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Sezairi Sezali's Idol Journey - The Performances

Airi's Idol Journey ....
Yesterday morning I posted Sylvia's performance journey on Idol, today its Airi's turn. Like the post I did on Sylvia, I started compiling these vids about a week ago.

In the vids below, bordered in Airi's fan-support colour GREEN, you'll see Airi's transformation from musician geek to what Florence calls the 'cool cat', from auditions to the Piano Show, to the last Spectacular just 2 weeks ago.

Watch his journey, its starts with his very first audition in June, earlier this year...

Airi's original audition

Piano Show #2
'Sunday Morning' by Maroon 5

Judges' comments :
Dick felt his performance was a great start to the evening. Ken added that he makes for a very convincing backup singer, and that he is lacking in a strong presentation of himself to the viewers.

summerr says :
Taufik inspired him and he wanted to inspire others. I'd say you're there already sweets. I still get chills whenever you pick up the guitar and play this. Its a great song and I think Airi did it well.

Spec 1 : Chart Toppers
'You Give Me Something' by James Morrison

Judges' comments :

Dick – I like listening to your voice, its calming. However your performance needs to be more exciting.

Flo – I absolutely disagree with Dick. You were the cool cat tonight, there was nothing I did not like about the song.

Ken – There is no difference if you are in the contest or not.

summerr says :
I have to agree with Dick, I love the sound of Airi's voice, it is calming. And with this performance came the birth of Airi's 'cool cat' nick.

Spec 2 : The Year I Was Born
'Faith' by George Michael

Judges' comments :

Dick – Your singing was really good.

Flo – You were comedic cool tonight. I did not know whether to laugh or enjoy the performance. Seems like you were trying too hard.

Ken – You need to have a bigger ego. You need to start listening to songs that make you shine. You have a decent voice, and your tone is one of my favorites.

summerr says :
Well said, you have to have faith in yourself before others can have faith in you. I totally enjoyed this performance, from the interesting 'moves' to his pitch perfect singing for this song. I really liked this!

Spec 3 : An Asian Feast
'Jeritan Batinku' by P. Ramlee

Judges' comments :

Dick – I like that performance, you sounded very elegant and jazzy.

Flo – You added so much emotion to that song. (Can't believe Flo called him Sezali LOL!)

Ken – Thats your best performance. Good vocals, but you need to concentrate on correcting your flaws to realize your potential. There's nothing wrong with your singing, it is good, you just have to believe in yourself, I think thats lacking.

summerr says :
O.M.G. is the first thing I have to say. I'd totally forgotten how amazing this performance was. This song is so tough to sing and only the biggest stars in Malay music have attempted. Imo, Airi did P. Ramlee proud. Two solid performances in a row. Agree with Ken, that WAS his best performance up to this point.

Spec 4 : A Tribute To Michael Jackson
'Thriller' by Michael Jackson

Judges' comments :

Dick – You sounded quite cool but I felt you were trying too hard. Very pitchy in the high notes.

Flo – There is a cool quiet comfortable quality about you.

Ken – You have the most original style tonight. You are likeable, it was nicely done.

summerr says :
I don't know why some people even complained about this one, I totally enjoyed. It was fun to experience Thriller in a different arrangement. I thought Airi hit a new cool quotient with this one. Plus he was in his element with that guitar :)

Spec 5 : For Someone Special
'Ordinary People' by John Legend

Judges' comments :

Dick – You sounded great, great song!

Flo – That performance was cool sophistication.

Ken – You are the closest to being original. The image you creating for yourself is a bit dull.

summerr says :
I liked the way Airi sang this, it was so effortless. It was so cool and confident. He sounded great!

Spec 6 : Mambo Mania
'Play That Funky Music' by Wild Cherry

Judges' comments :

Dick – It was a very confusing performance.

Flo – You were a cool cat but tonight you became a wild cat. I miss the sincerity in your performance.

Ken – Tonight you were trying very hard.

summerr says :
Again, I enjoyed this performance. Vocally I thought Airi was spot on. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing him go 'wild' and rocking out the stage. Like Gurms' said he 'rocked the house down'.

Spec 7 : My Folks Love This
'Georgia On My Mind' by Ray Charles

Judges' comments :

Dick – If Sylvia has the soul, you have the groove. You’re the musician of the group. Promise me to pursue music in your life.

Flo –Woohoo! The cool cat is back!

Ken – Do not fall into the self indulgent route.

summerr says :
Airi's Dad totally steals the limelight before and after the song when he proclaims his feelings for Airi, so sweet :) Ok, back to Airi's performance - spot on again! I totally enjoyed his groove.

Spec 8 : Killing Me Softly (song chosen by Faizal Isa)
'What Goes Around Comes Around' by Justin Timberlake

Judges' comments :

Dick – I wish you would be one person who did something interesting. Hope to see something more from you.

Flo – That song needed an edgy oomph which was missing in your performance.

Ken – Your biggest problem is you can’t bring in the emotions. You need to make your vocals more natural.

summerr says :
In his VT Airi says he couldn't 'wait for it to be down to 2' - well look where he is right now! I thought this was a great song choice for Airi plus he was back with his guitar, something I think everyone loves about Airi - him playing his guitar and being awesome.

Spec 9 : You Asked For It (song chosen by a fan)
'Virtual Insanity' by Jamiroquai

Judges' comments :

Dick – This is exactly the kind of performance I want to see tonight. Finally someone gets it right! You upped everything!

Flo – You look and sound unique. Crazy, sexy and cool! Everything came together.

Ken – How you sound should be how you look. You can easily be in the Top 3 provided you stop looking like a singing barber.

summerr says :
For many, including myself, this would be Airi's breakthrough performance! It never fails to my head bobbing and shoulders twitching, not to mention...a big smile :) love this Airi, and it proves that he doesn't need the guitar to shine!

Spec 10 : Song For A Cause (In Commemoration of World AIDS Day)
'Where Is The Love' by Black Eyed Peas

Judges' comments :
Dick – You’re able to make the song into your own style. Tonight it’s all coming together for you.
Flo – Risky choice and a busy song. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you.
Ken – Very disappointing performance, too bland.

summerr says :
I was pleasantly surprised when he sang this cos I hadn't had a preview of it before the show itself and I had wondered how he was gonna tackle what is essentially a group song with just ONE voice - he did it, and he did it beautifully. He managed to make this group song a solo that worked and OWNED IT! There's a lot of lyric here and his diction never faultered.

Spec 10 : Song For A Cause (In Commemoration of World AIDS Day)
'You' by Sezairi Sezali

Judges' comments :
Dick – You created a lovely mood with the song but you were off pitch in the falsetto parts.
Flo – That was very romantic. No doubt you would have gained new female fans with the song.
Ken – You’re vocally competent and in a good position to go to the Top 3.

summerr says :
I have loved this song from the moment I heard it months ago in that lil vending machine room. It always gives me goosebumps. After the performance, Airi said to me he couldn't believe he couldn't hit his own notes (aiya one part oni)....but he was sick la. Anyway, its always the beautiful lyrics of this song that gets me...

Spec 11 : Step Up & Dance
'Mad' by Ne Yo

Judges' comments :
Dick – It just did not feel right for me.
Flo – That felt insincere, it just wasn’t you.
Ken – You are slacking, not your best and you know that.

summerr says :
To be honest I love it when Airi sings R&B. I think he did a decent job on this song. I had thought he had gone flat at points, but it could have been his arrangement. Watching it again now, I'm sure he made a coupla hearts flutter, especially in the last chorus/verse :) I totally disagree w the judges though.

Spec 11 : Step Up & Dance
'Caught Up' by Usher

Judges' comments :
Dick – Quite convincing, good try. Could have picked a better song. Your dance moves were pretty okay.
Flo – I thought that was another awkward performance.
Ken – Tonight it did not happen for you. You need to provide us with a significant performance.

summerr says :
I actually quite enjoyed this one with the dancing and the dancers. And with all the moves, his voice didnt quiver either, so I give him props for that - singing live and dancing is no joke . Good job Airi.

Spec 12 : Judges' Choice (both songs chosen by Florence Lian)
'Your Body's A Wonderland' by John Mayer

Judges' comments :
Dick – You have made this series quire classy. Its great to see you with your guitar.
Flo – You have every chance of getting to the finals.
Ken – Best male contestant of this season.

summerr says :
Flo picked the kind of song that suits Airi's vibe and vocal tone. But it sounded like he went a lil flat in places. But that mini guitar solo was cool and so was the adlibbing, cos the song basically doesn't go anywhere on its own, so he had to 'dress it up' a little and I'm glad he did.

