Wednesday, December 2, 2009

VOTE VOTE VOTE Spectacular 11!

8pm... Lines Are Open!
Just a quick reminder that last week's votes will be rolled over to this week. So tonight's result will be a tally of the votes taken from last Wednesday and tonight.

Last week, the bottom 2 were Charlie and Tabby. Only YOU can change, or maintain, that outcome tonight.

So what say you Singapore? Who's going home tonight? And who have you put through to the Top 3? Time to get those digits movin' - you only have 2 hours to seal the fates of your Top 4.

Voting, performance and song deets are all on the left sidebar for your quick reference, otherwise, for more details, click on these related links :

I'll be off to the studios in just over an hour - exciting!!! So follow me as I tweet/twitpic whatevah's goin' on backstage! :)

xoxo, s.

ps. Latest goss - heard on the gossgrapevine that there's gonna be some sorta twist yer eyes n ears peeled yo!

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