Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The One with The Trailers....

A Channel5 summary of Idol journeys...
Here's what's currently on air on Channel 5 to help you remember SylSyl's and Airi's journeys. Each of the Top 2 have a 'Profile' and two 'Performance Highlights' trailers. Enjoy the quick look back and reminisce, cos hey, it was YOUR Idol journey too :)

Here're Sylvia's :

And here are Airi's :

I particularly enjoyed going theme by theme and remembering what it was like each week - the wardrobe, the group songs, the funny music videos, the sometimes moving, sometimes hilarious VTs they air before each performance and of course, the mixed emotions when someone would leave.

Here's a video interview by TODAY newspaper which I found on their YouTube channel. They've also got an idol blog called 'Idol Chatter' so do check it out. Its authored by May Seah (the Idol boys say she's hawt!) and Christopher Toh (I'm still wondering why he's called Abang of The Airwaves? Peranakan? Old? Doesn't look old wor. If you're wondering, yep he's the guy Judge Flo always refers to as her 'colleague from TODAY newspaper' who makes the Idol-Out predictions - anyway, check out his other blog Popparazzi - he's actully quite funny!).

I wonder if they did an interview with Sylvia? I'm sure they did, otherwise not fair right :), shall check their youtube again later tonight.

Ok, thats it for now, am off to commence the dinner/bath/bedtime routine...but first gotta wake The Kids up...they have been blissfully asleep for just over 2 hours, enough to let me mess about a bit on Tumblr and put up this post!

More substantial stuff tonight - I got juice on the finals, laterrr *wink* ;)

xoxo, s.

ok yes I know, if i type '*wink*' i don't need to put ';)' anymore...go nag up someone else's skirt la. tsk.


  1. i love sezairi's laughs! :D Aww ,so hot!^^

  2. Go sylvia and sezairi ,you both can do it. &to sezairi ,go sezairi! :D woo!

  3. OMG the official blogger has not written anything about Tabitha since she got eliminated. He is just sitting in his ASS or what or is just being bias towards her. He has something to say about the rest when they got eliminated and yet when it comes to the most talented and deserving winner he has nothing to talk about WTH. This shows how much he must have wanted someone like Tabitha to leave the Idol as she was the threat to his favourites. This blogger Suck big time! At least Summerr was so genuine when she wrote about Tabby when initially i thought she was unfair to Tabitha most of the time. Kudos to you Summerr.

  4. Sylvia for the win!! Man, she's one hot talented babe who always get my eyes glued onto her... :-)

  5. LOL . maybe the s'pore idol bz . some more this week still got another 'roadshow' with the other elminated idols . give him some time , surely will update one . GO SEZAIRI & SYLVIA ! YOU GUYS ROCK ;D

  6. *s'pore idol blogger , paiseyhh .

  7. Wow anonymous (you know who you are). So, EVERYONE who isn't falling all over themselves to kiss Tabby's feet are haters, is it? Give me a break. No one owes her anything even if she's the most talented person in the world (which she's not).

    Go slam the guy for being lazy or whatever, but come ON, not everything is about Princess Tabby ok. It's not like he had time to blog about the top 2 either. But you don't care about that, do you.

  8. to anon on top: nice one. so sick of people making baseless assumptions

  9. To the anon above (you know who you are), if you can't handle what is said about your beloved blogger go and cry a river. I did not say everyone who isn't falling on Tabby's feet are haters, so please read the lines carefully okay. And just for your info everything is about Princess Tabby coz she is the only one who has TALENT! Otherwise you think i even care to write on this blog. And don't give me the bullshit that That the official blogger is too busy...yah maybe partying around too much i suppose. And if he has no time to blog about the other two, you go and slam him if you want too, do you think i give two hoot about that.
    And to the anon above me, READ before you accuse sick people making baseless assumptions.

  10. hey people chill out! Izked's computer died, so he couldnt blog. Saw him tweet about it. Huh? But can tweets...
    well anyway the official blog has been updated! So u can stop complaining liao!

  11. If want the Official S'pore Idol blog to be updated so much , go update yourself . Dont you know what's the meaning of patience ? The blog update alr , happy ? Now ... dont fight .

  12. Haha. The reply we get from the 3rd anonymous proves she/he isn't thinking at all. if he have not update about both tabby or the final two shows that he isn't biased isn't it? he has a life. he is working on projects. his blog is his secondary priority. he is the reason you got to know your favourite idol more when he could do better stuff than to give you guys updates about the idols without being paid. only people who don't think would gave that baseless assumption that he is out partying and such. haha. you're a joke. dat reply was simply silly.

  13. Guys, seriously chill out. Like anon above said, we both have lives (and commitments) outside of blogging about Idol.
    Truth is, poor Iz's Mac was out of commission for a while, so he couldn't blog. Its fixed now and he's got posts up, so chill k?
    As for me, I got tied up with my two other commitments, a 4yr old and 2 yr old. Simple as that.
    I know you're all hungry for info, so chill and it'll come k?
    Happy pills please everyone.No more flaming my friend Iz please.