Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Day Of 2009...

And what a year it has been....
Big things happened in 2009, but I've been so wrapped up in Idol and the kids, I can't remember past Obama's election (wait, that was last year!), Michael Jackson's passing, Oprah announcing the end of her show, and Lady Gaga's Bad Romance being played everywhere. But more than anything in entertainment, for me (and for you too I hope), this year was about Singapore Idol.

Tonight will be the last time your Top 12 will be performing together (technically 10 + Idol Airi, cos Justin Jap's missing from tonight's line up, he's flying off to the U.S. to go be a doctor!). Celebrate 2010 will see them performing a new song - shall not spoil the surprise - and its the first time they worked together on their own, without vocal coach Ann, to sort out who would sing what on the song ;)

In the meantime, here are some backstage pics from rehearsals at The Float @ Marina Bay (click to enlarge). If you haven't decided what to do yet for tonight, come on down and join Celebrate 2010. Tickets are available at sistic counters islandwide for $30. If you've still got your Singapore Idol Grand Finals ticket stub, bring it along to sistic and you'll get a $10 discount! Awesome not?

Last round of rehearsals start today at 2pm at The Float. There will be road closures tonight, so grab public transport k! Preshow starts at 8pm - don't forget to catch Idol-related bands - Juxtapose (Airi's band) and heregoesnothing! (Farhan's band). Also worth catching - our very own 'idol' ex-intern, Syarif and his partner-in-crime Alif, who together form the fab duo 'Sleeq' - they'll definitely be performing their hit song 'Moviestar'. The Idols themselves have got some pre-show items too, so don't be late.

11pm, we go LIVE, so those at home can tune in to Channel 5. Catch your Singapore Idol Sezairi Sezali with your Top 12, they should be comin' on early, and they'll appear again for the countdown just before midnight.

Thereafter, its a danceparty to welcome in the New Year, all the way to 3am! Come on down and rub shoulders with the artistes! The very hawt Michelle Chia, Jade Seah and Nat Ho have hosting duties alongside our very own Gurms. :)

So, ok folks, last moment to catch your Top 12 all on stage together - really something you don't want to miss if you can help it!
xoxo, s.

ps. I won't be able to be at Marina Bay tonight, gotta be with my kids, but I'll be passing my camera to Izked so that he can film what he can of the pre-show. Definitely Sleeq, Juxtapose and heregoesnothing! So either one of us will put those up later.

pps. I'll be posting the rehearsal vids tonight but only after they've performed (don't want to ruin the surprise song choice), should be before midnight, so watch for them on my Youtube channel, summerr77. (if you know what they're gonna sing, ZIP IT, so others can still be surprised).

ppPs. PLUS, look out for my post featuring vids of the Idols with their New Year's Resolutions for 2010!


  1. Summer! could you take a photo of the top 12 together and post it on your blog PLEASEEEE!

  2. summerrr! are the top 12 will be there until 3 am in the morning? (: