Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Next Week's Theme : Super Top Secret

It's 10pm...
..and the lines are closed - you can't vote anymore...
..and traditionally at about this time, I will tell you what next week's theme is....

But not this week...sorry!
Its so SUPER TOP SECRET even the contestants don't know, so we'll have to sit and wait til Gurmit announces it at the end of tonight's show...
(see...told u got twist to look out for right? And if I know the producers well (and I do), they only told me half the twist, so that they (or some photog) can get that shot of me with my mouth wide open when they reveal all on the show....)

Anyway, I've been sworn to secrecy for the past 3 days so another half hour shouldn't be too hard to handle :) Hehe, love that this season's got so many twists ...for both contestants AND viewers alike.

Keep watching! Who have you voted through to the Top 3 this week Singapore?
2 girls and a guy, or 2 guys and a girl? Who's Idol dreams have been snuffed out like a Survivor tiki torch?

Remember, the results tonight are based on the total votes received from last Wednesday night and tonight. So it really is anyone's guess!
Your bottom 2 last week were Charlie and Tabby, have your fervent voting pulled these two to safety, throwing Sylvia and Sezairi into the bottom 2?Or have S&S's fans helped to maintain their status at the top of the food chain? OMG, just thinking of all the possible combos makes my head hurt and my heart thump harder!

Man...I think next week even more 'chee kek' (exciting). I got butterflies in my stomach from typing this post AND thinking about next week....arrgh...

xoxo, s.

ps. Am still backstage - check out my tweets/twitpics here.

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  1. They announced it lol. Judge's Choice :X