I wish I could have seen what their journey was like.

While we swapped Idol stories and inside jokes, and the 2 boys from last season compared notes with the 2 boys from this season ('You're so lucky you got Ann, she's so nice, Babes (referring to Season 1 & 2's vocal coach Babes Conde) whipped us man!'), I was busy twitpiccing :)

Joakim recounted his 'haters' and Paul relived his drama (apparently he was so stressed he once went up to producers in tears, 'I can't do this anymore, just kick me off the show please!'), while Faizal and Farhan grilled them for gossip!

Soon, it was time for the boys to go in for their session. Here is their vid...

While the boys were busy with that, I stepped out for a quick chat with the girls - Nurul, Gayle, Sylvia and Tabby. I have no idea where Mathilda went. Similarly, the girls also exchanged notes, advice and idol goss.

Soon, it was time to go back in to combine both performances - the full segment would be Idol Boyband versus the Idol Divas. Here's the vid, unfortunately, my audio got muted by YouTube for some copyright thing - have asked Izked to help me edit the video a little and upload it for me - will replace it as soon as he does. In the meantime, enjoy the visuals :)

That was (technically yesterday since its 3.45am on Wednesday right now), choreo sessions were solely for the Top 12, and it was like being reunited all over again, and also like being in a 3-ring circus. One group would be in choreo with Zaki, another in the ping pong room playing, and another in the vocal training room watching tv. :) But they were quite efficient today nonetheless.
Some random ping-pong playing ....

The Top12 medley (to be performed at the Results Show) is made up of
Segment #1 - Smooth Criminal - Airi, Faizal & Charles
Segment #2 - Chiggy Wiggy - Malaque, Nurul & Farhan
Segment #3 - Hey Mickey - Mae, Duane, Justin & Amira
Segment #4 - When Love Takes Over - Sylvia & Tabitha

Here are the vids from today's choreo sessions... (missed out Smooth Criminal cos they were done like super fast!)
'Chiggy Wiggy' - Malaque, Farhan & Nurul

'Hey Mickey' - Mae, Duane, Justin & Amira

And here's the full medley item. Tabby & Sylvia's item, 'When Love Takes Over' is the last. I recorded it from two different cam angles so we wouldn't miss anyone out :)

Camera angle #2.

Well, hope you enjoyed all that. That was today's hard work for the Idols. Tomorrow (or today, Wednesday, more choreo sessions lined up. All Idols were asked to report to MediaCorp today at 9.30am. Two more items on the list that need choreo - Hady & the 'Idol Band' and 'Starstrukk' for the Top 12.

The 'Idol Band' consists of Sezairi, Duane & Charles (the ones who play instruments thus 'band') and they'll be performing 'Use Somebody' with Hady. While for 'Starstrukk' the Top 12 will be performing with a guest artiste - guess who? :) In case you're wondering what 'Use Somebody' and 'Starstrukk' sound like, here are the youtube vids.

Charice Pempengco will be performing two songs - 'I Have Nothing' and her own song 'A Note To God'. Here are vids of Charice performing those two songs on Oprah. For more info on Charice, check out her wikipedia page or her website.

Note To God (written by Diane Warren & Produced by David Foster)

Phew, 4.30am, ok thats all for me from now. More tomorrow... good night/morning!

xoxo, s.

ps. To those who are wondering, both Airi and Syl have an EQUAL number of performances for Sunday night - 7 a piece!


  1. Hi summer, Syltra really not performing ah :(

  2. Taufik Batisah will be doing starstrukk right?

  3. Aiyahh... no need to make us guess who is that guess artis, it is a no brainer question. Ofcourse it's that TB lorr. - Ah Lian

  4. Where is syltra??

    Btw how old is joakim?

  5. syltra might be busy , so dont think she's coming .

  6. hw come syltra isnt performing?

  7. I don't have an official statement from Syltra as yet, but it is true, she was not available to perform for the finals.

    As for joakim, his friendster page says he's 21 :)

  8. Syltra will be performing at centre point coming sat26th 7pm.. if you like to meet her there :) plus i heard she's singing at Robertson walk on new year eve 31stDec.

  9. She's free to perform at centrepoint and all that, and not free for Idol? Huh? didn't she like, make the decision to commit to Idol the moment she signed up for it, why not show up now and make time for the finals? Justin's the 12th place finisher and he's gone to the States and back, with more at stake.

    I'm not slamming Syltra...but she should really know where her commitments are before making them in the first place. I loved her while she lasted and was really looking forward to see her in the finals.

  10. Tabitha and Sylvia together would already be the performance of the night. Both are the best singers this season IMO.

  11. omg! it looks so cool being there seeing them rehearse. they're like a family!! aww, i miss them being on stage together! cant wait for this sunday! :D

  12. her priorities may be elsewhere but in no way does that make her a sore loser. and I'm curious, what are your "sources"?? lololol

  13. Think she's just happy singing..fame was far from her mind.

  14. i do hope they wont make TB do Starstuckk... dont waste him for that really bad choice of song ..please give respect to our first idol lah.. he's the only one that done well to deserve the idol title.

  15. I didn't say she's a sore loser, why did THAT pop into your mind as a defense, lol. Unless you were thinking it =p

    I don't think she's a sore loser, she's just someone who can't keep a commitment. Unprofessional, for the lack of a better word.

  16. And it doesn't matter where my "sources" are, the fact is that she should be there and she isn't. We want to know why, but we don't. Maybe her family member just passed away, maybe she quit music, maybe she's migrated, etc. I would understand.

    But now that someone has said she is performing somewhere else, that makes me question why she can't be performing on Idol too, like she's actually supposed to. Be professional. Her Idol fans want to see her, she is talented, one of the most buzzed about finalists, and could add some spark to the finale.

    Does she really want her final impression of herself as an musician be her awful wailing on Breakaway? The finale is the hugest platform she'll get and it doesn't matter if she isn't in the Top 2.

  17. i was referring to another anon who called her a sore loser la lol. the comment already got deleted

  18. Think she had given up on spore idol..being her biggest fan i know she's sincerely in touch with her fans, sore loser??..i know the fact that she always enjoy singing and performing so much.. her exit at top 13th is way too soon leaving her too free with nothing else to do,luckly for her she got spotted on by an entertainment co;who pay for her musics.

  19. And one more thing I wanna add... Syltra isnt the only one to decide not to continue with Idol commitments. Rahima Rahim from Singapore Idol season 2 dropped out from "Wish Upon a Star" just before the last episode, and she also withdrew from the 2007 Countdown at VivoCity as a result. Something to do with contractual clause or similar...

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