Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Quickie Post : Top 2 - Interviews...

Quickie Post : Can't get enough of SylSyl and Airi?

Demand is sky high for these two, but they're stuck in the middle of a super-packed schedule, rehearsing for the 'biggest-show-of-their-lives'. But then again, can't disappoint the adoring public right? Last week, I mistakenly thought that was the end of radio interviews cos I didn't see anymore listed in their skeds, but lo and behold just found out today, your Top 2 are gonna be on 987FM again, Woot!

987FM Interviews on Dan & Young's...
Airi on Christmas Eve (Thursday) 9am
SylSyl on Christmas Day (Friday) 9am (man! the girl's workin' on Christmas Day!)

But even before the radio interviews are happening, your Top 2 are gonna be on the morning talkshow on Channel News Asia TOMORROW, so tune in to CNA's Primetime Morning at 9am to watch! They'll also be dong a segment with Malay News (for Suria) tomorrow, but I'm not sure when that's goin' on air, will tweet it the minute I find out!

Burning questions?
Do YOU have any burning questions you want answered by your Top 2? Email them to me at summerrstv@live.com by the end of tomorrow and I'll try to get them answered by Christmas Day :) - maybe on video if they can spare me the time!

Ok, back to my BTS post (had to update you abt the interviews mah - important!), with vids on whats been happening over the last coupla days - vocal training, rehearsals and choreo. Plenty to watch!

xoxo, s.

ps. If you are still desperately seeking tix to the Grand Finals, check out my 7pm post later....I've got news...

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