Thursday, December 3, 2009

Idol Out : Charles

Bye Bye Charlie :(
"Its okay, to have made it to Top 4, its been amazing."

Humble to a fault and the sweetest, most thoughtful person I've ever met, Charles is really such a gentleman. He went round thanking everybody, including Judge Ken Lim, after the show. Uncle Ken gave a him pat on the back and reassured him that he's a talented guy. This, for me, was the best reassurance Charles could have gotten after weeks of onstage scrutiny by the judges. Perhaps his talent is just not suitable for singing competitions, but really there is no doubt that Charles is musically talented. Perhaps his performances are more suited for 'intimate' environments? But seriously, to have gotten this far, Top 4 out of 4000, is a huge achievement.

Last week's non-elimination gave me a false sense of insulation. Week after week, an idol hopeful has been sent home and its been sad to see them go, but last week it was like Happy Camp, no one was sent home and it was so sool to see all four for another week.

When the Results show started last night, I suddenly wanted it to stay Top 4 forever.Malaque, seated one seat away, felt the same. I mean, Top 4 all the way to Finals lah, then just 'crown' one lor - caaaan la...

Oh well, thats not how the Idol cookie crumbles. And we're now left with 3.
In typical Charlie fashion, here's his exit performance, beatboxing! :), followed by the exit interview.

Thank you Charles for sharing your Idol journey with us, and with me. You are a truly talented and wonderful person - Sherry's a lucky girl and your parents raised you right. Stick to your guns and your dreams and don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

xoxo, s.

ps. Charlie's a man of many talents... ages ago, in one of my earlier interviews Charles said he used to love to draw. Check out this cute lil sketch Charlie did of Sezairi - its SO Sezairi :) Pretty good right! It was on the envelope of a note that he wrote to his 'bro' Sezairi.


  1. charles is such a sweet person.. am going to miss him a lot in the next few rounds of singapore idol. good job though charles! (: you made the show insanely enjoyable (:

  2. No offense but compared to the other 3, he was obviously lacking in comparison. It was easy to make a choice. The hard one comes next between the remaining 3.

  3. Me tooo.... :3 WE'LL MISS YOU TONS CHARLES :D

    Didn't get to go to any of the road shows... PHFT... :\

  4. Sezairi, Sylvia and Tabitha are really good! Its hard to figure out who will be out! But, i think Sylvia desreves to be in the finals. :D

  5. Yes Sylvia deserves to be in the Final coz she is so smart to play the sympathy vote over and over again. Whereas Sezairi and Tabby wants to win it to make Singapore proud in the entertainment industry.

  6. And that, to the anonymous right above me, is an example of a perfectly baseless assumption which no one else should make. Lame.

  7. Thank You Anonymous above for stating that. Whats up with these know-it-all delusionals?!

  8. Thank you, Anonymous above (hahah). They're probably fans of other contestants who feel threatened. And can't think of any other way to bring Sylvia down than to say this. Not that it's working, actually.