Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Day Before...

Just 30 hours to go....
Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you've all had a wonderful yuletide. I've been juggling trips to the Indoor Stadium and home to be with The Kids.

Rehearsals here at Indoor have been intense. In fact, I'm sat in Sylvia & Sezairi's dressing room right now while they prep for the afternoon's round of rehearsals. So this will have to be a quickie post.

Sylvia was kind enough to take us on a mini tour around Indoor Stadium to show us the stage and backstage. Take a look at this lil preview. Sorry the sound's not so good, you're gonna have to turn up the volume to hear what she's saying. But take it all in, its gonna be awesome tomorrow night!

This next vid is Sylvia showing us hers and Airi's backstage crib. Its so cool. Huge huge room and facilities. Its like a hotel!

Isn't she the funniest? Again, sorry the sound quality isn't great and it gets cut off at the end, but hey, better something than nothing right?

Ok, gotta sign off now, back to the arena to watch the rehearsals. Sorry I can't upload any more vids from here, gotta keep SOME element of surprise right? :) Suffice it to say, what sneaks you've seen of rehearsals are but a fraction of how amazing tomorrow night's performances are gonna be!

Keep a look out for more twitpics throughout the day k! Will blog more when I get home..

xoxo, s.


  1. youre just bitter! its been what two and a half weeks? get over it dude