Sunday, December 27, 2009

9 Hours To Go.....

Time is just FLYING BY!
In 2 hours, your Top 2 will be reporting at Indoor Stadium for the biggest night of their lives. For Sylvia Ratonel and Sezairi Sezali, their Idol journey is about to hit its peak.

I'll be heading down to Indoor Stadium later at about 3pm, but before that, I have a video to share. Ages and ages ago (about 4 and a half months ago), someone sent me a demo for a great 'Idol song' written specifically for this season's Idol winner. I was just asked to listen and give comments, and truth be told, I was sold from the first demo eventhough it was very raw. The lyrics and melody are all uplifting - characteristic of an Idol winning single. But ultimately, the song selected to be the Idol single would be Uncle Ken's 'Touched By An Angel'. (I'm guessing there were other songs thrown up and the most suitable was chosen).

Anyway, I still think this is a great song, and I've just seen this vid by Izked and he's using the song I mentioned above. For whatever reason, he has not revealed the singer/composer, so I'll keep it as that as well. Suffice it to say, the boys who wrote this *wink* are the coolest and so very very talented. Kudos to you for such a beautiful song!

Now watch this, a very touching video of your Top 2, made by Official Blogger Iz, you made me cry dude! This is a great way to remember their journey - better than the usual exit VTs on the show!

Look out for more updates via my tweets later today!

I gotta feeling....woo hooo....
xoxo, s.



  1. Would be nice to post updates that include SI audience (and yours, of course) reaction and feedback to Charice's performance. Thanks for the constant updates. All the best to the SI finalists and SI fans in Singapore.

  2. hey summer, could you video the half an hour 'performance' for us to watch. Pleaseeee ?