Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Idol Fanlovin'

Good mornin' & we're spreadin' the Idol Lurve....
I gotta hand it to the fans, you guys are just awesome. Week after week, without fail, you show up at the studio, at roadshows and at shoots bearing banners, books, letters, cards, gifts, food and so on, just to show your Idols how much you care.
Note to fans : food makes them really happy..and loopy! Cookies of any kind will be a hit! The double chocolate chip cookies were a huge hit - everyone had black teeth for a while - oh and Jessica Cali loves her Bubble Tea.

Anyway, this post was inspired by a very simple yet lovely poem that one of Sezairi's fans wrote to him. Saw it on facebook. Someone even sketched a portrait of him! (see Airi collage below)

Thereafter, a little digging on facebook revealed MORE fanlovin' in the form of fan-art...check these out.

But this Sylvia fan definitely takes the cake (not a real one, that one goes to the Sezairi fan who actually made a cake - see Airi's fan collage). This Sylvia fan has made car stickers to show her support for Sylvia! She's got stickers enough for TWO cars and one of 'em will be comin' to Caldecott Hill tonight for the show. How awesome is that? A fan made car stickers!

Props to the super supportive fans without whom this Idol journey wouldn't be much of a journey. I know each of the Top 3 are crazy in love with their fans and are still amazed that people they don't know on a personal level come out to support them week after week. I love how Tabby's fan made a 'Tumblr' pic that says 'reblog' if you love her.

One more reason why I love the fans - they make the atmosphere at the studio and at roadshows just absolutely crazy. Seriously, all the clamoring, camwhoring, flash-photography and name-screaming just makes the whole 'Idol' thing more...'IDOL'. :)

So here's a big thank you to the fans for all their undying support.
Its IDOL DAY peeps! 8pm , tonight, watch, vote, vote like mad, then results at 10pm, only on Channel 5.

xoxo, s.

ps. All credit for the above fanpics used belongs to the fans. I am merely 'borrowing' your artwork to illustrate how loved the Top 3 are.

pps. If you're reading this before 9am, don't forget to catch the girls on 987FM at 9am on the Dan & Young Show!


  1. Woots! Jessica did a lil something for Tabby!


  2. Aww! Their fans are so sweet! :D