Saturday, December 26, 2009

26 hours to go...

A minor Idol history lesson....
So what are our chances of a female win this year?
In an earlier post, I summed up that its impossible to figure it out empirically cos Airi and Syl are basically apples vs oranges - they are two very different performers (at the top of their game), with two pretty different approaches to winning that game.

So rather than study them, lets take a look at past Idol winners, Singaporean and American, and see if it can help us conclude anything (I'm thinking/theorising as I type, sorry I don't do forward planning..)

As we all know, Singapore Idol's past two winners have been male...

Season 1 : Taufik Batisah vs Sylvester Sim
Winner : Taufik Batisah

Season 2 : Hady Mirza vs Jonathan Leong
Winner : Hady Mirza

Season 3 : Sylvia Ratonel vs Sezairi Sezali
Winner : now isn't this the million dollar/vote question?

American Idol has had 8 seasons under its belt!

Season 1 : Kelly Clarkson vs Justin Guarini
Winner : Kelly Clarkson

Season 2 : Clay Aiken vs Ruben Studdard
Winner : Ruben Studdard

Season 3 : Fantasia Barrino vs Diana Degarmo
Winner : Fantasia Barrino

Season 4 : Carrie Underwood vs Bo Bice
Winner : Carrie Underwood

Season 5 : Taylor Hicks vs Katharine McPhee
Winner : Taylor Hicks

Season 6 : Jordin Sparks vs Blake Lewis
Winner : Jordin Sparks

Season 7 : David Archuleta vs David Cook
Winner : David Cook

(Can't believe I just typed all those names from memory woot! And then I blanked and had NO recollection of who was even on season 8! tsk!)

Season 8 : Adam Lambert vs Kris Allen
Winner : Kris Allen (wahlao almost typed 'Adam')

So, lookin' at American Idol, female winners are a possibility. In fact, half the winners, 4 out of 8 seasons, are female. 5 out of 8 seasons saw a lady grace the one of the Top 2 spots. In fact, one of the seasons is an all-girl Top 2.

You're probably thinking, what has American Idol got to do with our own Idol right? Seeing as how we've had two seasons of male winners and Top 2s. Well, I'm just saying a female winner IS a possibility and I think Idol fans are discerning enough to make the 'right' choice for them as a whole (whatever that choice may be).

Lastly, I just wanna say that I hope people will look at the bigger picture and not focus on the 'skin-deep' or only the sob stories. I've seen so many comments about 'another-malay-boy-winning', as well as comments flaming MediaCorp for playing up their bakckgrounds. I mean, c'mon guys, its a reality show, its part and parcel of telling their life stories and giving the show more depth, not 'swaying votes', I'm sure you'll agree you aren't as blur to be swayed by a 2 minute VT - you can make your own minds up right?

Likewise, I'd hope that voters will look beyond race, and judge based on whether they move you with their performances tomorrow night. Check your baggage at the door and vote in the present. Enjoy, digest and reflect on Sylvia's and Airi's performances tomorrow night, then vote for whom you think deserves that crown, instead of dwelling on who doesn't. Thas'all I'm sayin' folks. Glass half full please.

xoxo, s.

ps. And for all those comin' to Indoor, bring positive energy with you k, your Top 2 need the lovin'.

pps. wah reading the above back, so preachy...sorry...was hungry with a headache, that combo makes me emo LOL!


  1. By comparing with the American Idol Season, you are just trying to tell us that if the top 2 comprises of a male and a female, the female will win. HAHAHA.

    so are that what you are trying to tell us? It has been thrice in a row. If that is the trend, then why don't we change that and let the guy wins?

    I mean c'mon lah. The producers have been really unfair to sezairi and here you are hyping about having a female winner. I guess sezairi works as hard as sylvia to deserve the same kind of credit.


    Sezairi for the title.

  2. I predict sezairi will win this!
    Becos only girls (well mostly) care to vote!
    Having said that Sylvia is also a winner, well she will be remembered as the first ever female to get into the final 2.

