Wednesday, December 2, 2009

9pm : Show's Over - Keep Voting!

You have ONE more precious hour of voting time left to go.
In the meantime, us here in the studio are biding the time til the Results Show starts at 10pm when the lines close. Many are preoccupied with texting...noses buried in handphone backlights.

I have cast my votes. Now I'm looking forward to watching the Results Show. Two things I'm lookin' forward to...
1. The Strepsils Music Video that was shot on Sunday. Check out izked's behind-the-scenes vid of the shoot - they all look so nice and the house/cars/location is blardee amazing lor! Sigh...keep dreaming....dreaming....Ferarri, private pool, grand piano, BUNGALOW, double-storey! dayammm!

2. The group performance. Tonight's group song is 'Dance Anthem' by Good Charlotte. I couldn't find a nice good video of the song, anyway, here's what I found la. I heard the girls' interview on 987FM this morning and they said the most fun in choreo this week was during the group song rehearsals, cos they all got to dance/sing together :) Awww!

To be honest I always look forward to the group songs cos its nice to see them in their different 'formations' :) Lets see how they do tonight with this very very cool song!

Keep voting folks....10pm is now less than an hour away! Lines will be closing and once they do, thats it, deal is sealed, so this is no time to be complacent!

Sigh. I can't imagine any one of them going home. I know it sounds cliched, and I know its inevitable, but its just so....hard to decide! Hard to guess even! Each one of them is talented, you HAVE to recognise that. Each one of them is so very loved by their adoring fans. Each one of them can really sing.

Peeps, we're talking about the 0.1% cream of the crop of 4000+ people who auditioned this year. (If you flunked math, here's the equation 4/4000 x 100%)

All things considered, I think Singapore has chosen a worthy Top 4. Its anyone's game at this juncture. And I think whoever ends up being the Idol, will definitely be able and willing to do Singapore very very proud. Aw, suddenly feel choked up! *blinking away almost tears...*

Good luck to my dearest Tabby, Charlie, Airi and Sylvia.... always believe in yourselves, and keep dreaming no matter what.

xoxo, s.

ps. You can catch up on whats happening in studio and backstage via my tweets/twitpics here.


  1. lol who did you vote for ?

  2. vote for sylvia! keep her in :) talented. ohhh vote for sezairi too :DD

  3. yea i'm curious who you voted for, summerr!

  4. Isn't is so obvious summerr voted for Sezairi and Sylvia duh!