Sunday, December 27, 2009

3 hours to go! OMG!!!!

3 HOURS TO GO!!!!!!
Rehearsals are full swing, and here's a peek at some Idol randomness! Check it out, while I go back to where the action is....follow my tweets for updates and twitpics! :)

Tabby is cute right? :)

xoxo, s.


  1. The world is full of racist numbnuts who cant keep their ahole shut.

    Evolve up, boy or go perish

    PS - To Mr Sezairi - cograts & jolly good job!

    from Thundergod
    busy like frack here but I really need to hammer nutters down

  2. Hey i thought the top twelve were going to perform Starstrukk? :O

  3. I thought the top12 were going to perform Starstrukk?
    Anyw, congrats to our 3rd Singapore Idol Sezairi! What a great musician!
    Sylvia, the first female to step into the Singapore Indoor Stadium, is already a STAR! Like what Dick has once said in the Piano Show, she don't need to be in this show!
    And Summerr, Charice [] really wow-ed me! Of course Sezairi and Sylvia too! :D Hope to buy Sylvia's album in the future. Even Charice was cheering for her! (Look at Charice's twitter). In the meantime, I'll be waiting for Sezairi's album! :D
    Ohyes! And Summerr, hope u will continue to blog even after Singapore Idol 3!

  4. Congrats to Sezairi, our THIRD Singapore Idol.:)
    A HUGE HUG to Sylvieee, our very own diva-minus-pressure :DD

  5. Why do they not reveal the percentage on the votes?

    Why are the producers hiding from the public?

  6. when will they reveal the voting figures? will be interesting to see how much sezairi won it by

  7. yeah, i also thought that they're going to sing Starstrukk. I was eagerly waiting for it!! && i also agree! i want to know how much the percentage is. Even teh past two spore idols have told us the percentages.. Isnt it kind of weird?? oh, okay.. i guess they'll tell us next time.

  8. What was the percentage for the past 2 seasons?

    Btw where do i get to hear sylvia's rendition of the song Touched by an Angel?

  9. For the 1st idol, taufik won by ard 68%. For second idol, hady won by 70%. But this year, its not revealed..