Spec 12 : Judges' Choice (both songs chosen by Florence Lian)
'Haven't Met You Yet' by Michael Buble

Judges' comments :
Dick – It was the most perfect song for you. It was the essence of you. It was great!
Flo – You can’t fake likeability. Look at them, they love you!
Ken – Not sure if that was one of your best or better performance? Well done.

summerr says :
This is a great song choice. It gives Airi a chance to showcase his cheeky side (agree with Dick, 'essence'). Vocals were spot on, but what thrilled me was that he totally owned the stage (and Flo) in this one :) I actually loved this one more than Virtual Insanity. And I'm glad this is the last song of the Spectaculars for him. Now its time to up the ante at Indoor.

So that was all of Airi's performances on this season of Singapore Idol. Hope you enjoyed taking that walk down Idol memory lane with me.

Love ya Airi, all the best for Sunday, BRING IT! May the best talent win!
xoxo, s.


  1. all th best to the both contestants ! :D

  2. summerr, u r so unfair!!!!! u gave gud comments abt sezairi's performances bt nt 4 sylvia!!! it's plain favouritism!!! u r sooo evil....

  3. Yeah summerr! You had more comments for Sezairi than Sylvia! Guess ur rooting for Seziri to win...some of Sezairi's performances were flat and boring but u still wrote so many good things for him...-_-"

  4. vanessa loves vampire diariesDecember 21, 2009 at 3:51 PM

    Sylvia fans don't be jealous lah, you are reading too much into this. And hello, its her blog, she has a right to her own opinion.

    I just went to read Sylvia's one again and all the comments are good ones - where is there favouritism? Just bcos she wrote extra words in a few comments?

    Are you guys 14 yrs old or what?

  5. i didnt find any favouritism , i think its fair ! you guys have your freedom of speech , so why cant she have hers ? i think its you guys are the ones who is unfair to summerr . i think tht its just tht you peeps are too selfish . learn to share , and to love ! PEACE~

  6. summerr nvr write any bad stuff abt sezairi bt she wrote some bad stuff abt sylvia!!! soooo unfair...

  7. you guys cannot expect everyone to like sylvia what.. chill lah. make a big deal out of it..

  8. I want Sylvia to represent Singapore. Sezairi is so boring...All his previous performances are evidence

  9. Stop comparing both idols. get ready & vote for your favourite !!

    Anonymous above me, if you want sylvia to represent Singapore then jolly well vote for her like crazy lah. Why you guys so sensitive about the owner comments?? haiya.

  10. ask yourself this qn . do you like to be compared ? for eg , your parents compare you to the top student of the cohort , do you like it ? no rite , so please be compare and say its not fair and stuffs . anyway , this is also the freedom of speech . summerr and everyone else , including the anon have their own opinions . so if you want to speak up for your idols , be it sylvia or sezairi , den VOTE . no use claiming others favour your idol's 'enemy' more .

    to anon on sylvia representing singapore : i believe both can represent singapore , but if they were to represent singapore , both must step up their game .

    Lily luna : ITS FREEDOM OF SPEECH , GIRL . and stop comparing .

  11. Have you heard of, "The world is unfair"??
    Grow up.

    To summer: How long will the results show be this sun?

  12. o pls.... r u saying dat summerr lyks sezairi alot, dat's y she gave him lots of gud comments?? btw, if sezairi wins, he must b able 2 offer something different frm taufik n hady bt i dun c him able 2 do dat... n silly summerr, u r soooo horrible!!!

  13. to anonymous above, shut up!!! u r sooo evill... must b a fan of sezairi rite??? soo happy dat ur fav sezairi is praised...

  14. OMG , peace ! just vote for the person whom you think is better ! stop whining !

    and the results show is 1hour , but i maybe exceed 1hour !

    lily , stop doubting the 2 contestants (or shld i say sezairi , coz you seemed to be a fan of sylvia) . and summerr is just giving her thought . nothing wrong with tht . she isnt horrible , i think you're the one who is horrible !

  15. Summerr, I have been following your blog from beginning of Idol and I must say you've been doing a fantastic job (plus having to look after young children at the same time).
    I find it totally ungracious of some people to throw unfair criticisms at you. C'mon people, if you want all the "bestest" "sweetest" etc on Sylvia, do your own compilation and remarks. Try doing it and see how tough it is.

    I have had enough of you people whining, complaining and making derogatory remarks whenever Sezairi have good press. Not just here but everywhere on the internet.

    Isn't it enough for you that SI are pushing for female to win this year? Isn't it enough that Sylvia has been getting more air play than Sezairi? Isn't it enough that you've practically flooded everyone you know with everything Sylvia? I know cause I work with one of you.

    I've always wonder about that but now I know why most of Sylvia fans are made up of a certain demographic. What can I say, Birds of a feather flocks together....