Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Well, for me at least muahahahah <--- *evil laughter*
I'll be meeting them pretty soon, gonna head out to Marina Bay right after this post to catch up with them while they get their hair and makeup done. They've got full dress rehearsals tonight at the floating stage for Celebrate 2010. So look out for my tweets/twitpics!

(pic taken from Izked's Official Idol Blog!)

If you are still clueless about Celebrate 2010, please go to these various places and get CLUED IN!...

Quick Idol-related facts for 'Celebrate 2010' :
1. Singapore Idol Sezairi Sezali will be performing with SI Finalists on the show
2. Sezairi will also be performing with his band Juxtapose during the preshow which is not telecast on tv.
3. The Idols will also be performing 3 numbers during the preshow which is not telecast on tv.
4. Farhan and his band heregoesnothing! will be performing at the preshow too.
5. The actual show will be telecast LIVE on Channel 5 tomorrow night from 11pm. But hello, nothing beats watching it live in person at the venue right?

Tickets are available at and cost $30 (not much to pay for an awesome way to count in the New Year!), AND if you flash your Singapore Idol Grand Finals ticket stub when you purchase Celebrate 2010 tix, you can purchase it at just $20!! (thats a $10 off for showin' your Idol love!)

Anyway, hurry and get tickets, you don't wanna miss out on the pre-show stuff. Plus there are tons of artistes performing that night, so definitely 'the' place to be for the 'countdown'! Party starts at 8pm tomorrow, and ends at 3am on New Year's Day!

Ok, am off to see muh Idols...suddenly miss them tons - and I JUST saw them on Monday tsk!
xoxo, s.


  1. Summerr , can you take a video of the preshow ? It'll be great if you can post it here and let your readers who din't get to catch it live , see it . Especially when there's Sezairi performing with his band and Farhan too ! :D

    I hope you'll record it . Thanks ! :D

  2. Yes please summerr? Will be very much appreciated =) If cannot nvm, you're still awesome haha thanks for still updating after the show ended!!

  3. Hi guys, alamak? Aren't you gonna go for the show? Its gonna be a great countdown party! Dance party starts right after the show just after 12midnight til 3am! :)
    I'll go see if anyone's gonna be recording!

  4. Noooo, my parents are dragging me to a small family countdown party. ->- And after all the money spent on voting for the Idols, i am dieded. ):

  5. Yes...me3,hopefully someone would post the preshow at youtube.

  6. I can't make it too . Looking at your twitpics , I bet it's gonna be awesome ! But how sad I can't go , I've been celebrating new year with famm every year . It'll be great it you record the preshow ! But if you don't its alright .

    You've been a great blogger Summer (and Izked too) ! :D

  7. :( oh no...BRING YOUR FAMILY ALONG! :)
    anyway, will most likely pass my camera to Izked tomorrow - he'll be there watching. Its his last night as Official Blogger for Idol. I'll watch from home and blog - I, too, have family commitments - and I would have dragged my kids there, but my younger one is just 2 - ticket says cannot go! :P

  8. It will be great to watch Hair, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.