Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Meet Jessica + 1 Random Vid

SNL* anyone?
Who knew one of our Top 4 (actually more than 1, but only 1 in these vids for now :)) had improv/skit-worthy acting chops? LOL.
*for the blur, SNL = Saturday Night Live (a skit comedy type show on American TV - loads of celebs from Taylor Swift to Britney go on it and lay down their acting chops for all to see)

Check out our very own, hawt babe, Tabitha Giselle Nauser hammin' it up as a character she created called 'Jessica'. Don't ask her why the name 'Jessica' - I did, and she doesn't know why, it just 'came' to her. Sounds blonde enough tho', and if you watch the 2nd vid, you'll wonder if it has any connection to another blonde Jessica who was confused by tuna and chicken.
Anyway, just watch ....

In our next instalment, we plan to recruit one more character, possibly an African American one...played by...juz wait n see yo'....*suspense not?*

Ok, now here's the random vid...its like a behind-the-scenes of an upcoming music video Izked is working on for tomorrrow night's theme - Step Up & Dance. Its supposed to be ala American Idol where they dance around while their names are announced. Notice how Sezairi 'flies' in and almost knocks Sylvia over - you can't catch this kinda thing on your weekly Idol show!! LOL!

Btw, on the vid, when you hear me say 'I can't believe you said that' - it wasn't meant for Tabby's comment about 'being a conservative Asian girl', but actually for Izked's request to have the girls 'grind' Airi! Helo! Family show brotha! LOL!

Hope you enjoyed the vids!

xoxo, s.

ps. Wonder if the 'Jessica Cali' stuff can be submitted to SNL?

pps. Sorry Charles doesn't feature in the BTS vid, he had left quite early on after the roadshow.


  1. hahaha , aweeeeesome ! tabby = humorous :D:D

  2. haha wow wow is that realli tabby wow she could so really be a cali gal

  3. i want more Jessica!

  4. Caligirl rawks! Tabby rawks! someone give her a job already...forget MediaCorp - nickelodoen asia, disney asia, kids channels, forget asia, DISNEY are you seeing this talented babe? Forget Miley! ... are you watching this?!

  5. summerr, ask Sylvia to do something too. I'm sure they can all do a skit. How about something to do with the vendingmachine and ghosts? malaque can come back and guest star! LOL!

  6. oh and ur blog rawks! always come here first thing every day to check idol gossips! at least got updates! u're even faster than the mediacorp website! rawkssssss!

  7. hahaha rotflamo x 100! tabby totally rawks it! sylvia is crazy and beautiful!
    sezairi is just crazy lovable!

  8. LOL, ok, will ask Sylvia and the boys to do something too...but it really is up to them - the whole "jessica" thing wasn't planned (the first one at least anyway), I asked her to do the 2nd one cos the 1st one was hilarious! Glad you like it, hope the Channel5 people (and all the other talent scouters) are watching :)

  9. Loves Idols alotalotDecember 18, 2009 at 12:11 PM

    She should just have a short show to entertain on channel 5 every week or day! Tabby is awesomeeee (: