Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Idol out : Tabitha Nauser

Bye Bye Tabby :( *sob*

Definitely the most talented and confident 17-year old I have ever met. Ever the go-getter, Tabitha was fierce-competition from Day One. Not only was she talented and gorgeous, she had her eye on the prize. She may not have made it to Indoor Stadium, but in my eyes, and many others, Tabitha Nauser is, without a doubt, already a star.

Uncle Ken said that if it were up to the judges, they would have put her in the Finals. But it wasn't. It was up to Singapore. Whether they made the right or wrong choice is debatable, because in my opinion, all 3 deserve a spot at the finals. Quoting Ken again, he said at the start of the show, he wished it could be a Final 3 instead of just 2. I agree wholeheartedly.

Here's her exit interview - recorded on Iz's behalf as he was watching the Idol set being taken apart for the last time.

This was meant to be a vid of her exit performance, but having her Mum and Dad come on stage totally opened the floodgates and she just could not sing. Her Dad is just the sweetest and had given her a dozen white and red roses - so sweet right? How not to be emo and cry?

This next vid, was recorded between the performance and results shows. As always, bubbly and smiley, Tabby's just telling us how she was feeling at that point in time, who knew it would be a self-fulfilling prophecy!

I know there are some that deem Tabby 'arrogant', but that is just so far from the truth. Tabby is just such a lovely girl. She's friendly, open and not at all stuck-up. Her height, good looks and megawatt smile may make her seem intimidating, but she is actually very approachable and always at the ready to take pictures or have a chat with a fan. Despite the many 'haters' comments', Tabby has always been the smiliest, bubbliest one backstage at every show. Don't be so quick to 'judge' based on the barely two minutes of performance you see each week.

Anyway, after the interview, I asked her what would she be up to next (after the Grand Finals and Countdown show performances) and she said she'll be heading back to school to do her MassComm course. But somehow, I don't think this is the last we've seen of Tabby - I'm quite sure a number of broadcasting executives have got their eye on her for their own shows, so fingers crossed many projects come her way, so we can see/hear more of Tabby real soon.

As I was finishing up this post, this music video came on tv, and it was just so poignant and seemed appropriate. So this song is dedicated to you Tabby dear, from me. Eventhough you may be sad, 'don't play that broken-hearted girl', I believe in you and so do a whole lot of people, chin up babe!

.... don't forget to email you-know-who (told your parents about it!) and send in your Amazing Race application the minute you turn 18! Go with Mommy - it'll make for great tv!

xoxo, s.

ps. Don't forget to catch Tabby's exit interview on radio in the morning at 9am on 987FM with Dan & Young.

pps. Right after I published this post, a friend on Twitter sent me this link and omg, what a nice way to pay tribute to a great Idol contender. Watch. Props to campushawn who made the vid.

ppps. All photo credits to Ash & May. Thanks babes for being so chop chop fast with the uploads to Facebook!


  1. Hiii! Check out this group we created(:
    'We want Tabitha Nauser to be signed on a recording contract'

  2. summerr: you need to be 21 to be in The Amazing Race!


  3. I think that Sezari should not even be in the finals. That's what I think. If he can get in, Faizal should get in. They have the same vocals but different looks. Faizal has better looks, so much better than that spec-boy who's just a wanna-be. Sylvia and Tabby are lead-singers! TOTALLY. Sezari wins because of voters, you know what I mean. Let's see- Season 1- Taufik Batisah (malay) Season 2- Hady Mirza (malay). No offence to anyone who is reading it but I'm just stating the absolute true fact. Sezari's going to win this Idol. The voters would spend all their money on him, and dang, he wins. Excuse me, if we count by substance, Sylvia wins, seriously. Just ask yourself or anyone. They would say it is true. I just guess MediaCorp is trying to earn the best money out of voters. Speaking of money, the amount is so expensive. Grr. All in all, Sylvia Ratonel should win, absolutely. Better voice, so much better looks, she rocks the house and Singapore and everyone who has eyes, (maybe brains too).
    (This passage is copyrighted, any forms of copying is deemed as copyrighted)
    (Nobody should scold the writer of this passage as the person is just stating the point of view.)
    (No offence is made)

  4. ability, talent, appeal or whatever aside, the results are as such because of the fans.

    and when i say this i don't mean because sezairi has a huge, crazy fanbase.

    when i say this i mean that you tabitha fans DID NOT VOTE ENOUGH. you guys expected it, you guys KNEW it was going to happen. and it did. why? because you rest on your laurels, didn't feel moved enough to make that investment.

    don't you think sezairi fans were afraid as well? that sylvia and tabitha fans would suddenly wake up and outvote us? we were. we were afraid you guys would finally realise, 'hey we're not doing enough to outvote the crazy 'malay-guy' fans'. so we voted like our lives depended on it.

    and maybe you guys think that sezairi doesn't deserve it because he doesn't have as wide a range or as big a voice as either of the two girls. but you know what? he knows that too. he knows he isn't as vocally capable as the girls.

    and so he works his ass off, each and every week to prove everyone from the judges to you voters wrong. they all do. every contestant that has stepped on that stage has faced the odds and overcome them but ultimately, each week one has to be sent packing.

    and please do understand that it's not what anyone wants. the contestants are all very good friends and it sucks that after such a long journey, there will be one less person at rehearsals every week.

    yes, i support sezairi but i'm writing this not to defend him. i'm just hoping all you fans will grasp the concept that every idol contestant deserves their spot. not because they were blessed with talent, but because they work hard for it, because they WANT it.

    so cut them all some slack and stop the hating. whether you're a tabby, sylvia, sezairi, even faizal or charles or nurul fan, go ahead and unleash the support but please restrain the negativity.

    don't complain that the competition is rigged, it isn't. just keep voting for the person you think best deserves the title. i know that either way, this year's idol will be worthy of his/her win.

    p.s. sezairi fans, stop playing the race card. it's hard enough to get other people to stop using it, it would be nice if you guys took the lead. it'll be much easier to convince the haters that we're voting for him because of his talent and not his race if you fans stop the whole 'HIDUP MELAYU BEB' thing. we get that you're proud you have a representative, now try 'HIDUP TALENT BEB'

  5. Hi, okay, I want everyone to know even though Tabitha is not in the Final 2, I want you all to realise that she is second best in Singapore Idol 3 (for girls). So how about a round of applause for Tabby?
    Tabby, I love you!
    Hui Ying

  6. to anonymous above, thanks for totally diregarding my epically long comment in two paragraphs.

    maybe he said he's single to protect his privacy? you know that elusive thing famous people have very little of? yeah, that thing. but then again, that's just my opinion.

  7. While I did enjoy some of Sezairi’s performances (i.e. Virtual Insanity, Ordinary People), I somehow felt that his performances during the second Top 4 round was quite weak (the judges agreed) and that his performance this week was not as strong as either Tabby’s or Sylvia’s. For 'Your Body is Wonderland', his vocals weren’t on par with that of his previous performances, and he sounded quite off-key and (vocally) uncomfortable at several points during Haven’t Met You Yet, which could possibly be blamed on the song choice (though the judges seemed to have reserved high praise for all 3 contestants this week).

    I felt that Tabby was the most consistent one who had put up memorable and commendable performances (i.e. Summertime, Who’s Lovin You, Ain’t No Other Man) that showed off her strong vocals. Even the judges have been constantly hinting that they hoped to “see [her] at the Finals” (along with Sylvia).

    I’m not saying that she should have won Singapore Idol, but I’m just trynna express my opinion that while she should’ve entered the Final 2 with Sylvia, her elimination might’ve been inevitable. She landed in the Bottom 2/3/4 more times that both Sezairi and Sylvia combined, and also her good looks and her personality (described as "arrogant, stuck-up and fake"), whether misunderstood or not, might have simply just failed to appeal to the home viewers. Even the 8 DAYS writer who covers Singapore Idol wasn’t quite in favour of Tabitha and her “personality”, in spite of the judges’ good comments.

    So when it all came down the voting this week, Sylvia’s zero-to-hero story and nice-girl demeanour (and her great performance of Angel), as well as Sezairi’s ‘cool, nice-guy attitude’ might have given both an edge over Tabby. Anyways, I do wish Tabby all the best and hope she will strike it out in the music industry, because she is a very rare talent.

  8. i think we shouldn't worry much, people. As ken said, Singapore will eventually vote for the most suitable person to represent Singapore.


  9. Tabitha and Sylvia should obviously go to the finals. (if it were the judges choice)i guess this is just another MISS SINGAPORE where Ris Low wins and then everything starts popping up and BOOMZ, the substance is gone, if you know what I mean. OMG! Ris Low- no looks. Sezari- NO VOICE.( if you ask anyone, or the judges (ken Lim). COMPARE TO TABBY- she's awesome and only 17! Come on- don't tell me all the seasons going to be the same. And SYLVIA's the best!!!!!

  10. It was a planned game. Starting of the show Ken had already mentioned that one of the giri will be going home that night and he did mentioned also that his prediction never went wrong before.....I think it must be some kelong going on here.

