Thursday, December 10, 2009

Congratulations to the Top 2!

Sezairi Sezali vs Sylvia Anne Ratonel

Comin' up in 2 weeks, the Idol Grand Finals have been dubbed the 'S&S Finale'. After 14 rollercoaster weeks of Live performances and Live results, we're now down to these two. Its a first in Singapore Idol history, a girl has made it to the Top 2. In fact, it was a first in SI Top 3 history two weeks ago - where TWO girls had made it to the Top 3. Times are a-changin', and I'm happy to say that all three deserved to be there.

I truly believed that regardless of which two would make it through last Tuesday night, they would be deserving, because all three have truly brought their game. This is my slightly overdue congratulatory note to the Top 2.

First call to order, big hugs and cheers for Sylvia & Sezairi! You guys have come so far, I'm so very very proud of you!

Remember these pics?

Look at them now. Poised and polished to a shine, and soon to be on the cover of 8Days!

Speaking to Sylvia now, she talks about 'strategy' and 'the right song choices', and its like 'wow', SylSyl isn't that blur after all....she has a strategy, its so refreshing to know she's not all just husky tones and hourglass figure. In fact, 6 months ago, it never even crossed her mind to audition for Idol, she had never before performed on a stage in front of an audience. 'Mercy' at the Piano Show was her first time. She confided, "I can't believe this is happening to me. My life was so normal before and now look what I'm doing. I was never in this entertainment industry before." Looks like you're a natural Syl.

Sezairi on the other hand has always been a focused musician. But now that its down to the wire, he's a little shell-shocked, citing he believed it would be an all-girl finale. But at the same time, he feels relief in a way, because he says his focus is no longer about getting through to the next week and staying in the competition. His focus is now on giving his best to put on the best live show/concert for the crowd at Indoor Stadium (and of course the tv audience).

They are both so ready to set that stage on fire and give it their all. TODAY newspaper quoted one of them saying that it will be an 'explosive' final. :)

Talking to them over keycheck the other night, neither of them even mentioned the word 'votes'. And realising that made me smile, cos I think this is the way it should be when you get to the finals, putting your best performance foot out there and KILLIN-IT, rather than obssessing about winning votes. And I so respect these two for their 'mature', 'big-picture' mentality. Good on ya S&S!

So what can you expect from the Grand Finals Performance Show? Well, Sylvia won the coin-toss and has decided to go first. Each will sing 3 songs. The 3 songs will be :
1. Best Song from the season
2. Any song of their choice
3. Winner's single

The performances will be Live and backed by a Live band (WOOT!!!!). For the 'best song' performance, each will be backed by dancers too.

The Top 12 will be opening the show, as per tradition, but the rest of the show belongs to the Top 2.

What can you expect from the Results Show?
Helluva lotta stuff. There will be a number of group performances from the Top 2 and the other 10 finalists in a myriad of combinations. Expect medleys, solos, duets bla bla bla.
There will be a number of guest performances too and apparently one much sought-after artiste who was on the Oprah show has given nods to perform - confirmation comin' soon. *hint* Amira will be crazy happy when she finds out!

Other than that, I've heard that a flash mob something or other could be happening too!

What else do I have to share...
Sylvia's fans will most likely be in YELLOW. Airi's fans most likely in GREEN. Izked's aunt may be supplying light sticks (I am being so random, but its true!). Oh and for the stage, I hear there are gonna be two runways that stretch into the crowd! <-- That would be awesome!
Oh and apparently there will be disco balls (again, another random fact).

Exciting not?
Sigh. Can't wait.

The big stage is just 2 weeks away now, so here's wishing my dearest Sylvia and Airi all the very best for a fantabulous show.

xoxo, s.

ps. Next post - song list for the Finals, hehe, you guessed it, I have the first dibs on what they're singing and the title of the Idol winning song, stay tuned :)

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