Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Co-ed or Single-Sex Finale?

What a dodgy (almost typed doggy *tsk*) header right?
It was the shortest way I could come up with to sum up my thought. And my thought was/is, what kind of combo will you be sending to the Finals on the 27th.

In just under 11 hours, we will know who the Final 2 are. And I'm curious to see if it will be a Girl-on-Girl thing or a Boy vs Girl thing. And if its Boy vs Girl, WHICH GIRL?

The fight for the Top 2 spots are so close.
Five years ago, when we were at Top 3, I couldn't figure out who was going to the Finale either. I recall being at a Lime (now defunct) magazine covershoot where we shot not one, but THREE possible covers - Taufik+Oli, Sly+Oli and Taufik+Sly. It was consensus that it could be any of the 3 combos.

Well the buzz at that time was that Sylvester would be in the Top 2, but who was going with him? Yep, it did seem at the time that Sly had a lot of fans, he had beaten the odds week after week despite less than stellar performances. The word behind closed doors was that the recording company offering the prize were also very keen to sign on Sly too (which they did in the end), thinking his huge fan base would ensure album sales and a Mandarin album meant regional wings. So all signs pointed to a 'Sly' win....

Well, we all know how that story turned out.
Who knew it would be a landslide win the other way to the 'Soulman'? Perhaps it was the perception that the Sly fans were so strong that compelled others who never voted throughout the season to pick up the phone and cast a vote for the one that 'the general public' thought was more deserving.

The Top 3 dilemma..
I can't comment or draw experience from the second season as I was overseas and couldn't follow it. Anyway, originally I thought I could type my way through my thoughts and figure out at least ONE of the 3 that should be a shoo-in to go to the Final 2. But I've realised....nope, still can't single one of them out. Its THAT close. Tabby, Sylvia and Airi all have rabid fans. All 3 are very talented, equally talented in their own right, and are deserving of that chance at Indoor Stadium.

Will they deliver stellar performances tonight? I certainly hope so. Not just to keep the judges happy, but to reassure the rest of Singapore that there is talent and that the public has made the right choice in choosing them. I think tonight's show is possibly the most challenging, and rightfully so, since its one show short of the prize.

My heart's already thumping as I type this, I can't imagine sending off any one of the three. I really can't. I'm not even sure if I can get through the exit song - may trip whilst filming it on my phone since my vision will be clouded by tears.

Cos I look damn unglam when I do.

Ok, anyway, voting lines open at 8pm. Don't get complacent, vote to your heart's content (or til your wallet gives out) and stay tuned for the results at 10pm.

Be sure to follow my tweets/twitpics from backstage tonight, I'll be at studio from about 6.30pm.

xoxo, s.

ps. Come back here at 10.30pm to find out how you can win tickets to the Grand Finals on 27th December.


  1. Hope that tabby will be in the top 2 !

  2. Sylvia should be in the Final 2. Definitely. The other one could go either way. I'm not really a fan of any of them though. :X

  3. Personally i think a guy vs girl finale would be more interesting to watch - cos its totally different dynamics. So I hope Sezairi makes it through, and either one of the girls is fine. All three have done a great job til now, so all are winners, now its just a question of 'which combo' gives us a more entertaining show!

  4. can I have all three in the finale please? and we crown one winner. it will be just the same thing. If there can be no elimination in the top4, why dont we have it once again? It will be very interesting. Seriously, it will be a very close fight.

  5. It's not about sex, it's about talent. And all I think all three of them are super talented in different ways. At the end of it all I think it's about... luck =p

  6. aaaaah, i hope one of the finalists would be sylviaaaaaaa. she totally moved and touched my heart when she sang both songs :-)

  7. I totally cried when tabby went out :(
    She did not deserve to go. Totally.

    Is she better now? She's a star in all of our hearts I LOVE YOU TABBY!!!!!!!

  8. I absolutely agree, Tabby does not deserve to go.

    Up till this week, the judges have been hinting that both girls should go to the Finals, and I think that judging from all their performances (especially the performances this week and last week), an all-girl finale SHOULD have been the case.

    While I think that all of them deserve to be in the Final 3, I felt imho that Sezairi was the weakest performer amongst the 3 during the past two Spectaculars.

    But anyway, what's done is done. I wish the Final 2 all the best, and hopefully they (esp Sezairi) will really show Singapore that they deserve to be in the Final 2.

    It's probably not the easiest task to strike out in the music industry in Singapore, but I certainly hope that Tabby will be able to do so; she is arguably the strongest singer in the competition (Of course, apart from Sylvia who has really risen to the occasion in recent weeks, especially tonight).