Monday, December 7, 2009

Last Spectacular Performance Order out!

Spectacular 12 : Judges' Choice
performance order and voting deets are as follows.....

Opening the show for a second week running, Tabby will be singing Jennifer Hudson's 'Spotlight' first.

Next up is Sylvia's rendition of Sarah McLachlan's 'Angel'.

Airi's up next with John Mayer's 'Your Body's A Wonderland'.

After which the cycle starts again...

Tabby will now go fourth, presenting the Karyn White classic 'Superwoman'.
Followed by Sylvia's take on Natalie Grant's 'Held'.
With Airi closing the show with Michael Buble's 'Haven't Met You Yet'.

It's set to be an interesting show, challenging songs for all of them (like I said in my previous post, as of yesterday, they were still working out how to sing their songs), and lets see what the Judges have to say about their song choices and whether their Top 3 met their challenges head-on or not.

Here are this week's trailers to bring you up to speed in case you're wondering what's going on (hello where u been?) For more info on the song choice and watch original artiste vids for each song, check out my previous post on Song List here.

Here's a recap of what happened at last week's show just in case you missed that too. Pity that our usual go-to guy for SI episodes has not uploaded for the last two weeks :(...oh well...fingers crossed it'll magically appear tonight ya!

So now you know all the numbers, be prepared to vote like siao, this is your last chance to get your favourite through to the Indoor Stadium performance of their lives!

xoxo, s.


  1. hey summerr , wad is th battery pack (the thing they use when they sing) and wad it does arh ? curious siah !

  2. Omg Sylvia looks so damn UGLY! Did the makeup artist sabo her or she just look like that.

  3. no way she looks like that! she looked sooo hot last week on tv. its the weird make up and wig! srsly whats up with the wig

  4. they are trying to make her look like lady gaga for heaven's sake.

  5. they are tryna make all of them look futuristic. thank goodness they dont look like that in real life

  6. nicholas, the batt pack is for the ear monitors. 'Ear monitors' are used to allow the singers to hear themselves because most times when on stage, music is super loud and so is the screaming, you can't hear yourself and thus lose your pitching/key. But not everyone knows how to use ear mons, its not easy to get used to. Hope that satisfies ur curiosity :) *I gasped a few times whenever Tabby stepped backwards, was so afraid she would step on the pack and slip!*

    ps. The makeup/concept for this trailer is futuristic, so they look like 'programmed' robots (thus the voiceover saying 'programmed'). geddit? Not my fave trailer...hope next week's one looks blardee amazing.

  7. ohh , thanks summerr (: tht sure satisfies my curiousity ! :D yeah ! watching the replay , sawing her moving back and forth makes me nervous tht she'll fall ! HAHHA , luckily she didnt (: