Sunday, December 27, 2009

18 hours to go..

It's Idol Day!
2am on Idol Day, I'm super duper excited for the show later tonight. The thought of the results gives makes me anxious, so I'm compartmentalising and not focusing on that so much, would rather focus on the amazing performances lined up for viewers all night.

Here's what we can expect to see...
Performance Show :
1. Look out for a very cool opening sequence. If you'd read this blog, you already know the opening song is a medley of I've Gotta Feeling-Bad Romance-Boom Boom Pow. What you gotta look out for is the very start of the show - there are gonna be some familiar faces to look out for, and also, look out for the chemistry between the Top 2 during Bad Romance :) Sizzle!

2. Look at the left sidebar to see what your Top 2 are singing.

3. Wardrobe! I am so blown away by each of the Top 2's outfits/styling for each of their songs. The opening outfit is okay. But the individual outfits for each song, especially Crazy, Yellow and Touched By An Angel (they both look like 'earthbound' angels) are just breathtaking. Your Top 2 really glow, they've definitely stepped it up since the last time you saw them 2 and a half weeks ago.

4. Voting lines open at 8pm and will be closing 15 minutes later than usual, at 10.15pm. Make those precious extra 15 minutes COUNT you guys! Vote for talent!

Results Show
So many things to look forward to!
1. Taufik Batisah is performing! Yes! Your very first Singapore Idol is returning to the Idol stage and performing his latest, a brand new song called 'Addicted'. I watched him during rehearsals today, still one of the hardest working people I know, and he's awesome. Slick dance moves, LIVE awesome singing, catchy beats and a sexy-killer wink to die for. MUST WATCH!

2. Hady Mirza is performing! Our very own Asian Idol and as Gurmit likes to call him, 'Idol Big Brother', will be performing his first English single, 'I'll Never Leave You Again'. Its such a beautiful song, you WILL be blown away, Hady's voice is amazing, AND he wrote this song. :) Hady also joins forces 'Idol Band' which includes a secret guest bandmember guaranteed not to disappoint, to sing 'Use Somebody' - very very good!

3. Idol alums from Season 2 are performing with some of our Top 12 - Nurul Maideen, Gayle Nerva and Mathilda D'Silva join Tabby and Sylvia for a cool 'Divas' number singing 'Free Your Mind'. And Paul Twohill and Joakim Gomez join Farhan and Faizal for a 'Boyband' number. Check out my previous link to watch rehearsal vids.

4. Charice Pempengco's guest performance.
The Youtube starlet who made it to Oprah's soundstage will be gracing the Idol stage for a mini-medley and her single 'A Note To God', which incidentally was recorded before by Jojo (Duane was the one who enlightened me). Little girl with a big voice, I've yet to hear her live, she's only comin' in today at like 4pm, from what I've seen on Youtube, she's sure to wow. I've gotta make sure I'm next to Amira to catch her reaction cos she's a huge fan (and probably also catch her in case she faints! LOL!)

5. Top 12's 'Spectacular Recap' Medley. The main themes highlighted are 'A Tribute To Michael Jackson' (Airi, Faizal and Charlie sing 'Smooth Criminal'), 'An Asian Feast' (Malaque, Farhan and Nurul sing Kylie's 'Chiggy Wiggy') and 'Mambo Mania' (Mae, Duane, Justin and Amira sing 'Hey Mickey'). I have no idea what Spec 'When Love Takes Over' is for LOL!

6. And of course, the ACTUAL results....

With so much to look forward to, how can you not tune in right? Spread the word, the Idol Grand Finals is gonna be a night to remember.

Producers are going all out - expect pyrotechnics, confetti blower and a crew of awesome dancers. Plus, with Indra's LIVE band (and Indra himself stepping up to the piano for a number of performances) and Ann's back-up singers, each song just sounds so much better and fuller. Its a full-on concert!

Those comin' to Indoor Stadium are in for a treat. During the half-hour break (when News is on), you'll get to experience LIVE performances by Tabby, Charlie and Faizal, and possibly Hady too!
Sidetrack, speaking of live performances, standing in during full dress rehearsals for Charice Pempengco today were Gayle Nerva and Mathilda D'Silva. Props to both for pulling off those big songs. Extra props to Mathilda D'Silva for a SUPER amazing adlib performance of 'A Note To God'. She didn't know the song at all, so while the music played, she made up her own song, and it sounded pretty good! She was also hilarious, hamming it up along the way! I have tons of vids to share, and they will all go up tomorrow night after the show. :)

Ok, thats it...gotta go now, its 3am....17 hours to tx.

xoxo, s.

ps. To see behind-the-scenes pics, check out my twitpics!


  1. When love takes over Song is "You Ask For It or Chart Toppers " week

  2. helo, chasters(a community of CHARICE fans .. a million of us) like to request a video of charice rehearsal if possible.. pls we'll be entirely grateful and sure will be a hit.. here the link of the CHASTER's

  3. hi, pls a video of charice' rehearsals, tnx

  4. oh man! do i hv to watch charice?? i don't like her one bit! and taufik?? who is he? soo yesterday!

  5. Hi guys, sure will post a vid of Charice at rehearsals today providing her managers allow it :) Gotta ask for permission first K? :)

    If they say okay, defnitely will post it up tonight...she's only arriving today at about 5 or 6pm. She has not been involved in rehearsals prior to this.


  6. Another Charice fan here. I have been stalking your blog and YT videos for any news about Charice. lol. Will definitely wait for your Charice videos. Thanks from LA.

  7. summers more updates from charice please.. thanks and happy new year