Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Performance Order out!

Good morning tweeps! IDOL DAY tomorrow woot!

Sorry I've been MIA the last coupla days - have had a string of visitors come stay with us (super fun!) + trimmed the tree with The Kids on Sunday = pounding headache all day Monday that even a sneaky mani-pedi (while kids were napping yesterday afternoon) couldn't cure! So I slept super early last night - like 10pm and woke up fresh this morning at 7am! Had Idol dreams all night - kept thinking...'gotta blog gotta blog'....

So here I am. And first order of business...performance order + voting deets for tomorrow night!

Going first and opening the show...the very hawt Tabbycat channeling another hawt kitten....
Tabby is performing 'Crazy In Love' by Beyonce and I say 'performing' not just 'singing' cos I tell you, its a Per.for.mance. For someone who isn't Duane, (but love B as much), those killer dance moves with tons up squatting and bending and hip/booty-shaking, its tough PLUS she has to sing. So show her lots of lurve and support! To make it more awesome, she'll be backed by dancers for this one.

Next up, Sezairi with Ne-Yo's 'Mad'. Expect some occasional 'slick' footwork here cos its a slow song and Airi's onstage solo for this one. I love this song, so can't wait to here Airi's take on it.

Backed with dancers, Sylvia is up next with PCD's 'I Don't Need A Man' - this is sure to be a hawt performance. Watchin' the PCD vid, I saw lots of hair flippin' and the classic 'bend & snap' move (from Legally Blonde? remember?), wonder if they'll have loads of this. Bear in mind too, like Tabby, Sylsyl has to dance AND sing live, so show her lots and lots of lurve k! Not easy, especially with upbeat songs!

Charlie's goin' solo on this one too, its a slow-ish song, 'With You' by Chris Brown. But watching Chris Brown's vid, you can still see opportunity for Charlie to be showin' off some moves here and there. This is an awesome tune - can't wait!

Tabby's sans dancers on this one, Pixie Lott's 'Mama Do' (some of yous' been asking her to sing this one for ages - happy now right?!). But you've all seen the practice vid she did for this right? Am sure she's gonna ace this one. What I wanna see are what kinda 'moves' she's gonna add to this song. Thigh slapping ala Ms Lott perhaps? Nah, that would look weird on her own right? Maybe just some clapping?

This one's a toughie - Airi's singing Usher's 'Caught Up'. Airi will be backed by dancers, and looking at the tweets he sent out after rehearsal choreo with them and Zaki, it was tough. But I have faith. :) Am sure it will be an awesome performance. And any Usher tune is set to get the audience going! Remember, loads of support for Airi here too cos singing and dancing is super tough - we don't do lip-syncing on Idol!

By now you would have also heard SylSyl's practice try at this song. It was awesome right? (once you tune out them bhangra drums...O.O) So I have no doubt she will ace this one. Sylvia will be sans dancers on this one, but lookin' at the way Estelle grooves in her music video, I can so see Sylvia doin' similar moves. Sylsyl, channel sexy, sultry and that 'squint' that Airi taught you :)

Charlie's backed by dancers for the show-closer for Lovestoned. Its a Justin tune so they've all got a lot to live up to, but if anyone can do it, I bet its Charles cos he's such a hard-worker. Do show loads of love and support for him - I repeat - dancing and singing simultaneously is no joke. And our Top4 aren't professionals like Madonna who has had years of practice at dance and singing live.

So guys, its almost as much a dance-off as it is a sing-off tomorrow night. The trailers are hilarious (see below) - choreo thanks to a very obliging Duane Russell Ho :) (He taught the rest of the Top 6 how to do Single Ladies, yes, back when they filmed the trailer it was still Top 6).

I for one, can't wait to see all the movin' and groovin' on this pseudo R&B week. Lovin' all the song choices and from the rehearsal & BTS clips that Izked has put up (see below), its gonna be hawt! Woot!

xoxo, s.

Vids for your entertainment.....
Here are the two trailers for tomorrow's show in case you haven't seen it. Its hilarious! I love Airi's 'you wan-a-piece-o-me' look and Charles' cuteness <--so cute right??? Tabby and SylSyl look like they are ready for a catfight! So serious!

And here are Iz's rehearsal and BTS vids - thanks Iz for making so many cool vids!
This one was shot early nov...you can see Faizal and Duane in it still :) Duane teaching the rest how to do the Single Ladies moves! LOL!

This has got to be one my fave Izked vids...love the choice of song - Sleeq's 'Moviestar'! Woot! and I loved seeing the Top4 all glammed - did you SEE the Ferarri? Hello? Got cameo by vocal coach Ann Hussein also :). My fave scene - Sylvia sprawled on the sofa, shoeless, like a very tired princess! Brill job Iz!

Do look out for Izked's updates soon at the Official Blog - am sure he has tons to report from the weekend/Monday dance rehearsals and the music video shoot on Sunday. :) (sigh, wish I coulda followed too ... oh well... can't wait to see them tomorrow! Woot!)


  1. I sense someting amiss. Why is the voting no. changed?I thought the votes are carried forward? Isn't it better and SAFER if the voting numbers remain the same? are the votes really going to be carried forward to tomorrow's show? or are they just trying to tell tabitha and charles' fans to vote more. If sylvia and sezairi get ousted tomorrow, we know who to blame.

    How can we be so certain that our votes are carried forward? and wow. tabitha is number 1 this week(previously it was sezairi whom i believe has the most votes)

  2. Yes votes are carried forward. The voting numbers are changed weekly based on performance order. If they stuck to last week's numbers but performed in this week's order, people would be confused right?
    Performance order is rotated weekly so that everyone gets a chance to open/close/be in the middle of the show. (so that its fair, anyone could claim performing in a certain position is better/worse - so when rotated, everyone gets to a go at every position).
    Votes on Singapore Idol are audited by an accredited accountancy firm - usually one of the big 6, and in this case I think its either KPMG or Ernst & Young, I can't remember which, but i will double check. There is no foul-play or rigging of any kind.
    To ensure that your idol isn't booted out, you just gotta vote, its as simple as that. Lines open at 8 and close at 10 sharp. Whatever is reflected on the system at 10pm is the results served up to Gurmit to announce.
    Producers are not sending any hidden messages. Seriously folks, nobody on the production team has time to come up with conspiracy theory gameplans. They don't play favourites, their job is to put out a good tv show week after week.
    Hope this allays your fears?

  3. First time Charles is closing the show! Haha.
    And he seems to be busy these few days.. Hmm..

  4. what's the use of going to izked's blog when all we want is right here ! he updates like once a week. i respect the fact that he is busy and it's not easy but come on. you first priority in idol should be the blog and not spending ALL your time socialising. summer you are doing a CRAZILY AMAZING job. izked should relinquish his 'official blogger' title to you and he can be the unofficial one.

  5. I miss seeing Charlie, summerr can you post more of charles?

  6. i love the blue and pink dresses too! Go girls...female idol ftw!

  7. Agree with Michelle up above. Just wanna give props to Summer for always finding the time to blog despite HER own busy schedule. Everyone is busy, both official and unofficial blogger also have their own commitments, and imho, Summer's is more taxing having to look after children. If you are freelance you should be able to manage your own time better, need not be at the beck and call of children. And agree that the official blogger seems to just hangd out for long hours with the idols and only come out with one video or two videos, maybe a week a later. Its been almost a week, and no updates on the official blog. I officially quit checking as of now.

  8. Yes Charles has been very busy - he works and is also a student. So he's actually juggling 3 roles, not to mention gotta make time for family and girlfriend too. AND answer facebook/twitter/email messages! He's SUPER busy!

  9. Dear readers,
    Thank you for your kind words, its much appreciated. At least I know my sleepness nights and hard work don't go unappreciated. Please do continue to support both mine and Izked's blogs. He covers stuff that I don't and he puts a LOT of super hard work into those vids he edits himself.
    We both have different things to offer for Idol, so keep reading BOTH ya! :)

  10. omg sylvia looks so different after make up. damn she's hawt! :D

  11. Yes only after make up otherwise she looks dead, if you ask me. lol

  12. Summerr i detect bias here, i have been posting my comments on this page and yet you don't post them at all. Why? There is no vulgarity, so Why?

  13. anonymous, i have idea what you posted? since you don't leave your name. which comments did you post that didn't get approved?
    I tend not to favour those that slam specific contestants needlessly, there has been one or two comment-leavers that keep submitting the same unnecessarily mean and insulting comment across many posts (obviously cut and paste jobs) towards one contestant in particular that I have continuously rejected.
    I have indicated, derogatory comments and personal attacks are not tolerated. Constructive comments and opinions are fine.
    Hope that clarifies.
    Maybe if you leave your name, it would help to identify who you are, whether your comment is accepted or not?