    - Idol-fan-4ever

  3. and that Chris from TODAY newspaper is really smart. He predicted Sezairi to win not because he really thinks Sezairi will win. He is just using reverse psychology. If he was to say that Sylvia will win, Sezairi's fans will vote as much. So, thus he 'predicted' Sezairi to win. Remember when it was a top 3, he predicted Sezairi will not make it to Top2 but it was proven otherwise.

    I think the media really uses all kind of means to promote Sylvia thus making her the winner. Even in the advertisement, Sylvia's performance hightlight was shown more than Sezairi's. If Singapore really wants to give sympathy votes, I think the sympathy votes should be given to Sezairi who is unfairly treated just because the producers want a female idol.

    In anyway, I don't think Sylvia is really that poor. She changes her handphone many a time(She lost her handphone many a time) and her handphone wasnt that cheap cheap.

  4. how you know her handphone not cheap and she lose alot of times. u go with her buy ah lol. anyway ppl don only vote for her cos they pity her dont categorise ppls fans ty. who cares if shes poor or not im still gna vote for her cos shes a better singer than the guy and this IS a singing comp

  5. She said it in one of the newspaper, thank you. you can see her phone in one of her video interview where she clumsily hold her handphone as a mic and only realises it after a few minutes. haha.

  6. haha how u know for sure it's expensive? anyway this kind of thing not impt la.

  7. I don't think there is a need to attack the Top 2 because I'm pretty sure they've worked really hard and given it their all throughout the span of the competition to earn the votes that have pushed them into the Finals.
    Stripping away all media's supposed overkill on Sylvia being the "first female grand finalist", Sylvia's so-called "over-publicised sob stories" and also the issues of race and gender, I think all that's left to actually vote and judge based on is TALENT. And as Summerr herself said, I don't think the audience (esp S'poreans) would be dumb enough to vote only based on the commercials/stories.
    Based on singing ability, ability to connect with audience thru performance, and their past performances, I would say that while Sezairi is not too bad, Sylvia - overall - impressed me more, imo.
    And to the anon above, while you may have your own opinion regarding the matter, the point of interviews with people is for readers to get to know them better, so it's not very fair to accuse someone of being fake or anything simply based on that. And I don't think it's very nice to label someone as a 'maid'. Even so, what's wrong with a 'maid' winning, as long as she can really sing? Even the judges can testify to that :)

  8. Yeah precisely. I would vote for a freaking toilet cleaner if he or she could sing. Stop being so discriminating and elitist. It's a singing competition, so - Sylvia ftw.

  9. you can't accuse Sylvia for trying to gain sympathy it's all the promo ppl playing it up to gain publicity for the show. even if she don't want to talk abt, ppl keep asking her abt it and ppl like you keep bringing it up, not her. and you can't blame her for that. and abt her sleeping on the mattress, the interviewer ASKED her the question la

  10. The conspiracy theorists above are truly just that - theorists. And deluded ones at that. The same people who think that producers are 'helping' either one idol, are probably the same people who believe they've been implanted with a microchip at birth so that the govt can spy on them via satellite.
    But no point trying to convince them otherwise cos they'll just come up with a counter intelligence answer or some reverse psychology theory to negate it.
    Grow up la.

  11. To the first anon, are you stupid? Taylor Hicks was up against a girl and HE won. You have selective reading ability izzit? summerr is saying its still anybody's game, and hello, she JUST SAID dont look at race, so she's also helping sezairi by telling people don't just lok at his race but his talent. I think you Sezairi fans are so mean, calling Sylvia a maid. No one calls your hero any names. Why cant you just be respectful? YOU are painting a bad picture of your idol. He and Sylvia are good friends, I doubt he will want to be associated with such shallow people as yourself.

  12. vote for sylvia! sezairi fans ARE mean. and if u vote base on singing talent, sylvia will win hands down.