  11. All 3 are equally off the hook! As much as all three of them want THIS, only we(people all over sg) can choose who we wanna put through for we're given the powers to do so. The only reason Tabitha didn't make it through, like ken said, DOESN'T PROVE THE LACK OF QUALITY. It was purely based on the votes. If anyone should take the blame it should be the fans for not voting their hearts out to put her through. Period!

    That said, she might not have win the title of the show but she's definitely one of the best this season! A rare gem indeed. Not all 17 can flaunt it like that. With such great vocals and extremely good looks, I'm sure she will make it big. Hold on Tabby, there are greater things ahead! Wish you nothing but the best, all the love!!!!!


  12. hi tabitha gta admit im nt rly your fan but im rly bummed that youre out. I admire your courage to stand on that stage week after week and sing to thousands of ppl and I appreciate your efforts to give your fans a good show. all those ppl who say you have no personality or are proud really have no idea what theyre talking about. and after what all these ppl are saying abt you , you still go up there and do your best and for that I look up to you. :) God is always with you :) love

  13. Don't be idoits. It is not easy for all of the idol to stand there every single week to sing and perform for all of you. All of them are awesome and talented in their own way. Besides, who are you people to even dare say that any of the idols don't deserve a spot in the final 2? I dare say, NONE of you retards can sing as well as or even half as good as ANY of the idols. Tabby's fans, its hard to know that the idol you're supporting didn't make it into the final 2, but who else can you blame but yourself? Like what the judges say every week, what Gurmit say every week. ASK YOURSELF, did you vote enough? Go and think about it, stop all the hate and show the love to your top 2.

  14. Hey Singaporeans, i think we all should know our limits in writting in terms of race and stuff.. Its kinda hurting to the particular race.

    Well, im really sad that tabby didnt make it to the final 2. im sure tabby fans voted like crazy. even me myself, i voted till my prepaid went bankrupt.

    Well, whats the point of aruguin when its already over. the verdict is out and the top 2 has been said!

    I wish S&S all the best and im sure tabby will realse an album. You dont need to win singapore idol to be famous. Look at Jennifer Hudson, Chris Daughtry they are even famous then kelly clarkson, taylor, jordin sparks.

    Her journey to fame has started. im sure that her realease will hit Hollywood oneday. in 2 to 5 years time.

    I wish her all the best and i hope that you would accept reality and support S&S :P

  15. i totally agree with Ezekiel Inban <:
    no racial attacking, love the idols as they love each other <:

  16. What I have to say is that I really hope that Sylvia will do Tabby proud and become the next idol. Tabby deserves to be in final 2 as much as sylvia and sezairi do. And heck the voters, Ken Lim (PRODUCER OK) said: "If it was up to us, we would put you in the finals. Whatever happens tonight, to the judges, you make a good idol"

    That's all she needs to hear (though it would have been picture perfect if she got into finals). I REALLY WANT HER TO PRODUCE AN ALBUM SUPER SOON!!!

    SUMMER: For finals, is there a percentage that goes to judges? Cos if that's so, sylvia is totally gonna win.

    And I'm marking Sylsyl's word for it (in her FB note) that she'll be doing her best not only for herself, but for tabby.

  17. some idiot 'copyrighted' his comment. and then din leave his name. now THAT is stupidity LOL!

    Tabby you are the most gorgeous Idol contestant ever and your potential far outshines the pathetic hateballs that are being thrown at you. You will rise above this I'm sure and be a force in entertainment to be reckoned with. Girl, I wanna see you on the Billboard charts!


  18. to anon 2 posts above,
    Results (ie who gets to be the Singapore Idol) is all votes-based. Judges have no say whatsoever, not even a percentage. They can, however join the public and vote with their phones - haha, thats the only way they will have a say.

  19. To the First Anonymous at the top, his name is Sezairi. not Sezari. Yeah that's all. :)

  20. Tabby is oh-so suitable to at least make it to the finals ! I can't believe she was out that time. But nevermind, at least she made it FAR .

    Anyhoo, i heard people saying that the judges did not want another malay winner ? or is it that they didnt want another guy to become the winner . Not sure if its true . haha .

    i THINK Sylvia will win although im not a fan of her .

    But, i HOPE Sezairi win .

    Plus, love this blog :D

  21. I HOPE SYLVIA WINS~ I L-o-v-e her singing! She rocks.

  22. Sezairi will win!!! I love his singing! ^^ He rocks more!!! ;D woooooo! Go sezairi!!

  23. Thanks summer for your reply :)
    Just to clarify, did previous seasons have judges' percentage?

  24. I guess people who say bad things about the top 2 are just too jealous of something. Good luck to the top 2 though. The best man wins.(: