Saturday, December 12, 2009

Roadshows & Working Thru Christmas

Gearing up for the finals - a schedule to die for -_-

Don't get me wrong, your Top 2 are not complaining, not at all. Surprised initially, but not that surprised once you remember the Finals are just 2 weeks away! They're ready to give the next two weeks their all to gear up for what is to be the biggest show of their lives (thus far at least, I am hoping for big things in the future).

Think about it, when else will two (plus 10) 'amateur' singers get to put on a concert at the Indoor Stadium for an 8000+ strong crowd?

Only when Idol is in town.

And also in town (couldn't help myself, this pun was just too good to pass up!) your Top 2 will be, from now til the finals, there are four roadshow appearances and they are ....

12 Dec 2.00pm Jurong Point
13 Dec 2.00pm Iluma - 8days 1000th issue roadshow

19 Dec 6.30pm The Heeren (with Mae, Justin, Nurul, Malaque & Amira)
20 Dec 3.00pm West Mall (with Tabitha, Charles, Faizal, Duane & Farhan)

A Packed Schedule...
In between these two weekends of roadshows, your Top 2 will be busy with profile shoots, at the Singapore Flyer, at sunset/twilight (sure to get amazing shots!), at home, all over Singapore, etc. On top of the gazillion profile shoots, there will be a gazillion sessions of choreography, vocal training, imaging and camera rehearsals (so many solos and group numbers to do!) at Indoor Stadium to attend and digest! I bet you they now alternate their mantras between *I am the next Singapore Idol* and *must find time to practice my songs*.

Dan & Young Lovin'...
They've got their last (2nd last for the winner) radio interviews with 987FM next week.
Wednesday 16 Dec, 9am : Sezairi
Thursday 17 Dec, 9am : Sylvia

So don't miss out these last radio sessions with Dan & Young next week. The following week is show week, so its full-on rehearsals the whole week through. If you want to stalk them you'll have to do so at Indoor Stadium. *stalkers are you noting this?*

Ok, thats about all I have on their schedule. I've got visitors in town again this weekend, so will endeavour to find time to blog. I won't even get to catch S&S at Jurong Point today :( .... wonder how this particular roadshow will go, especially with the crazy 'death-threat' see my next post.

See you at the roadshow tomorrow S&S! Oh, and shout outs to Mae (and cutiepie Mike) and my boy Justin who are all back in town - love you guys - can't wait to catch up!

xoxo, s.

ps. In case I wasn't clear in my first few paras, the Top 2 and other 10 finalists, are WORKING ON CHRISTMAS DAY ... 10am - 10pm - camera rehearsals at Indoor Stadium. :( so poor thing hor, shall do my best to whip up a log cake and drop by. Anyone else got the same idea?

pps. @siproducer - Sleeq for the finals, guest appearance, can? Just one song - 'Moviestar'! Maybe they can angle it and make one line 'Idol Stars' and intro Sylvia and Sezairi..... sorry ah, don't mean to play producer/director, just an idea to think about - support local talent!

ppps. @siproducer Are Idol alums coming? Daphne Khoo, Olinda Cho, Sly, Jonathan Leong, Nurul Maideen, Paul Twohill <--- would love to see them again.
*update* Daphne, Oli, Jon are confirmed not performing...*sob*....producers cite schedule conflicts (I'm thinking too costly maybe?) *ahem* Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeq!


  1. Where is 'The Heeren'???